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What is a flowing water fountain and waterfall ornament?

In traditional Chinese feng shui, water is a very important part. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that water is wealth. Therefore, when laying out feng shui, we try to arrange water bureaus, such as rockery pools, feng shui wheels, fountain pools, goldfish ponds, etc. Water fountains, waterfalls, etc., because there is a saying in Chinese feng shui: "a house by the mountains and flowing water will be prosperous and rich".

The flowing water fountain ornament is a modern decoration, a kind of home decoration that reduces the volume of natural landscape in proportion. It is called "flowing water waterfall", "Waterscape", "Feng Shui Spring", "Feng Shui Fish Tank", "Fountain Fish Tank", "Flowing Water Fish Tank" and so on.

The basic shapes of flowing water fountain ornaments are similar. Generally, the products are multi-layered, with a certain drop in height and a pool or water tank below. The water is pumped from the pool or water tank below to a high place by a small water pump and sprayed or gushed out according to the original set channel, flow down into the pool, thus completing the water cycle.

However, these products are not exactly the same, some water tanks are wider and suitable for fish farming, while some are small or hidden and not suitable for fish farming.

What is the principle of flowing water fountain and waterfall ornaments?

The flowing water fountain or waterfall ornament is developed using the principles of mechanical engineering and acoustics. It only needs a small water pump and no other power to complete the multi-style changes of water.

It uses noise-free, low-power environmental protection equipment to pump water to a high place, so that a large number of water molecules are fully collided, and the outer electrons of some atoms in the gas molecules will leave the orbit and become free electrons, showing negative polarity. Among the various gas molecules that make up air, oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules have a stronger ability to "capture" free electrons, while oxygen occupies a larger proportion in air, so most of the free electrons generated by air ionization are "captured" by oxygen molecules.”, forming negative oxygen ions, artificially created a small waterfall, and created a small oxygen bar for family life and work environment.

What are the functions of flowing water fountain and waterfall ornaments?

The current mainstream types of flowing water fountain or waterfall ornaments include ceramic flowing water fountains or waterfall, bamboo art flowing water fountains or waterfall, resin flowing water fountains or waterfall, etc.

The flowing water fountain or waterfall ornaments use the water cycle to absorb the floating dust, bacteria, fine fibers, etc. in the air. During the water cycle process, the impurities stay in the water at the same time, purifying the living and working space.

Hot summers and abnormally dry winters lead to excessive loss of water from human skin and accelerate aging. Only moist air can maintain vitality. Flowing water fountain or waterfall ornaments can create a foggy oxygen bar, moisturize the skin, and promote blood circulation and metabolism of facial cells, relieve nervous tension, eliminate fatigue, make you radiant!

Put a pot of beautiful flowing water fountain or waterfall ornaments at home, with mountains and water, listening to the sound of flowing water, adding a lot of fun to life. Use heating in winter, and when air conditioning is turned on in summer, place a fountain or waterfall in the house, just like a small air humidifier, which can keep the air fresh and moist. Therefore, the biggest feature of flowing water fountain ornaments is that it can absorb fine particles and harmful gases in the air, cut off harmful electromagnetic waves generated in all household appliances, and play a role in purifying indoor air, reducing indoor temperature and pollution, releasing oxygen molecules and delaying aging.

What are the taboos of running water fountain and waterfall ornaments?

1. If you can't see the water view from your residence and want to urge wealth, you can put the fountain or waterfall next to the gate, and the airflow generated when the gate is opened will bring wealth into your home.

2. The water fountain ornaments should not be placed behind the sofa. From the perspective of feng shui, water is impermanent. Using water as a backer is unreliable and difficult to stabilize, thus affecting the stability of the family fortune. If the running water is placed next to the sofa, it will not hinder the family fortune and feng shui. At the same time, the running water cannot collide with the stove, because water and fire are incompatible, so if the running water in the living room collides with the stove, Feng Shui believes that it will affect the health of the family.

3. The height of the flowing water fountain or waterfall should not be higher than the height of the average person's heart. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there is water in the fish tank, and the human heart belongs to fire, water restricts fire, it is not good for people.

The position should not be lower than the person's knee, forming a foot on the water, and the lack of water flow will affect the fortune. Even from the viewing point of view, too high or too low is not conducive to people's viewing, and from a safety point of view, too high is unstable, which is not good for family members, especially children.

4. The circulating water flow of the flowing water fountain or waterfall should be directed to the inside of the house, not to the outside, so as to avoid the loss of wealth and luck.