Feng Shui For Bedroom

Feng Shui for The Bedroom

Fengshui, commonly known as "Xiang Di Zhi Shu", it can be regarded as a metaphysics with a long history in China. Its dominant thinking is the harmony between human and nature, which is also the core idea of Chinese culture. Although it sounds a little mysterious, in fact, it is not far away from us. For example, when we buying a house, everyone likes to sit in the north facing south, which is closely related to Feng Shui. So, do you know which part of Feng Shui in a big house has the greatest impact on the physical and mental state of an individual? In fact, it is the bedroom, because it is the place where people rest after being tired every day. Whether it is the position of the bed in the bedroom, the style of the window, or the choice of color, it implies a lot of knowledge and theories of Fengshui. Of course, it takes time to accumulate to become a serious feng shui master. But now, through your own reading, you can understand how to use the direction of the bed to make yourself sleep more sweetly every day, know how to increase the luck in love by arranging your small world, and exorcise evil through the choice of bedroom color. Now, let us take a look at the so-called bedroom Feng Shui, We believe you will benefit a lot.

The bedroom feng shui pays attention to the layout and taboos

The layout of the bedroom is very important, because we sleep in the bedroom every day, so we stay in the bedroom for a long time. This has more requirements for the Feng Shui of the bedroom, or it may be very unfavorable for us, what are the taboos? Let us answer it for you below.

1. Moderate Area

In modern commercial houses, many designs make the bedroom (especially the master bedroom) very large, and some are equipped with a bathroom. These practices are worth discussing. Under normal circumstances, the master bedroom should be larger than the secondary bedroom, but because the bedroom is a place for energy saving. If the bedroom is too large, the room will over-absorb people's breath, it is inevitable that the body may be weakened during living, and the bathroom is filthy place, close to the bedroom, although it is convenient for the owner to go to the restroom at night, it is easy to make the bedroom humid and affect health. Did you see the Hall of Nourishing Hearts in the Forbidden City of Beijing, where the emperor rests at night, its area is only about 20 square meters.

2. Soft Light

The lighting in the bedroom should not be too bright or too dim. If it is too bright, there will be too much yang element, which is not good for the hostess; if the lighting is too dim and the yin element is too heavy, it is not good for the host. It is best to have soft light. The color of the walls, doors and windows, curtains, etc. of the bedroom and living room is best to be light yellow or light pink, because this will make the whole room look comfortable and bright. Maintaining indoor air circulation would help to ventilate and prevent indoor furniture and decorative materials from emitting harmful gases that affect health.

3. Be Quiet in the Bedroom

The bedroom is the place to sleep. Quietness is the first requirement. Therefore, the sound outside the window should not be too noisy. The window of beadroom should not face to the nosiy street, because it is a pedestrian passage under it, where the flow of people and traffic is within easy reach, and there is even the sound of fairs in such a bedroom. It is hard have a high qualiy sleeping, affects health and wealth.

4. Square Shape

The most suitable shape of the bedroom should be square, and it should not be deformed such as hypotenuse or polygonal shape, because whether it is hypotenuse or polygonal shape, it will easily make the sleeper feel oppressed or lacking, and feel unstable during sleep. Have a negative impact on personal feelings, family and career fortune.

5. The Bedroom's Should not Face the Bad

One thing to note about the layout of the bedroom is that it should not be opposed to the bathroom. After all, the bathroom is a place for family members to excrete. It will eventually be a place where foul air and bacteria will be generated. If the bathroom'door is face to the bed, The foul air may easily cause some bacteria and viruses to sneak into the bedroom and affect the health of the bedroom owner. Therefore, we have to avoid this when we layout the bedroom.

6. Don't Hang Abstract Paintings

Compared to other places, abstract paintings are not suitable for hanging in the bedroom. Hanging in the hallway of the living room can also increase the sense of mystery. Hanging in the bedroom will only increase the sense of anxiety and increase the chance rate of quarreling between husband and wife. If it is more serious, it will also cause inexplicable trouble to the homeowner.

7. Do not Put Thorny Plants

Plants in the bedroom are a good choice, not only beautiful but also can purify the air. However, when choosing plants, you can't choose thorny plants and water-fed plants, because these plants will cause the loss of wealth, and it is also taboo to decorate the room with small flowers and grasses. Because using small flowers and grasses represents a lot of trivial matters, which may affect the feelings of family members and lead to conflicts. It is necessary to choose some thick-leaved plants, broad-leaved plants to decorate the house in order to make the family more harmonious.

