Cone Incense Burner

Cone Incense Burner

What is a Cone Incense Burner?

There are many types of incense burners. If they are distinguished according to the shape of the incense, they can be divided into three categories: cone incense, stick incense and coil incense.

Cone incense is made from one or more spices ground into powder and then made into cone-shaped incense. Because it hangs like a tower when it is hung and burned, it is also called small tower incense, pagoda incense, and tower tip incense, but most of them are directly placed in the incense burner to be erected and ignited.

The effect of cone incense has sterilization, inhibition of bacterial regeneration, enhancement of human immunity, and promotion of blood circulation.

However, there are some differences in efficacy according to different smells. First of all, it has different effects on regulating people's emotions. Some of them can beautify the skin, beautify the face, or regulate the nerves and create a different atmosphere. Moreover, the cone incense can retain its fragrance for a long time, remove odor and repel mosquitoes. However, the smell of cone incense is stronger than that of essential oil, and it is generally not recommended to use it in small areas.

Lilac can enhance memory and resist depression; Jasmine can expel sadness, reduce stress, and enhance confidence, it is a stabilizer of emotional anxiety and can balance hormones; Roses can moisten the lungs and beautify the skin, soothe the mood, and resist such bad emotions as depression, depression, hatred, etc.; Citronella can relax, relieve stress, eliminate bacteria and repel mosquitoes; Lemongrass can stimulate spirit, relieve fatigue, boost mood, relieve depression, sterilize and repel mosquitoes, it is a good partner with citronella; Water lilies can be used to calm the mind, calm the nerves, and dispel troubles at the same time; Green tea can resist oxidation, improve sleep quality, eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and relieve body and mind; Musk can calm the nerves, promote blood circulation and dissipate blood stasis, and has the effect of enlightening and awakening, especially suitable for office workers who are tense in spirit; Sandalwood has an excellent relaxing effect, which can soothe nervous tension and anxiety, and bring a sense of peace and tranquility; Orchids can clarify thoughts, relax nerves and calm emotions.

How to Use Cone Incense?

Place cone incense on the non-flammable media, such as ceramics and glass, and keep away from flammable materials, such as curtains, fabrics, paper, foam, etc.

Light the top part of the tower until it burns out, you can go out for 3 to 8 minutes during the burning period, and there is a faint fragrance in the room when you come back.

What is the Incense Burner that Burns Cone Incense?

Our incense burner burning cone incense is exquisite and elegant, with novel design and simple and elegant color matching. It is as warm as jade as Chinese celadon, and its hollow and carved cover is decorated with plum blue; It is a gourd shaped with bronze color, symbolizing peace and prosperity; Inspired by Taihu Stone, which is known as the Three Wonderful Stones in China, it uses high-quality clay and traditional handicrafts to reproduce the style of Chinese garden scenery; The shape of a deer is used. It is said that Buddha once turned into a deer to influence the king not to kill any more. After saving a group of deer, the deer has a beautiful and compassionate meaning. The deer's incense burner is used as a gift for sweethearts or couples, which means that love is happy and they can share weal and woe together; It has the shape of Xuanwu (tortoise). It carries a heavy shell, and it seems difficult to move forward, but the slow pace is steady, which symbolizes the steady progress of the cause and the accumulation of wealth; There are the patterns of lotus and orange. Lotus has the meaning of holiness. In Buddhism, it also has the meaning of wisdom. It is the so-called "A flowered world, a grass heaven, a bodhi, an earth Tathagata, a side pure land, as soon as smiles a fatality of this world, as soon as reads one pure, the heart resembles the lotus flower to start ". In the space of Zen, you can understand the true meaning of love; The "orange" of orange is homophonic with "auspicious", which means that no matter in life or work, there is no obstacle to the smooth passage of everything.

In addition, there are incense burners with Christmas shapes. Inspired by the fireplace, Christmas bear, snowman, and the house with chimney, plus colorful lights, the Christmas atmosphere is instantly filled.

These incense burners are equipped with incense sticks and fireproof cotton, so that you can not only put tower incense, coil incense, but also incense sticks can be inserted, that is, when the incense sticks are lit, the lid cannot be closed temporarily.

An incense stick is a base with a socket for inserting incense sticks. There are various styles of base height, socket size, and number of sockets to suit different specifications of incense sticks.


In general, the cone incense burners are economical and affordable. One incense burner can be used in three ways to meet the different needs of friends who like incense. An artistic incense burner is a grand visual enjoyment.

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