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Feng Shui for Living Room

What is living room Feng Shui?

Feng shui theory has existed in China since ancient times, and it is a metaphysics that has been passed down for a long time in the Chinese nation. Feng Shui pays attention to the unity of man and nature, which is the embodiment of a magnetic field, an energy, and an aura. Now it is widely used in home and architecture, and the living room feng shui is an important part of residential feng shui, so the layout of the living room is best to be square or rectangular, and the four corners are all 90 degrees.

What if the layout of the living room is not square?

1. If there are protruding corners in the living room at home, we can block them with potted plants, or we can plan a leisure area through furniture such as chairs and round coffee tables. It can not only resolve the feng shui problem, but also add a functional area.

2. If the living room is L-shaped, we can solve it by designing screens, partition cabinets, etc. It is divided into two independent functional areas through furniture, so that the two independent spaces have become a square pattern.

3. It is best not to face the living room directly when entering the door, and the sofa should not face the door. Otherwise, it is easy to expose the privacy of the home and make people feel insecure.

4. The furniture in the living room is best placed against the wall. Don't let the sofa be placed in the middle of the living room alone, so that you can rely on it. If there is no wall to rely on, we can place cabinets, partition low walls, etc. behind the sofa.

5. It is best not to have beams on the ceiling. If you can't avoid it, you can neutralize the beams by designing the ceiling, but if the height of the home is not enough, this method is not suitable. It can also be resolved by moving the position of the sofa. As long as the sofa is not under the beam, there will not be too much pressure. Or use the carpet pattern to make a visual pattern, and separate multiple spaces through the carpet to resolve this problem.

6. All things have their own magnetic fields, and items of unknown origin should not be placed at home. Do not place sharp objects in the living room, because it is easy to cause a sense of psychological panic, and if you accidentally bump into them, you will be injured.

7. Do not install colorful lights. Generally, it is enough to install white and warm colors.

8. There should be sufficient lighting and ventilation conditions. Dim, suffocating environment is easy to tolerate upset and depressed. Generally, the living room has a balcony. We can install the floor-to-ceiling windows, the balcony is fully or half-opened, or we can install glass sliding doors to improve lighting and ventilation conditions. Adequate lighting and ventilation conditions not only make people feel physically and mentally comfortable, but also prevent the growth of bacteria.

How to choose feng shui decorations in the living room?

1. The due north represents career luck. Placing items belonging to water in this position will help the occupants’ career luck, such as fish tanks, landscape paintings, waterwheels, etc., or placing black metal accessories.

2. The due south position represents the reputation of the family and is suitable for hanging pictures of phoenix, flamingo or sunrise. A red rug or red wooden trim would also be suitable. Installing lights in this position can increase your reputation. Try not to place mirrors in this position.

3. The due east position is related to the health of the occupants. Placing lush plants in this area can promote the health and longevity of your family, as can water-related items or landscape paintings.

4. The west is related to the fortune of the descendants. Metal sculptures, six-pillar hollow metal wind chimes, TVs and stereos are all suitable for placement in this area. White vases or natural crystals also have the effect of catalyzing the luck of descendants.

5. Strengthen the energy in the northwest direction of the living room, which helps to increase the luck of the noble and the interpersonal relationship. This area is suitable for placing white and gold metal ornaments, such as metal carvings or lamps with a white round lampshade on a metal base. Stringing six ancient coins with red ropes or hanging six-column hollow metal wind chimes can also attract nobles. If there are children who are going to take the exam, ceramic vases can be placed in this direction, and natural crystals are also very effective.

6. If you want to improve your marriage or love fortune, you can place chandeliers in the southwest to promote harmony between husband and wife; natural crystals and family portrait photos also have the same effect.

7. The southeast of the living room represents the wealth of a family. Green plants with round leaves are best placed in this position. It is also very suitable for placing fish tanks here. Eight goldfish and one black fish can be raised in the tank, but it should be noted that the size of the fish tank should be matched with the living room space. It is not suitable for it to be too large or too small.

8. The main color of the living room is not the main factor of Feng Shui layout. The most important thing is the energy balance achieved by the pattern and the mutual generation and restraint of the five elements. However, choosing the correct color according to the orientation of the living room relative to the entire house can have the effect of feng shui. For example, if the living room is located in the southwest or northeast of the house, use the yellow color; if it is located in the southeast or due east, use the green color; if it is located in the north, use the blue color; if it is located in the south, use the red color; if it is located in the northwest or west, apply white or gold.

Taboos of Feng Shui Ornament in the Living Room

When we decorate the living room, we should try to avoid placing some sharp and sharp objects. For example, swords, medals, etc., everyone will think it is an honor and hang them on the wall, but they don’t know that these items will lead to quarrels in the home and make the family restless. In addition, when we place decorations, we must avoid some angular table lamps, and try to choose some meaningful items, such as ceramic decorations, which can not only arrange flowers, play a decorative role, but also have auspiciousness meaning.