8. The Wardrobe cannot be placed in the Financial Position

In Feng Shui, you should avoid to put heavy furniture or item on your financial position. If you put heavy wardrobes, bookcases and other large furniture on your financial position, which may makes wealth will not grow and affect the wealth of your home. Wardrobes and bookcases cannot be placed in the bedroom financial position. It is generally recommended to place a dressing table or a small table with some mascots on it, which will help the bedroom to attract wealth.


9. The Bedroom is not suitable for Fish Farming

If you don't know the common sense of Feng Shui, please don't raise fish casually in your bedroom. Although there are aquarium fish in your home, it will add a lot of vitality. But if it is not placed properly, it is easy to lose money and cause bad luck, which will hinder the fortune.

10. Avoid too many Electrical Appliances

The bedroom is a place to rest and needs to be clean and bright. Try not to put unnecessary things in the bedroom, especially if there are too many electrical appliances, which will interfere with the magnetic field of the bedroom. Electrical appliances are called "fire evil" in Feng Shui, which can easily make people restless or impulsive, often noisy, or have poor sleep, which can easily affect people's character and spirit.

11. Swords and other sharp weapons.

Some friends like some weapons or weapon models. It is important to know that the shape must have its image, and the image must have its meaning. Most weapons and weapons have invisible evil spirits, which will interfere with the human body's aura, destroy the balance of the aura, and make people Irritability, headache, insomnia, poor work or frequent injuries, etc., and others will seriously affect the relationship between husband and wife.

12. Statues of Gods and Buddhas.

Some friends will place statues of gods, Buddhas or ancestors in the bedroom or the balcony, bay window, etc. of the bedroom, but if the bedroom has more privacy items, it is disrespectful to worship the gods and ancestors. Be sure not to place statues of gods and Buddhas. Here, some parents are reminded that some parents have invited Manjushri, Kuixing and other gods and Buddhas or portraits in order to promote their children's studies. If the child's bedroom and study desk are in the same room, it is not suitable to place them. At the same time, it is also forbidden to put things of unknown origin from the antique market. Because these items of unknown origin have some unknown negative feng shui energy in themselves. If it is placed in the bedroom casually, it will easily lead to nightmares, poor sleep quality and poor physical condition. Moreover, many antique markets or tourist souvenirs are mostly imitations, and the factors contained in them are very unstable.

13. Antiques and Some Inexplicable Old Things.

Antiques, old things, especially some bizarre objects of unknown origin and unknown reason, must not be placed in the bedroom, not to mention whether these objects will have evil spirits, if so, the impact will be more serious . These items all have the aura of "outdated" and "outdated", which will have a great impact on people's fortunes over time, and careers are prone to bottlenecks and difficult to progress.

14. Furniture in the Bedroom.

Including beds, wardrobes, dressers, hangers, etc. are not made of metal materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum, etc. From the analysis of the attributes of the five elements, because the diamond is strong, sharp, evil, attacking, hurting, and fierce, their damage to the sleeping person is invisible, but it does exist. It is best to use wood and soil as a bed, because wood and soil are soft and will not cause harm to people. In southern China, most of the beds are made of wood, while in northern rural areas, brick kangs are used.

15. The Bed is Double-layered.

Some families will buy bunk beds and put them in the bedroom in order to save space, or some unmarried men and women who rent for a long time will also live in the bedroom with bunk beds, but whether they are sleeping or sleeping, they will be too close to the ceiling. Or there is pressure on the bed, and you feel oppressed, and it is not easy to have a relationship.

How to Arrange Feng Shui in the Bedroom to Prosper?

1. The size of the house will affect the gathering and dispersing of Qi. The shape and depth of the house directly affect the quality of the air in the house, as well as the problem of air dispersion and accumulation. A warm bedroom is easy to gather air and not easy to disperse, so its airflow will be relatively stable. The bedroom is about 15 square meters, not more than 20 square meters. A bedroom of this size is most beneficial to the owner's fortune.

2. First of all, you need to find the location of the lucky star in the bedroom. Putting some mascots in the position of the lucky star in the bedroom will be very beneficial for the owner of the bedroom to have a good fortune. Often resting in this position is also conducive to gathering wealth.

3. If the door of the master bedroom and the door of the child are facing each other and the distance is too close, because the door is like a mouth and mouth to mouth, it will be easy to fight with each other; children will talk back and be disobedient, and at the same time Children are more autonomous, and adults need to use more intelligent skills in discipline. Or make a screen entrance in the room, so that the air flow between the two rooms is not direct, as the so-called harmony generates wealth, so this item also plays a vital role in Fengshui and wealth in the bedroom.

4. The placement of the bed in the master bedroom has a great relationship with Feng Shui. The bed is the most important thing in a couple's room. Its feng shui quality is directly related to the relationship between husband and wife. The quality of the relationship between husband and wife will directly affect the wealth of the entire family. Regarding the placement of bed, the following feng shui are taboos in feng shui:

(1) It is not advisable for the beam to press the ceiling, as there are signs of oppression: there are beams or chandeliers above the bed, which can easily make people feel depressed, which is not conducive to the diffusion of thinking, and will also suppress the fortune of the owner of the bedroom to a certain extent. In addition, the color, decoration, and structure of the bedroom will also affect the fortune of the owner of the bedroom, so you need to pay more attention to the feng shui of the bedroom, and solve problems in time to avoid affecting the fortune.

(2) It is not advisable to be too close to the window, as it is easy to be frightened by the wind and cold. From your own point of view, lying too close to the window may cause your mattress, pillow, and quilt to get wet and affect sleep when the weather is cloudy and rainy. If the bed is too close to the glass window, it will be empty and helpless, which will affect the development of the business. Nowadays, there are buildings in front of the buildings, buildings behind the buildings, and buildings next to the buildings. The bed is too close to the window, which can easily make the bedroom unable to maintain its privacy well. In addition, as the city becomes increasingly complex, the annoying noise will It is also easy to affect people's sleep through glass. For married couples, if the bed is too close to the window, it is easy to make the red apricot come out of the wall, resulting in poor sleep and more dreams and affecting the relationship between husband and wife. So when you want to lie in bed too close to the window, it is naturally taboo, and you should consider it carefully.

(3) The bed should not face the mirror. Many people will place a dressing table by the bed, which will have a large mirror. It is said that mirrors can connect yin and yang and can transform each other. The bed is the place where people lie and sleep. During sleep, our yang energy is relatively weak. If a large mirror is placed, it will be more difficult to escape if there are unclean things. And when we put a large mirror, we will feel physical and mental discomfort when we get up in the middle of the night, and feel the yin qi is overwhelming. Therefore, it is also very taboo to place a large mirror on the bedside, which may hurt the relationship between husband and wife, causing people to be restless and short-tempered. No matter how small the mirror is, it cannot be placed in front of the bed. Not to mention full-length mirrors, which are extremely taboo. Therefore, carefully check whether there are mirrors or mirror-like objects in the objects in front of the bed.

(4) It is not suitable to face west. The meaning of the head of the bed facing west is extremely unclear, because the head facing west is the orientation chosen by the folk when placing the dead, which means returning to the west, so that the soul of the deceased can ascend to the Western Paradise after death and never suffer again. At the same time, scientific research has found that facing the west does not conform to the law of the earth's magnetic field. Over time, it will lead to human lesions and various diseases. Therefore, you must pay attention when sleeping, and avoid facing west.

(5) It is not advisable to face the door directly, as the yang energy is easy to leak. One third of one's life is spent in bed, which shows the importance of the orientation of the bed. It is generally not recommended to place the bed facing the door. If you can see the situation on the bed from the door, the occupants will feel that there is a lack of privacy, which will cause a certain amount of psychological pressure, which will easily affect the quality of sleep.

(6) It is taboo not to lean against the wall at the head of the bed and lose the backing. In feng shui, we should pay attention to shape and meaning. The so-called shape is like what we say now that the head of the bed should be against the wall, that is, the backer. The house feng shui should also pay attention to having a backer, otherwise it will be disturbed, and there will be no confidence in doing things. It will definitely lead to the lack of luck for the friends who sleep on it, and the people around you, especially the colleagues in the workplace, are prone to conflict and tension, which is not conducive to the development of your own career. Needless to say, everyone should know how to resolve it.

5. The master bedroom should not be too large, or larger than the living room, or there is room in the room. Because the bedroom is too big, too bright, and too many windows, the feng shui qi is easy to dissipate, the yang qi is insufficient, and the lonely yin qi is generated. Conversely, when the qi gathers, the husband and wife will be deeply in love.

6. The master bedroom should not be too dark and dark. Although Feng Shui says "bright hall and dark room", if the room has too small or no windows, the air will not flow, and the sunlight will not enter easily. , Grumpy.

7. The master bedroom should not be sharp and oblique, or the corners of the wall pillars are too protruding. It is easy for husband and wife to quarrel and quarrel over small things, which affects the harmony between husband and wife.

8. In the master bedroom, it is not advisable to display ferocious hanging pictures, or specimen decorations, such as tigers, eagles, etc., or display sharp objects such as knives and swords, or sharp potted plants, such as iron trees, cacti, etc. Because everything has its shape, it has its image, and its image has its meaning, so if a fierce and sharp thing is placed in the master bedroom, the metaphor implies that the husband and wife are not in harmony and are prone to disputes. This is not good for the wealth of the family.

Therefore, the feng shui decoration of the bedroom is related to many factors, not only the placement of objects and beds, but also the size of the bedroom, the placement of doors and windows in the bedroom, and the placement of the bedroom’s doors and windows. light has a lot to do with it. After reading the above introduction, everyone will pay more attention to the layout and decoration of the bedroom in the future, and there will be no problem.

What Should to Put in the Bedroom?

1. Bagua Gourd

Shaped like a gourd. It can be used to remove diseases and evils. It is also a treasure of the house, which can ward off evil spirits. Its main meaning is to improve feng shui, protect the house, block evil spirits, and prevent evil spirits. It can block evil spirits from all directions, and achieve the effect of disintegrating evil spirits.

2. Green Plants

Plants can both beautify the environment and purify the air. We believe that many families will have some plants. In our bedroom, it is also very suitable for placing green plants, and some plants have a feng shui effect, such as the fortune tree, lucky bamboo, green dill, etc. They have the function of attracting wealth and changing the owner's fortune.

3. Five Emperors Money / Coins

Five emperors money refers to the coins that circulated during the reign of the five emperors of the Qing Dynasty, and it is also a feng shui mascot. From a Fengshui point of view, the five emperors money can ward off evil spirits, prevent villains, and bring good luck, so it is also loved by people. Five emperors money is also more suitable to be placed in the bedroom to help stabilize the feng shui of the bedroom, resolve the evil spirit in the bedroom, and bring good luck to the owner of the bedroom.

4. Ping An Bottle (Safety Bottle)

Put the safety bottle in the kitchen to solve the health problems caused by the kitchen being in a fierce position, the door facing the kitchen, and the toilet facing the kitchen, or the second bedroom is located in the fierce position and the feng shui is relatively poor. It should be placed it facing the kitchen or secondary bedroom door.

5. Unicorn

The unicorn is a mascot, used for blessing, and it is not the same as warding off evil spirits. In Chinese folklore, a mascot is a mascot, and warding off evil spirits can only be done by warding off evil spirits and cannot be mixed. The unicorn is usually placed in the bedroom and is a mascot for praying for your son. In Feng Shui, the mother and child kylin has the function of prosperous offspring, so there has been a saying in the folk that "kylin bring children" since ancient times. It should be placed in the corresponding position of the bedroom. This position should be selected according to the couple's birthday or zodiac. It should not be placed arbitrarily without authorization, so as to avoid adverse effects. You can also place unicorns in the position of Wenchang to make your studies more successful.

6. Wenchang Tower

If you find a good Wenchang place, you must use this place, for example, you can put a desk, so that people's learning ability in this place will be stronger, and it can also make people's minds become very strong Clear, under normal circumstances, the desk is placed in the Wenchang position, which can make the study more smooth and natural, and has a good impact on the human mind. In addition to Wenchang Pagoda, you can also place some auspicious objects. Of course, this kind of object is best related to learning, and you can also place some more popular objects, such as unicorns.

