Cone Incense Holder

Cone Incense Holder

Incense has been respected by people since ancient times. Incense was often used for health preservation in ancient courts. The pace of life in modern society is too fast, and the social competition pressure is too great. incense is a rare good product for meditation and health preservation. The most effective and convenient way to use incense for meditation is to taste incense. It is said that incense is a channel for communication between people and gods, which can enlighten the soul and reassure the state of mind.

What is Cone Incense?

Cone incense refers to the incense products shaped like a cone, also known as "Buddha incense", "Tower incense" or "Backflow incense". What is tower incense? As the name implies, it is conical and pagoda shaped. As the name suggests, it is a cone shaped, pagoda shaped incense.

The production of cone incense is similar to that of incense sticks, which is made by mixing a certain proportion of sticky powder into the incense powder. Therefore, cone incense can also be divided into mixed incense and single incense.

The backflow incense is also a kind of cone incense. The use of backflow incense requires a beautiful special backflow incense burner, which has a beautiful shape and is very ornamental.

When using the cone incense, take out the cone incense from the incense box, light the top of the cone incense and place it on the cone incense holder, which is suitable for home use and travel.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cone Incense?

1. The cone incense does not take up space. It is small and cute. It can be burned on a very small plate, and it is not easy to break during transportation. Usually, you can take a small box to pack a few pieces in it and you can incense anytime and anywhere.

2. The cone incense has a long fragrance retention time, better odor removal effect, and can be sterilized and deodorized. Cone incense contains plant essence, which has the effect of purifying air, sterilizing and deodorizing, relaxing mood, beauty and health care. The aroma produced after burning the incense is integrated into the four channels and eight veins through breathing. Through blood circulation, it can promote the metabolism of human cells, improve the immune function of the human body, regulate the nervous system, make people focus, enhance memory or improve energy, and mediate the state of mind and mind. It has excellent effects on such civilized diseases as insomnia, anxiety, stress, irritability, depression, headache, etc.

3. Your mood; When the climate is humid and the smell in your home is bad, you can burn a cone incense to purify the air. Usually, you can put a cone incense in the wardrobe, which can prevent insects, deodorize and make the wardrobe fragrant.

4. The cone aroma is relatively strong, burning fast, and the pyrotechnic gas is relatively heavy. Each cone incense can be burned for about 20 minutes at most in a closed and windless state, and it will produce relatively large smoke when burning. Although it can create a better atmosphere, remember to open windows to ventilate at the right time. The effect of incense will be better.

What are the Materials and Shapes of the Cone Incense Holder?

1. The majority of the materials of cone incense holder are clay, ceramics, resin and wood.

2. The shape of the cone holder is diverse. The Chinese brocade armguard of the Han Dynasty(202BC-220AD), which was restored by hand with Yixing purple sand, was unearthed from the Nya Site. In addition to the eight seal characters: "Five stars come out of the East to benefit China", there are also cloud patterns, birds and beasts, evil spirits, and red and white circular patterns representing the sun and the moon; There are ceramics made of the dragon roaring in the sky above the auspicious clouds, and the Lion Dragon, the fifth son of the dragon, looks like a lion, likes fireworks, and is often used to decorate incense burners; The ancient carriages made of brass alloy symbolize the courage to march forward and success at once; If you like the incense burner full of Zen, we also have the kind faced little monk on the lotus seat, the auspicious cloud carved in the peaceful and pleasant red apple, the word "Wu" carved in the hollow on the rock like incense platform, and the mountain peak carved from Taihu Lake stone, which is often used as a potted rockery, with unique air holes, etc.

These cone incense holders have a very good moral, or antique, or classic elegant, they have great looking shapes. Tasting fragrance can make the elegant fragrance overflow the whole space, so that the soul can rest here, no longer prone to anger, no longer irritable, no longer insomnia until dawn. Health preservation starts with fragrance, and life becomes more wonderful because of a cone incense holder!

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