Dragon Incense Burner

Dragon Incense Burner

What kind of cultural symbol is the dragon in China?

"There is a dragon in the ancient East, and its name is China. There is a group of people in the ancient East, and they are all descendants of the dragon." "Descendants of the dragon" is a self-proclaimed Chinese. The dragon culture is one of the earliest and most influential cultures in China. It is an important part of Oriental culture and has made great contributions to human civilization.

There may no dragon in the world, and it all depends on the wisdom of Chinese ancestors. In the distant prehistoric era, the ancestors of China created various legends of dragons and formed dragon totems - horns like a deer, head like cattle, mouth like a donkey, eyes like shrimp, ears like elephants, scales like fish, whiskers like people, belly is like a snake, and its feet are like a phoenix. Finally, it is combined into a dragon, and there is a well-structured "dragon" character in the oracle bone inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty.

After thousands of years of cultural accumulation, the dragon has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people. From ancient times to the present, from cultural psychology, ideology, traditional customs to daily life, the dragon culture has penetrated into all aspects of people's life, both tangible and intangible. From high officials and nobles to ordinary people, it has been deeply affected by the dragon culture.

The figure of "Dragon" can be seen everywhere in China, such as dragon boat rowing, dragon lantern dance, dragon painting, dragon carving, dragon flag, etc. Buildings, porcelain, jade, clothing, paintings, coins, etc. have left the imprint of the dragon. It has long since become a representative element of Chinese culture and a symbol of the Chinese nation.

In ancient times, the ancient Chinese looked up at the starry sky near the ecliptic plane and divided the stars near the ecliptic into several areas, called the twenty-eight constellations, and divided the twenty-eight constellations into east, south, west and north according to their orientation. The four palaces, each with seven lodgings, imagine the seven lodgings belonging to each palace as a kind of animal, namely the eastern Green Dragon, the southern Rosefinch, the western White Tiger, and the northern tortoise, which means " The four spirit beasts in the sky guard the four directions ". The dragon is the position of an emperor and the head of the four spirit beasts. In Buddhism, the dragon is the existence of a kind of guardian deity that protects Buddhism.

There are four main types of dragons, those with scales are called Jiaolong; those with wings are called Yinglongs; those with horns are called Qiu, and those without horns are called Chi. But they are all vigorous, smart and brave, with great noble bodies, gorgeous colors and super strong and incomparable strength; it can shrink like a silkworm ant, stretch out to cover the sky, has vast magical and boundless powers; it can summon wind and call for rain, save the people from water and fire; it can ride the clouds and drive the fog and stir up the sky; it is the symbol of the gods, which governs all corners of the world; it is a symbol of power, owes on the China’s Kyushu; It is the symbol of blessing and auspiciousness, showing joy and happiness.

What is the symbolic meaning of the dragon incense burner?

Our dragon incense burner is a censer made in the image of a dragon, because of its unique symbolic meaning:

1. The ancient Chinese monarchs worshipped the dragon, not only as a symbol of power but also because the dragon was in charge of the wind and rain, and its image was engraved on the incense burner, implying good weather and bumper crops.

2. The dragon is the embodiment of justice. There is a legend in Chinese folk that on February 2, the Dragon raised its head. It is to commemorate the little white dragon. The little white dragon offended the Jade Emperor by saving the people, so it rains for people. The people have the spring Dragon Festival on the second day of February in the lunar calendar to thank the little white dragon.

3. The dragon can go into the sky and from heaven to the sea. Since ancient times, there has been a saying in China that there is a dragon in your family, and you want your son to become a dragon. Moreover, the smart and wisdom of the dragon is also the expectation of every student. Therefore, the dragon also symbolizes that you have achieved success in your studies, ranked first, are smart, and are active in your thinking.

4. For the elderly, the dragon is the representative of health and longevity.

5. For businessmen, the dragon is homonymous with "long", which means that business is booming, and money is rolling. Moreover, different types of dragons represent different humanistic spirits of Chinese people, such as unity, innovation, inclusiveness, enterprising, independence and so on. Dragons also symbolize standing out, a rainbow of career and a smooth future.

6. As far as marriage is concerned, we have the saying that the dragon and the Phoenix are auspicious, which means that a good marriage will last forever.

The dragon can combine with all beautiful things, and at the same time get the blessing of the power of the dragon, so that the wishes in the heart can be improved to a higher level. With soft music, incense, and dancing with the dragon, it not only beautifies the home at this time. The environment can accelerate the metabolism of the body, promote the regeneration of living cells, enhance the body's immunity, and then regulate the human nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine system, muscle tissue, digestive system and excretory system, etc., naturally refreshed and energetic, may all your wishes come true.

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