7. Fortune Tree

The fortune tree has a certain effect of attracting wealth and turning evil. Putting the fortune tree in the bedroom can not only green and purify the indoor air, but also further accumulate wealth in the bedroom. The fortune tree under the window can attract the wealth of the outside world. The wealth of the bedroom is further enriched, thereby enhancing the wealth of people, and at the same time resisting the evil spirit of the outside world, reducing damage to people. In addition, the placement position should be careful not to be with the bed rest, preferably diagonally. This tree can give the bedroom owner more thoughts about the wealth of connections in the dream, dream well and do good deeds.

8. Golden Toad

Jin Chan has always been a prosperous utensil, with three legs, two strings of copper coins in his mouth. It should be noted that the head of the toad should be placed inward, not outward, and the doors and windows are the same. Otherwise, the money you spit out will not be able to promote wealth.

9. Curtains

Everyone's bedroom will have curtains, and the styles are also full of tricks. Everyone will buy curtains according to their own preferences, but they don't know that curtains also have a good blocking effect. However, choosing the right curtains will play a role. For example, harmoniously colored curtains can well resist the invasion of evil spirits, and can also create a warm and harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom.

10. Bead Curtain on the Door

For some girls, they like to decorate some bead curtains on their bedroom doors. This is a good decorative item, and bead curtains can also defuse evil spirits. When choosing a bead curtain, you can choose the shape according to your personal preference, but you should pay attention to the color selection. You should choose some lighter colors, such as light blue, which plays a good role in blocking the evil. .

What Plants Should I put in the Bedroom?

1. Plants that are easy to care for

With a little care, it can grow for a long time and bring in good quality air. The leaves and roots can absorb xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde, and decompose them into non-toxic substances. Light conditions: Neutral plants, suitable for planting in semi-shade. Required maintenance: keep the potting soil moist, and regular fertilization can remove: toluene, xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde.

2. Ivy for the Bedroom

Ivy can effectively resist the carcinogens in nicotine. Through tiny pores in the leaves, ivy can absorb harmful substances and convert them into harmless sugars and amino acids. Light conditions: Neutral plants, suitable for planting in semi-shade. Maintenance: Keep the potting soil moist, and regular fertilization can remove: formaldehyde, nicotine.

3. Spathiphyllum Kochii suitable for the Bedroom

Spathiphyllum Kochiiis an "expert" in suppressing the exhaust gases exhaled by the human body such as ammonia and acetone. At the same time, it can also filter benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde in the air. Its high evaporation rate prevents drying of the nasal mucosa, making the likelihood of disease greatly reduced. Light conditions: shade-loving plants, suitable for warm and humid environments. Maintenance: Keep the potting soil moist and fertilize regularly. The leaves need frequent watering. Can remove: ammonia, acetone, benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde.

4. Camellias suitable for the Bedroom

Camellia can resist the damage of harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide.

5. Green Dill suitable for the Bedroom

Some large-leafed and water-loving plants, such as radish, can keep indoor air humidity in an excellent state.

6. Heart Leaf Philodendron suitable for the Bedroom

Heart leaf Philodendron has strong shade tolerance, high air humidity and vigorous growth. Fertilizing once a month can promote beautiful leaf color.

What Feng Shui Painting Should I Hang in the Bedroom?

The painting of the bedroom should be based on the principles of harmony, harmony and joy. Basically it's a couple photo shoot. Others are like magpies, meaning: magpies symbolize joy and happinesss.

1. Bedroom Painting: Calligraphy Painting

The most common use of calligraphy in feng shui is to block the "door evil".

2. Bedroom Painting: Calligraphy and Painting of Fish Swimming in Water

In Feng Shui, "water" is used as wealth, and fish has the auspicious meaning of more than one year after another, so the picture of Pisces playing in the water and the picture of nine fish are most suitable for the "financial position" of the living room's main entrance 45 degrees opposite to the dime "On, whichever is the metaphor of "fortune-telling".


3. Bedroom Painting: Bamboo Painting


The meaning is rising, the height is high, and it is easy to hang in the study or bedroom, indicating that if you can improve your career step by step, your life will get better and better, and everything will develop in a good direction.

4. Bedroom Painting: Lotus Painting

It is also a lotus flower, which means harmony, it comes out of the mud without being stained, and the popularity will be very good. Those who believe in Buddhism also have the meaning of perfection and kindness, and they are easy to hang in the living room, conference room, or bedroom at home.

