Stick Incense Burner

Stick Incense Burner

China's incense culture has a long history, broad and profound, originated in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period (770BC - 221BC). It is a series of goods, technologies, methods, habits, systems and concepts that can reflect the unique characteristics of the Chinese spirit, national traditions, aesthetic concepts, values, thinking patterns and world outlook, and has been gradually formed by the Chinese nation in the long - term historical process around the production and use of various spices.

What is Incense Stick?

The shape is like a thread, which is very thin and long. It is made by mixing spice powder, drying and shaping. The incense sticks burning vertically is called " standing incense ", and the incense burning horizontally is called "lying incense". In ancient China, incense sticks can not only be used to worship gods, but also can be used for acupuncture treatment. " Moxibustion with incense sticks " is a common method in traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Another form of incense sticks is the incense with pointed slip of bamboo, also called stick incense or core incense. The incense core is made of thin bamboo stems or wood stems in a straight line. The stick incense of bamboo stick core is also called bamboo stick incense.

Scenarios and Functions of Incense Sticks

1. Incense for home: It can effectively improve the home environment and make every corner of the room full of fragrant breath. Living in such an environment is not only beneficial to our health, but also conducive to create a warm and harmonious family.

2. Incense for office: It can refresh our minds, eliminate our inner tension and irritability, and let us devote ourselves to our work with more full spirit. Incense also helps to stimulate inspiration, improve work efficiency, and share the fragrance with colleagues, making the working environment harmonious.

3. Incense for teahouses or other places: The combination of " incense ceremony " and " tea ceremony " helps to create an elegant environment, add cultural and artistic atmosphere, and allows people to purify their souls and experience cultural feelings in a breath.

What is the Incense Burner Like?

The incense burner, as its name implies, can be used to place and burn incense sticks.

Our stick incense burners mainly have three types:

The first is the common incense burner, which is mainly round, and mostly made of ceramics, copper, aluminum and other metals, as well as stone, wood and other materials. Copper incense burners are more popular because they are not afraid of heat and their shapes are full of changes.

Asbestos and chassis for inserting slender stick of incense are placed in a round incense burner. The incense sticks are bases with sockets for inserting incense sticks or sticks.

There are various styles of base height, jack size, and jack number for different specifications of incense. The furnace body is carved with lotus flowers that "emerge from the mud without dyeing" and flying dragons that soar in the clouds.

The second is the incense burner called " xiangdou ", also known as the long handle stove, which is a small incense burner with a long handle. The handle head will be carved with lotus flowers, Ruyi and auspicious animals, such as the pixiu, which can expel evil influences and invoke blessings, and the red crowned crane, which is healthy, long - lived and promotion and salary increase close at hand.

In the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907), it was very popular to use incense bucket burner to burn incense sticks. At that time, it was often used to smoke and burn incense powder or incense pills. In modern times, it is mostly used to smoke and burn incense sticks.

The shape of the incense bucket burner is changeable, and the handle part can be a peach blossom that is conducive to the smooth love and promotion of work; A smooth sailing ship; some of incense burner with Bluetooth function, you can play your favorite music, the modelling of pipa which means to improve your reputation and so on.

The third is incense plate, which is a flat plate for incense burning, also called incense tray, and is usually made of wood, ceramics or metal.

Some incense plates have small holes for inserting incense sticks, or place incense inserting on incense plates, firmly clip the incense sticks to the incense inserting, and light the incense sticks. The plates can also accept the incense ashes generated after burning the incense sticks, so as to keep the table clean.

The shape of the incense plate has a simple round shape, or a blooming flower shape, such as chrysanthemum, lotus, etc., as well as lifelike lotus leaves.

The Chinese way of incense pays attention to contemplation without saying a word. With the light smoke rising, we quietly perceive the truth of life in it.

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