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Wooden Incense Holder

China's culture is extensive and profound. In the thousands of years of development history, no matter what aspect has a very rich cultural connotation, incense culture is a very important part of it.

Incense was used in ancient China, starting from the first incense in the morning, reading and writing should be incense, welcoming guests and friends, different guests should have different incense, and music, chess, calligraphy and painting should be accompanied by incense. Above the ruling house and in the temple, incense are always lingering. Therefore, incense played an extremely important and irreplaceable role in the daily life of the ancients.

And the implement that carries this kind of incense culture is the incense holder. The material of an incense holder directly affects the effect of burning incense, and the incense holders of different materials also have different functions.

At present, Chinese incense holders are mainly made of copper, iron, and tin, as well as incense holders made of ceramics, jade, and wood.

The biggest disadvantage of metal incense holders is that if they are not handled properly, the smell of metal will affect the smell of incense. And the biggest disadvantage of incense holders made of ceramics and jade is that they are fragile, while wooden incense holders can avoid these problems. Lighting the incense with a wooden incense holder can also enrich the aroma of the incense, with a hint of woody fragrance in the original smelling.

What kind of wood is the wooden incense holders generally made of? What are benefits to our life?

1. Pine wood: It is a kind of coniferous plant. It has a rosin flavor and a light-yellow color. It needs some manual processing, such as drying, degreasing and removal of organic compounds, bleaching to unify the color of the tree, and neutralize the nature of trees, so that the pine wood is not easily deformed.

The color and luster of pine wood itself are natural, with clear and beautiful natural texture. The shape of the incense holder is simple and simple, strong and durable, and has good elasticity, breathability and corrosion resistance, but pay attention to sun protection and waterproofing, because long-term sunlight It is easy to cause discoloration, and it is easy to crack when soaked in water for a long time.

Pine also calms the nerves, promotes blood circulation, and enhances the body's immunity. And it is made into an incense holder, which can exert its effect by burning incense.

2. Ebony: It is known as "Oriental Sacred Wood" and "Plant Mummy". It is formed by earthquake, flood, mud rock flow, which buried all the aboveground plants and organisms in the ancient riverbed and other low-lying places, and buried some trees in the mud. Under the effect of long years, hypoxia, high pressure, bacteria and other microorganisms, it has been carbonized for tens of millions of years. Therefore, it is hard, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, fine feel, and at the same time, it will never fade or grow insects, so it is also called "carbonized wood".

Ebony has been used as a tool to ward off evil spirits in all dynasties of China. The ancient Chinese also said, "A half square of ebony is better than a box of treasure".

The "ebony" commonly referred to in the wood market refers to black African ebony and East African black rosewood, which is a kind of Chinese national mahogany standard. Most of them are brown-black, black-red, gold, yellow-brown, etc. The cut surface is smooth, the wood grain is fine, and it can be as bright as a mirror when polished well.

Ebony will give off a delicate fragrance. People often smell this fragrance to refresh the mind and feel happy. Even if you don’t light incense, it can also play the role of aromatherapy. Moreover, ebony has strong adsorption, not only can absorb the air in the air but also moisture and peculiar smell, it can also digest the dirty particles in the air, and adsorb toxic substances and some heavy metal substances in the air.

3. Sandalwood: Sandalwood means giving in Sanskrit. Its wood is hard, its fragrance is eternal, its color is gorgeous and changeable, and it is invulnerable to all kinds of poisons. It will not decay no matter how many years, and it can avoid evil and cure diseases, so it is also called "holy sandalwood".

The wood structure of sandalwood is fine, slightly uniform, high in strength, and resistant to rot.

Precious and high-quality sandalwood, the wood can be cut into small pieces and used as incense for burn; it can also be ground into powder and made into incense powder for direct fumigation. The fragrance of sandalwood burning is delicate fragrance and sweet, and full of exotic atmosphere, with a lingering incense, its elegant and calm the air can make people breathe soothing, become peaceful, help for meditation, and increase the ability to prevent diseases.

How to maintain the wooden incense holder?

Although wood incense holder has many advantages and different woods have different effects, compared with other materials, the wood incense holder has its own special precautions.

1. Anti-insect: To keep the incense holder in a ventilated place, it is not recommended to use a wooden incense holder to point the backflow incense.

2. Dust removal: Use soft cloth to remove dust from furniture along the grain of wood. Before removing dust, apply some spray detergent on the soft cloth.

3. Anti-cracking: The area where the incense holder is located should be kept within a certain humidity.

4. Anti-collision: Keep away from sharp and hard objects.

5. Anti-aging and corrosion: the surface shall be properly waxed, and the surface of the incense table shall not be exposed to corrosive liquid, alcohol, nail polish, and articles with too high temperature. It is not recommended to buy wood incense burners with too high sealing degree or buy incense burners mixed with brass and wood.