5. Bedroom Painting: Eagle Spreading its Wings

The eagle's wings are usually hung in the study and living room, representing the meaning of the journey of a thousand miles, a grand exhibition, and a high ambition. However, it is important to pay special attention to the fact that the "mouth" of the eagle should not be facing the head of the person after hanging the painting, it should not be hung on sofas or seats.

6. Bedroom Painting: Smooth Sailing Painting

Because of the principle of five elements, it is not suitable to hang it in the south. In addition, it must be noted that the waves under the sailboat cannot face the doors and windows, and the sailing is smooth, which means that everything can be done smoothly. Can't get in the way of good luck.

7. Bedroom Painting: Landscape Painting

The placement of landscape calligraphy and painting is more particular, and it is generally suitable to be placed on the side of the whole house (the other side of the door) or on the left side of the chair or bed in the living room; paintings with flat and round mountains can also be hung behind the desk as a "backer" Mountains accompanied by water, it means that there is a good omen, you can do anything without worry, and it can increase the luck of the nobles. Easy to hang behind the seats in the living room, conference room, office, etc.

8. Bedroom Paintings: Peony Pictures

Peony is the national flower of our country. It has always been loved by everyone because of its meaning of wealth, honor and auspiciousness. Generally, the north and the south can be selected for placing peony pictures in the home. Because peony belongs to wood, the north is the "water" land on the map. It is prosperous and prosperous because of water; the south is the land of "fire", and taking wood to make fire is an image of prosperity. This layout has promoted the nine purple fortune stars in Fengshui in the past two decades; since the west is "gold", wood is not suitable for gold. gram, so the peony map should not generally be placed in the west. Peony symbolizes wealth, beauty, prosperity, etc. It is suitable for hanging in the living room and bedroom.

Is it easy to attract the opposite sex by putting peach blossoms in the master bedroom? What are the requirements for putting peach blossoms in the master bedroom?

The bedroom is where we sleep every day, so the feng shui of the bedroom is very important, because when we sleep, it will affect us subtly, so many people will use feng shui to pray for some things, such as peach blossoms, will be placed in the bedroom. Something that attracts peach blossoms, so is it true that it is easy to attract peach blossoms in the master bedroom? what do you need? Let us answer it for you below.

Is it easy to attract the opposite sex by putting peach blossoms in the master bedroom?

It can be recruited. Putting flowers in the bedroom can recruit peach blossoms. Flowers can make people feel happy. Often in such an environment, women will become more and more confident, while men’s emotions will become more peaceful. When dealing with feelings, you can also be more sincere and serious, so that you can attract the attention of the opposite sex and improve your luck. However, it should be noted that there are requirements for placing flowers in the bedroom. First of all, flowers cannot have thorns. Although flowers such as roses and Chinese roses are more beautiful, because of the thorns, it will affect the improvement of peach blossom luck, and it is extremely important for the development of feelings. Adverse. So when placing flowers in the bedroom, be sure to avoid these thorny plants. In addition, if the flowers are withered or withered, they must be replaced in time. If they are not replaced in time, it will make the development of the relationship more difficult.

What are the requirements for putting peach blossoms in the master bedroom?

Single people can put flowers in the bedroom, but not for marriage. For single people, putting flowers in the bedroom can attract peach blossoms, but for married people, if you put flowers, it is easy to attract rotten peach blossoms. Therefore, married people try not to put flowers in the bedroom, especially for newly married people, if there are flowers in the bedroom, it will cause conflicts between husband and wife, and may also affect fertility. If you like to have flowers in your home, you can put flowers in the living room or dining room, which can also make people feel happy, as long as they are not placed in the bedroom. And don't put fake flowers.


A mascot that can promote marriage and enhance the relationship between husband and wife in the bedroom

For newlyweds, it is rare to maintain a beautiful and loving relationship. The layout of the new house before marriage and the interior decoration are very important. This is not only to prepare for the comfort and warmth of the young couple in the future, but also to prepare. Much better luck for the new family. What feng shui ornaments should be placed to promote marriage and enhance the relationship between husband and wife? Here let us take you to see it together!

