Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Depending on where you place mirrors in your home, they can either deflect negative Qi or encourage positive Qi. There are three different kinds of mirrors-flat, concave and convex-each has its own qualities.

A convex mirror will diffuse negative Qi - this is good if you have an obstruction such as a building, telephone pole or wall outside your door. Though they are infrequently used, concave mirrors will help attract beneficial Qi into your home. A flat mirror has the benefit of providing a perfect mirror image-yin becomes yang, and bad Qi becomes good.

Beware of bad Feng Shui if mirrors are positioned incorrectly. Avoid placing them too low; for example, your face, rather than your chest, should be reflected. Beware of what mirrors reflect. Reflecting the main door, or any other door which opens to the outside, should be avoided. Avoid reflecting staircases, stoves or toilets. Don't hang mirrors opposite a door, window or brick wall, since they merely reflect the negative Qi. They are best when reflecting something pleasant, such as a view or garden they then bring vibrant energy indoors to circulate through the home. The Chinese claim that mirrors opposite each other indicate restlessness - they are not recommended. Round or oval mirrors are preferable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Always have frames around mirrors, and try to have mirrors that can reflect your whole image. Don't hang mirrors directly opposite beds, windows or each other. Avoid hanging Bagua mirrors indoors -they create negative energy in the home. Keep your mirrors clean, unbroken and untarnished and be wary of antique mirrors in which the image is warped.

Mirrored tiles applied to walls can split or distort the Qi of the room or the energy of the person looking into them. On a larger scale, mirrored wardrobes with multiple doors also have this effect. Also, mirrors are best when framed, as they then contain the Qi of the image.

Modern Cures: Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors and reflective surfaces are extremely useful in constrained spaces, where they can double the size of the area. Where a house is irregularly shaped, mirrors can also be effective in recreating the missing space or "filling in" the corner. In awkward places, such as dark corners and at bends in passages, use mirrors to help Qi circulate and flow freely through the home. In long corridors, mirrors offer one method - plants and furniture are others - of slowing Qi down. Try positioning several mirrors in a staggered manner to reflect pleasant images.

Bagua mirrors are used to protect and deflect negative energies from the home. They are best used on front doors, or near the main entrance. Bagua mirrors represent yin energy - they should never be hung on the inside of the home, because they will negatively affect the energies of the occupants.

When the chef in this kitchen cooks, his back is to the door. In order to be able to see anyone entering or leaving the kitchen, he has installed a mirror above the burners - this helps the flow of Qi and brings good fortune in business. However, much Feng Shui value has been lost here because of the poison arrows generated by knives and general clutter.

Visible knives, open shelves, clutter, jutting corner cupboards and utensils hanging Overhead should all be removed - they create poison arrows. The stove should not be placed under a window or skylight, because the beneficial energy from the stove will leave the house. Use all the burners on the stove regularly - this will keep the stove's energy flowing evenly, which will maximize your potential income.

Other reflective objects such as this mobile can be used in the same way as mirrors; reflective mobiles, metal pots, glass bowls, stainless steel objects or crystals are all beneficial.

Where a home or room has a sector "missing." apply mirrors to cure the shape and energize the missing space.

For this problematic L- shaped bedroom, a mirror has been used to symbolically "fill in" the missing area.

Where a house or room is irregularly shaped, mirrors can "fill in" or expand the corner.

In awkward places, apply mirrors to help Qi circulate and flow freely. Also try reflecting a bright painting or plant on the opposite wall.

The position for this mirror is bad Feng Shui - it acts as a barrier, reflecting any positive Qi straight back out the door.

The position for this mirror is good Feng Shui - it draws the positive Qi into and through the home, allowing it to circulate freely.
Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces