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12 products

Feng Shui for Good Luck

In life, more and more people are beginning to understand that place a few feng shui decorations for good luck where they live or work, which not only would help oneself avoid bad luck, but also improve oneself wealth. why not do it! So in life, what are the feng shui furnishings that can play a role in promoting luck and transforming evil? Here we take a look.

1. Copper Coins Removes Evil

Copper Coins Removes Evil

Copper coins belongs to gold in five elements, and the rusticity of "two blacks and five yellows" can be eliminated. It is better to use Qianlong coins, but real ancient coins are not required. Antique Qianlong coins can be used. Because the copper of ancient coins has been corroded, the antique coins are made of new copper. On the contrary, "gold" is of higher quality. Use five ancient bronze coins of the Five Emperors to solve the "two blacks and five yellows" disease.
Remarks: "Five Yellow Stars" fly in, "Lian Zhenxing", "Ferocious Stars". "Scourge". Be seriously ill, lose money, or have an accident. This star is a big evil star, and people in this position are prone to various diseases, bankruptcies and accidents. "Two Black Stars" fly in, "Giant Star" and "Sick Talisman Star", which represent disease, dominate disease and pain, and should not be underestimated. It is a fierce star, and it is very unlucky.

2. Big Copper Coins (Safe Trip Wherever You Go)

Big Copper Coins

The nature is to transform evil spirits and prevent disasters. The nature is to prevent disasters. There are three usages: 1. Put it on the ground at the door to deal with the opening and closing of the stairs or the elevator as soon as the door is opened. 2. Put it on the right side of the gate and hang it with a yellow line or a string of yellow lines to prevent misunderstanding caused by women in the family by speaking. Put two copper coins under the pillow to ensure a good relationship between husband and wife.

3. Gold Ingot

GOLD Ingot


The main purpose is to make money and prosper, and use a pair of them together. There are two usages: one is to put a pair of gold ingots on the largest window or window sill in the whole house, and put one on the left and right corners, the purpose is to absorb the wealth outside the window. The bigger the window, the more prosperous the wealth. The second is to place it in the corner of the oblique corner of the gate house, where the place is sheltered from the wind and facing the sun, which is good for the body and is also a financial position. Put on a pair of gold ingots to strengthen the spirit of recruiting wealth and entering treasures.

4. Copper Golden Rooster

Copper Golden Rooster

Aiming at unreasonable ideas, such as bad women or sexual harassment that you hate. This artifact should be placed in a place where the gate is hedged, such as a screen-style display stand, to prevent the influence of affair. If you suspect that your spouse has an extramarital affair, you can put a pair of it in the spouse's wardrobe, in the dark corner, one on the left and one on the left.

5. Stone Lion

Stone Lion

A kind of auspicious beast, which can relieve a variety of evil forms, and also strengthen the power of the official or the happiness of the homeowner. In the past, many nobles placed a pair of it at the door. If the window sees an unfavorable impact, you can put a pair of stone lions facing the window to turn the evil spirits, and it has the meaning of increasing power. In industries that rely on eloquence for their livelihoods, such as lawyers and entertainers, a pair of stone lions can be placed in the office to boost their reputation and help make money.

6. Dragon Tortoise

Dragon Tortoise

A kind of auspicious beast, auspicious, so it can be used to resolve disasters. The usage of dragon tortoise is more complicated, so it must be properly placed in the "three evil" or "heavy water and air" position to be effective. There is a saying in Feng Shui: "If you want to get rich quickly, fight against three evils", this is the principle. The "heavy water and air" is the main reason for the misunderstanding caused by speech. Dragon tortoise can resolve the misunderstandings caused by words and strengthen people's communication. Some dragon tortoise artifacts have movable backs, which can be lifted up and put in tea leaf and rice grains to enhance their effects.
Remarks: The "three evils" refer to the catastrophe evil, the disaster evil and and the "Tai Sui" evil.
"Heavy water and air" generally refers to a place near the water's edge, with water, and a lot of water; in particular, there is also a kind of terrain. It is hot in summer and there is still dry dew after 10 o'clock in the morning. This kind of place is easy Undermine the development of things.

7. Windbell

One of the common artifacts, designed for narrow places, such as households where other artifacts cannot be placed. Or store use. Usage: 1. Where the doorway is facing the street, hang it on the top left corner of the door to avoid evil in the street. 2. In the building, the windows of the house are opposite to the windows of the opposite households, and if the other party has a larger population than the house, hang them on the windows of the house so that the house's wealth is not affected by the other side. Just because the population is large, the wealth is more, and the population is small and the wealth is less.

8. Copper Lion

Copper Lion

Its nature is to dissolve the evil and prevent disasters, and it is generally placed at the gate position, so the lion head should be outside the house. It is suitable for those who rush between the road and the road or open the door to see a lamppost. Copper is metal, and it can restrain the punishment of wood. It is suitable for those who can see a big tree on the opposite side of the window. You can place this copper lion in an indoor scourge or unlucky location to reduce its destructive power. If there are people who belong to water in the house, it is better to put this copper lion, because gold produces with water, which can prosper wealth.