1. Nine Fish Picture Hanging in the Room

The meaning of the picture of nine fish is very good. It refers to rich and noble, the relationship between husband and wife is loving and harmonious, the business is booming, and the wealth is rolling. It is very suitable for hanging pictures at home. It will also become much more relaxed and pleasant, this is the power of Feng Shui magnetic field.

2. Place Gourd Indoors

One or a pair of copper or wooden gourds can be placed in the bedroom to enhance the relationship between husband and wife. The placement method is also particular. It is placed on the head of the bed in the master bedroom for the first time between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning. It can promote family harmony, and it can also promote prosperity and fertility.

3. Put Long Pillows in the Bedroom

The arrangement of the bed in the bedroom actually has a certain impact on the improvement of the relationship between husband and wife, because the relationship between the bedroom bed and the husband and wife is relatively large. If the relationship between husband and wife is beneficial and not good, you can try to place a long pillow on the bed in the bedroom, so that the emotions between the husband and wife can be connected, and the emotions can naturally be improved.

4. Tones in the Interior

The color of the walls and furniture in the room should be based on the orthodox and warm tone, such as pure wood, warm yellow, light pink, white, etc. Stimulating bright red, etc., so as not to cause depression, quarrels and other bad ideas and behaviors. In addition, the decaying position of the room is not suitable for placing beds and dressing tables, but a wardrobe can be placed. Because the wardrobe is heavy and not a place for people to move, placing it in the decaying position can suppress the evil spirits and play a role of honesty.

What to put in the Bedroom to Evil Spirit?

Generally speaking, our bedroom is not often opened, and the bedroom is also a relatively private place, so the yin in the bedroom will be heavier, and it is easy to attract some evil spirits, so many people will put a lot of objects in the bedroom to prevent evil spirit. So what to put in the bedroom to prevent evil spirit? Let's take a look together.

1. Vase

The vase has the meaning of "peace", so if everyone thinks that there are unusual things in the bedroom, put a vase in the bedroom, but the vase should pay attention to the color and pattern, the color should not be too bright, the pattern is also don't be too complicated, otherwise it will be difficult to prevent dirt, and it will only be used for decoration.

2. Phoenix Disc

The phoenix is an ancient mascot, so if there are dirty things in the bedroom, you can place a phoenix disc. The phoenix disc represents the power of women and can fight against the dirty things in the bedroom, so placing the phoenix disc can prevent dirty things, but after placing the phoenix disc, the bedroom must be opened frequently, to maintain ventilation, and to have enough sunlight.

3. Pink Crystal Ball

If you like smaller ornaments, you can choose pink crystal balls, because pink crystal balls can not only create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, but also drive away some dirty things. However, when placing the pink crystal ball, the pink crystal ball and the mirror must not be placed together, otherwise it will not only prevent dirty things, but also bring evil spirits.

Placing the above objects in the bedroom can prevent dirty things, but everyone should pay attention to the location and time when placing these objects.

How to Resolve the Bedroom Feng Shui that Causes Insomnia?

A recipe for improving home feng shui and improving sleep quality. Place Ba Gua + Monkey King + Gourd + Wenchang Pagoda + Night Dream Peace Amulet in your home or bedroom. It can completely improve the sub-health condition of poor sleep quality and nightmares caused by bad feng shui.

Ba Gua: Ba Gua is the protector of all things, and it is a feng shui object that blesses the prosperity of children and grandchildren. It has the functions of welcoming auspiciousness and good fortune, dispelling plague and expelling epidemics, and has the effect of dissolving evil spirits and absorbing wealth.

Monkey King: The great sage has vast supernatural powers, subdues demons and eliminates demons, and transforms disasters into auspiciousness.

Gourd: Good changes in feng shui, gourd can also resolve the house in bad position. Open a window or door, if you can see a hospital, a funeral home, a cemetery, a temple, a prison, a slaughterhouse, a garbage dump, a pornographic site, or the entrance and exit of the parking lot just below the house. There are adverse effects on health, mood, etc. The solution is to hang a gourd on the window or door that prevent these evil spirits.

Wenchang Pagoda: Wenchang Pagoda is a commonly used instrument in Feng Shui. Placing the Wenchang Pagoda in the Wenchang position can immediately make people quick-witted and think well. Especially for civilian staff, it can improve work efficiency, help career progress, and achieve success; it is also very helpful to study with children, helping them to restrain their minds, develop their ideas, and achieve rapid progress.

