Waterfall Incense Burner

Waterfall Incense Burner

China's incense culture has a long history, and even records about aromatherapy can be found in oracle bone inscriptions. The incense burner which is filled with incense naturally has a long historical evolution.

Li Bai (701-762), a poet in the Tang Dynasty, said in a poem: " The sunlit Censer Peak exhales incense-like cloud; Like an upended stream the cataract sounds loud." A peak on Mount Lu that looks like an incense burner produces purple haze under the sunlight, and the waterfall is like white silk hanging in front of the mountain from a distance; "In the Boshan furnace, there is incense burning agarwood, and the two smokes linger the purple clouds, and shot straight to the top of the sky." The burning incense made of fragrant wood is burning in the Boshan furnace, and the two flue gases make a straight smoke, like going above the fairyland. It can be seen that the incense burner was already a very common item in the Tang Dynasty in China.

With different dynasties, the incense burner has shown different styles and has become one of the utensils that can represent the national creation and culture.

In ancient China, incense burners not only had extremely high use value, but also had rich artistic value, they reflected the attitudes and feelings of all social strata towards life, and at the same time, they could also reveal the value orientation of the ancients in spiritual belief, cultural life, political economy and so on.

The Chinese incense burner culture appeared as early as the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC - 470BC), inherited from the Qin and Han Dynasties (221BC - 220AD), and gradually perfected in the Tang and Song Dynasties (618 - 1279). The incense burners of different styles and shapes also became a small microcosm of the social life and culture of the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Before the Qin and Han dynasties, people basically used natural spices for aromatherapy activities. At that time, they mainly wore, cooked, boiled, and brewed. There was no such thing as an incense burner and they called it "furnace" at most, not "incense burner". Incense burners originated from the most basic survival needs of people, such as heating, lighting, etc. Later, people began to put plant spices to repel mosquitoes, remove impurities, revering the Heaven and worship Buddha, etc., and gradually evolved into incense burners.

The origin and development of ancient Chinese incense burners

The history of Chinese incense burner culture can be traced back to the "ding" in the Shang and Zhou dynasties (1600BC - 256BC). In ancient China, bronze tripods were used for cooking meat, offering sacrifices, etc. The ancestors poured all their possessions, prayed to heaven, and asked the gods and ancestors to bless their tribe and country for peace.

The incense burners in the Qin and Han Dynasties were usually made of bronze and ceramics, and the shape and style were relatively simple. The Tang and Song Dynasties were the heyday of the development of incense burners in my country. The metal craftsmanship in the Tang Dynasty is the most prominent, and most of them are made of gold and silver incense burners, with various shapes, gorgeous colors and exquisite craftsmanship; the Song Dynasty is represented by ceramic craftsmanship, which is light, thin and slender. Therefore, the design of the incense burner in the Tang and Song Dynasties, whether it is the type of utensils or the all encompassing decorative patterns, has reached a new historical height.

The style and function of the incense burner

There are many styles of ancient Chinese incense burners, including large, small, square, round, long, and short; the materials are also different from copper, iron, tin, stone, and ceramics to show the difference in value; Different patterns and characters are carved to indicate different uses.

The most important function of the incense burner in ancient China was first of all, to worship the Buddha or ancestors; Secondly, the incense burner is also a favorite of literati and refined scholars. It is placed in the hall or on the desk of the study. With the wonderful artistic conception of "red sleeves add fragrance"; furthermore, it is used for incense in four seasons, which is equivalent to the current perfume, and the fragrance is impressive, and it can also be used for heating in winter.

Burning incense can help people dispel the peculiar smell, improve their luck, and make people read, rest, chat and so on more calmly. However, there are many kinds of incense burners, and incense burners of different shapes will be placed in different places and burned with different incense. For example, it is not recommended to point strong and even pungent incense in the bedroom or place large incense burners.

A waterfall incense burner made in the image of a high mountain, light an incense you like. After a while, a landscape like high mountains and flowing water will appear in front of you. coupled with colored lights and Feng Shui wheels, Let’s be able to experience Li Bai's " The sunlit Censer Peak exhales incense-like cloud; Like an upended stream the cataract sounds loud " at home.

A waterfall incense burner in the shape of pavilions and pavilions allows us to feel the gifts of nature without leaving home: as if we are in the midst of green pines and green cypresses, watching the rising and falling of the sun and the strange peaks and rocks.

There are also monks under the full moon, maybe he is practicing Buddhism or Taoism in the deep mountains, maybe he is visiting famous mountains, and there are towers on the top of the mountain, pine and cypresses, pavilions and suspended bridges in the clouds.

The above scenes are like real and illusory scenes, full of fragrance and smoke, these incense burners are really ideal for daily meditation, yoga and relaxation. They are both aesthetic and practical, or as the best gifts for yourself or family and friends.

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