9. Copper Sheep

Copper Sheep

Its nature is to eliminate illnesses, reduce disasters and increase windfalls. Because sheep make a "win" sound in Chinese, it is conducive to gambling. In addition, if there are chronically ill patients or old lingering injuries at home, you can place this thing on the head of the bed, one on the left and right, which will definitely help your health. This thing can also resolve unsatisfactory work, or reduce someone secretly ruining your reputation. Because sheep are peaceful things, putting them on the workbench has a strong effect.

10. Eight Diagrams (Bagua) Compass Clock

Taking the "Eight Diagrams" as the clock face, the auspiciousness of "Yin and Yang", the" Five Elements", and the "Eight Diagrams" is more effective than any kind of magical beast on the market. Those who don't know feng shui only need to place this clock in a favorable position in the whole house or facing the door. It is actually a good display for resolving evil and increase power、attracting wealth and promote happiness. This clock can also promote marriage,let the single have a better heterosexual relationship, nothing but harm.

11. Eight Diagrams Flat Mirror

Eight Diagrams Flat Mirror

Its nature is to block bad outdoor building shapes, such as corners or pointed buildings. The usage is to put it outside the house, avoid putting it indoors, because it can only be used externally, no matter what kind of evil it is, it can be resolved, but it should not be hung too much. You can only hang one in a position, and no more than three in the whole house, Otherwise, you will hurt yourself, and you won't be lucky.

12. Eight Diagrams Convex Mirror

The nature of this instrument is different from that of a flat mirror. If you find that there is a tool for resolving evil against the house on the other side outside the window, you can place this artifact. Its function is to reflect the artifact and return it to others' homes without being affected by the other party. This mirror is also placed outdoors. It should not be placed indoors. It should not be placed in front of the door, or it will be unlucky.

13. "Wenchang" Tower

Wenchang Tower

This object is the most commonly used tool, which is conducive to reading, fame and career. Such feng shui towers were built in "Yuen Long" and "Ping Shan", and it is said that the village often has talents and high rank officials. Children can put this device on the bedside, adults can put it on the table, and scholars can put it in the bookcase, Which is conducive to people's quick response, flexible thinking, and ranking among the best in the exam.

14. Pi Xiu


This auspicious beast has no scales on its body, no hair on its feet, and look mighty, It is a good feng shui decoration, but it is only suitable for selection by windfalls or the promotion industry (salesmen). Anyone with floating income has magical effects. When placing it, you only need to head toward the door or outside the window, which is favorable for windfalls and not conducive to the source of the formal economy, unless a pair of dragon god statues is added.

15. Copper Gourd

Copper Gourd

Gourd is known to alleviate diseases, but few people know that copper gourd can add love between husband and wife. If the husband and wife cannot appreciate each other emotionally, a copper gourd can be placed at the bedside to increase the couple's affection. In addition, if there is a patient in the home, this instrument can be placed, which is good for health, and it is more suitable for children and the elderly in the home. To a certain extent, this thing can also defuse evil and prevent disasters, and has a wide range of uses.

16. Wooden Gourd

wooden Gourd

If there are chronically ill people at home, you may wish to hang three wooden gourds, which will have a magical effect. For those who are seriously ill, you need to use three on the bedside. which can be used by both men and women. This artifact is also hung in the following three positions: "Tian Yi", "Yan Nian", and "Sheng Qi", especially the position of "TianYi" is the best, which can make the body strong and refreshed. This thing can be used for a long time.
Note: "Tian Yi" is the second auspicious position of each of us, especially related to health issues.
"Yan Nian" position, one of the four auspicious positions, represents the meaning of longevity.
"Sheng Qi" means position, which is auspicious position, which is beneficial to the growth of money and children.

17. "Kirin"


"Kirin", the god of dragon, the god of phoenix, and the god of tortoise, were called four auspicious beasts in ancient times. "Kirin" can be used to attract wealth, give birth to a son, and turn evil spirits, and has a wide range of uses. Just turn the head of the "Kirin" outwards, and its momentum is very strong. The homeowner must have good fortune. You don't need to staond a big one when select it, but it is better to be delicate, and both men and women will be brought luck.

18. "Ming Mantra" Guanyin

"Ming Mantra" Guanyin

Avalokitesvara has always been compassionate, coupled with the power of the "mantra", which can reduce the coming disaster. This instrument is suitable for people engaged in entertainment venues or people engaged in complex personnel institutions. This instrument has the functions of accelerating wealth, transferring and protecting safety, and is more suitable for women.

19. "Ming Mantra" Gourd

"Ming Mantra" Gourd

Gourd stands for "medicine", which protects health and safety. The green jade is a kind of jade that is peaceful and pays attention to interpersonal relationships. The green jade gourd alone can eliminate all diseases. It is most suitable for people with chronic illnesses or those who are sick and old. It is advisable to first determine the "TianYi" position in the room when setting up, and place the instruments there, which is particularly beneficial to the health of the elderly.
Remarks: "Medicinal stone" in a broad sense refers to the medicine of herbal medicine and the pill made by "dansha".

20. "Ming Mantra" White Jade

"Ming Mantra" White Jade

The "six-word mantra" is one of the most favorable sentences in the Buddhist mantra. Carved on the white jade, the prestige is stronger. If the ghost is attached to a normal person, the call is unresponsive, or the husband has a mistress or has a second wife, you can wear this artifact at this time. If there are demons in the house, you can put this magical tool behind the gate to have an exorcism effect. However, the "Ming Mantra" white jade is extremely difficult to find, and it is one of the rare artifacts.