Night Dream Peace Talisman: This talisman can be pasted on the head of the bed, and there will be auspicious, safe and peaceful dreams. The next day was in good spirits. This talisman is made by Mr. Hong Jun, the successor of Taoist Tianjimen, with years of hard work and high-energy blessings.

How to Solve the Beam in the Bedroom?

Is it good to have beams in the middle of the bedroom? The answer is definitely not good. In Feng Shui, having beams in the bedroom is a big taboo in Feng Shui, especially when people sleep under the beams, they will feel great pressure, causing mental oppression and affecting their health. The beam should not be placed on the bedside, desk and dining table. If it is unavoidable, the ceiling should also be designed to block it, otherwise it will affect the residents' mood and health, and their career will be hindered.

If there is a beam on the top, and some people are sitting on the head with a beam or a low ceiling. These things are called "beam on the top" in Feng Shui. If a person sits under the beam for a long time, it will create stress at work, poor health and bad luck. It's a ruined place. "beam on the top" is unlucky. If this happens, it will cause dizziness, headache, insomnia and some other brain diseases.

The top of the bed is also prone to the phenomenon of beam. It also accounts for a large proportion of home life. And having a beam above the bed is very unfavorable for both husband and wife. The main impact is on marriage. According to our statistics, in divorced families, from the perspective of feng shui, the proportion of committing crossbeams is still very large. Secondly, it is also unfavorable for both husband and wife to have a baby, and it is prone to deformed fetuses.

What if the Bedroom has Beams?

Beam solution method: If you commit a "beam press" and you can't move the bed to another method. The false ceiling can be installed so that it basically does not have the feeling of being pressed by the beam from the appearance, so that the damage can be minimized.

We can also use some mascots to resolve it. For example, the money of the Five Emperors has a good resolving effect on the top of the beam. The five emperors' money is the auspicious aura of a cohesive and prosperous world. It can not only block the evil spirits for the occupants, but also add auspiciousness to our living rooms.

You can also use the gourd to resolve it, because the gourd has the function of dispelling disease and collecting evil spirits. After these consecrated mascots are bought, they will be wrapped around the beam, which not only beautifies the beam, but also suppresses the evil spirit of the beam.

What Mascot is Hanging on the Bed Facing West?

The theory of Feng Shui is closely related to our life, and most people may not want to believe it, but some things cannot be explained by science. For example, it is not uncommon for the orientation of the house to affect the fortune. The orientation of indoor furniture may affect the feng shui of life. Next, let's analyze what mascots can be transported on the bedside facing west!

The orientation of the head of the bed only represents our sleep. If the head of the bed faces east, it is very beneficial for our sleep, and it is recognized that the feng shui of the east is also very beneficial to people's fortune, so it is said that a good bed Facing Feng Shui with our head is very good for us, at least it can make us eat well and sleep soundly, but what if the head of the bed has to face west, after a long time, we will feel insomnia and dreaming, upset, And it's bad for our family.

The orientation of the head of the bed is towards the west. If it can be moved, it is recommended that you move the head of the bed, preferably towards the east, because from the perspective of feng shui, the feng shui magnetic field there is better and can help us sleep. And it is also very helpful for our fortune.

If the head of the bed has to face west, then we can place a suitable mascot on the top of the bed. With the mascot, we can resolve the disadvantage that the head of the bed is facing west, and it can generate a strong magnetic field and bring us good fortune. . So, what kind of mascot should be hung on the bed facing west?

Chinese Knot

If the head of the bed faces west and it is difficult to move, you can choose to hang some paintings you like, so that you will feel more comfortable when you see it when you enter the bedroom. In addition, you can hang some Chinese knots and other pendants with auspicious meanings, which not only represent auspiciousness The meaning of , and the overall feng shui of the room is quite good. Hanging the mascot on the bedside will make the overall bedroom have a good layout.

Peony painting

In feng shui, the peony in full bloom is better than the bergamot to attract wealth. Its graceful and luxurious posture will definitely bring good luck to the family, attract wealth and ward off evil spirits, and have inexhaustible prosperity and wealth in one's life. In addition, peony paintings are full of positive energy, which can attract nobles and beneficial friends to come to help and make your career smooth.

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