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Feng Shui For Career

Manh people are struggling to pursue their careers. From the perspective of feng shui, what are the feng shui decorations that can prosper career luck? We will take you to learn about the feng shui decorations. Let's take a look.

1. Obsidian

Obsidian Dragon

The energy of obsidian is very strong and powerful, and it has the best effect of warding off evil. It is most beneficial to put it in the office to promote good luck and avoid evil. It would generate the office magnetic field, meanwhile it make the career development flourish and creat good feng shui to the home magnetic field. Avoids the disadvantages of Feng Shui, and the placement of obsidian is very beneficial to office Feng Shui.

2. Hanging Pictures

Generally speaking, if you want a prosperous career, it is best to hang some pictures of the rising sun and majestic mountain scenery. Remember do not to hang some small bridges, water flow, or paintings such as waterfalls and landscapes behind you. So as not to provoke people who hinder you or put yourself in a situation where you stand alone.

3. "Ruilong Chengxiang" (A Dragon Pattern)

A Dragon Pattern

"Ruilong Chengxiang" sounds like a very auspicious decoration, and the dragon is the totem of the Chinese. Putting it in the suitable position would bless one's own business with a great harvest and great achievements. Moreover, since ancient times, China has been hoped one's children will have a bright future. Therefore, it would improve his work ability and become a extraordinary talent men.

4. Horse-shaped Artwork

Horse-shaped Artwork

The so-called win success immediately upon arrival is the wish of people in their careers. Therefore, in the office or the study room, you can put horse-shaped handicrafts. However, because horses belong to fire among the five elements, those who avoid fire in the five elements should not place them, and if their zodiac signs conflict with horses, they cannot be placed.

5. Dragon Seal

long seal

In the past, we could only see the dragon seal used by the emperor in the costume TV series, but we all knew that it was a thing of wealth and power. Therefore, in modern society, Dragon Seal is also called a salary promotion. If you are working in a government-affiliated institutions or an official, you can put a dragon seal on the desk in your study or office at home to bless you to get promoted in title quickly. But remember to place it in the "Blue Dragon" position.

Remarks: The position of "Qinglong" is a position in Feng Shui. The "Qinglong" position on the left represents strong and male. "Qinglong" position is strong and prosperous, representing nobles and possessing the power to suppress. The "white tiger" position on the right represents femininity and female. The "white tiger" is strong and prosperous, representing the feminine power to defend.

6. "Pi Xiu"

"Pi Xiu" is a winged "liger", which can ward off evil spirits. It likes to eat gold and silver. It has a mouth but no anus. It means that money can't go out when it comes in. It is suitable for safe, money boxes or desks, especially for accounting departments.

Note: "Ligers" are the hybrid offspring of tigers and lions.

7. "Tian Lu"

tian lu

"Tian Lu" is very similar in appearance to "Pi Xiu", but unlike "Pi Xiu", it has a single horn on its head, but "Tian Lu" is a double-horned head, and "lu" stands for good fortune and money. Therefore, "Tian Lu" In charge of wealth. It is suitable to put "Tian Lu" on the desk, which can not only attract wealth, but also ward off evil. At the same time, because both Pi Xiu and "Tian Lu" both have a brave appearance, they were often used by the ancients as a tomb guard.

8. Wafterfall Cornucopia

Wafterfall Cornucopia

The main thing of the waterfall Cornucopia is to attract fortune, but you should pay attention to some skills when placing it. First of all, the waterfall cannot face outside the door or the window, otherwise it will lead to the outflow of wealth. It is best to place it towards yourself, so that you can welcome the water and wealth.

9. Antique Artwork

Some people like to put some antique works of art such as blue and white porcelain vases. In fact, some of the antiques are ancient burial objects, which may be unlucky. It is best to invite Feng Shui experts to deal with them before displaying them, or replace them with replicas of the same shape.

10. The Scholar's Four Jewels

The Scholar's Four Jewels

Some people like the antique Chinese style, and the office will also display some more classical things, such as the scholar's four jewels. The scholar's four jewels are suitable for the "Wenchang" position in the office. It is recommended to set up the scholar's four jewels that have been Consecrated in "Wenchang" position. Make your mind clearer when making decisions.

11. Crystal Lamp

Crystal Lamp

The crystal has the effect of exorcising evil spirits and transforming evil spirits. It can be placed in a wealthy position in the office, so that more nobles and customers can visit.

12. Samurai Sword

Samurai Sword

Some people also like to display swords, swords are sharp, and they are prone to be killed when they are placed in the office. If it is placed in the position of nobles, it is easy to drive away nobles or customers, if it is placed in the stagecoach, it is easy to cause a car accident. If it is placed in the financial position, it may conflict or dispute with others while making money. Remarks: Put a running horse statue on the correct position of your zodiac sign, which is a stagecoach position.

13. Deer, Toad, Horse and Monkey

There are also many animals that have the meaning of lucky, such as deer, which is a homonym for "Lu"; toads have a big mouth and can eat squarely, and a round belly can store money and silk; horses and monkeys are matched with the same homonym "immediately awarded as a noble" is especially suitable for people who want to be promoted on their desks.

14. Citrine Ball

Citrine can prosper wealth, and more importantly, the crystal can absorb the negative energy in the office and spread the positive energy throughout the office to ensure smooth work. If you put the Citrine Ball on the desk, the color will look good and the effect will be better.