Clay Incense Holder

Clay Incense Holder

What is Clay?

Clay is a cohesive soil with few sand particles, which has good plasticity because it is not easy for water to pass through.

Common clay is formed after silicate minerals are weathered on the earth's surface. It is called primary clay if the particles are large and the composition is close to the original stone. This kind of clay is mainly composed of silica and alumina. It is white and fire-resistant. It is the main raw material for firing ceramics, and there are also plastic aluminosilicates with very small particles. In addition to aluminum, clay also contains a small amount of magnesium, iron, sodium, potassium and calcium, so clay is an important mineral raw material with a wide range of uses.

Why can Clay be Made into Pottery?

Clay has strong plasticity after being wetted with water, can be deformed under small pressure and can remain in its original shape for a long time, and has a large surface area, which can form a container with a large space. Clay particles are negatively charged, so they have good physical adsorption and surface chemical activity and have the ability to exchange with other cations. Moreover, when clay is dried or fired, it will become hard and brittle, and become non-plastic, and it will not easily deform when made into pottery. Most pure clay minerals are white or light-colored, but natural clay take on a different color because of impurities, such as a small amount of iron oxide, which can give them a tan color.

Plasticity is the basic element that clay can be made into pottery and porcelain, and clay is the oldest known ceramic material! This kind of flexible can wrap around the finger soil has been widely used in ancient China, and the pottery-making technology has reached a fairly mature level in the Yangshao Culture era.

The use of clay originated from the fact that prehistoric people found that the soil burned by fire became hard and shaped in the process of using fire, and the unintentionally kneaded "mud blocks" that bulge upwards on four sides could store rainwater. Inspired by this, they began to Subconsciously try to use clay to make utensils, and then put it on the fire to burn. The plasticity and roasting properties of the clay yield a stone utensil with practical effect and good water resistance - ceramic utensils. The earliest DIY works of mankind were born in this way. It has played a considerable role in the ancient civilization and cultural development of human beings.

What are the Characteristics of Clay Incense Holder?

1. In ancient Chinese medicine, clay can be used to treat diseases and absorb some dirty things. Therefore, when the incense burner made of clay burns incense, by burning incense to play the healing effect of plant aroma, at the same time, it can bring the health care effect of clay on people, so that the effect of aromatherapy is doubled.

2. The color of the clay incense holder is relatively simple, and there are four major color systems, namely red, yellow, gray and coffee. On the basis of these four colors, by adjusting the firing temperature and adding other mineral elements, a variety of different color scales will appear, such as brick red, cyan gray, beige, etc. This color effect is incomparable to any artificial coloring.

3. The incense burner made of clay has a delicate and lifelike design. For example, the lifelike animal: the Lion Dragon, who likes fireworks, is the fifth son of the dragon. It looks like a lion and likes to be still rather than moving. The clay burner can see its mane clearly. It can puff smoke at its mouth with a touch of incense, and has a very lovely deer shape. There are old bamboos with well-defined knots on the plant shaped incense platform, and lotus leaves with fine and clear lines. The lotus seeds in the lotus canopy are presented with hollow holes, which is conducive to the emission of smoke. The misty atmosphere surrounds a Zen space, vividly reflecting the real scene of flowers in the fog.

4. The incense from the clay incense holder can be either burn spiral incense or cone incense, and it can also be paved with incense ash to light the incense sticks. It can be said that the incense holder is not limited by the shape of incense.

Choose an incense burner that you like and light an incense burner, it can not only improve the body's immunity, keep health, self-cultivation, and achieve the purpose of physical and mental pleasure, but also taste a piece of history, understand a story, know a piece of culture, learn to grasp the moment. The beauty of life in the present, without worrying about the past or worrying about the future. At the same time, different styles of incense burners can not only decorate the home more warmly, but also make the home rich with your personal characteristics and unique.

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