Feng Shui For Love

Feng Shui For Love

Marriage is one of the most important things in a person's life, because marriage means that you are already a family. And marriage requires two people to take care of each other, both sides are equal, so that marriage can go on forever. In order to promote the happiness of marriage between husband and wife, so what good Feng Shui decoration can be placed?

1. Peach wood "bagua" dragon and phoenix mirror

Peach wood “bagua” dragon and phoenix mirror

The peach wood "bagua" dragon and phoenix mirror is specially designed to adjust the relationship of couples. In order to prevent the crisis of the relationship between the couple, prevent the extramarital affairs and the third party from disturbing, maintain and enhance the relationship between the couple. The peach wood "bagua" dragon and phoenix mirror is only suitable for hanging in the master bedroom. It does not work well in other places, especially in dirty places such as toilets.

2. Long-lasting Lily Pen Holder

Long-lasting lily pen holder

Long-lasting lily pen holder is designed for the feelings of husband and wife, and it has the meaning of getting together for a hundred years. Putting a group photo of two people in the pen holder, the effect is better. It can be placed on the office desk, writing desk , bed cabinet. It is generally recommended for women to send to men, and it is better to use men's desks.


3. Booming Flowers and a Full Moon

Booming Flowers and a Full Moon

It represents the couple's marital harmony and life is sweet. It is the most suitable place for newlyweds in the new house. It can be placed on desks, guest tables, dressing tables, etc. Recommended for newlyweds.

4. Peach Blossom Chop (It's the Peach Wood Sword!)

Peach Blossom Chop

"Tao Hua Jian" specializes in killing the mistress, and must be used by couples who have an affair. The effect is better when used in conjunction with the peach wood "bagua" dragon and phoenix mirror. It is suitable for hanging on the wall of the bedside of the person who has an affair, generally facing the head, except for the mistress, it will not harm the fortune of the person. It is best to hang the peach blossom chop on the wall, do not to put it in a ceramic container, metal container and red container. Remarks: The image of "Peach Blossom chop" is a sword inserted into the peach blossom, meaning that the sword is used to remove the peach blossom evil spirit.

5. Dragon and Phoenix Matching

Dragon and Phoenix Matching

The "Tridacna" have a maximum diameter of about 4 cm. The natural "Tridacna" exquisite necklace has been specially treated by religious consecration and culture. "Tridacna" is considered by Buddhism to be the whitest shell in the world, and it is also considered to be the hardest shell in the world. It symbolizes the purity and firmness of love. It is one of the rare and precious shells, white and immaculate for everlasting feelings. The dragon and phoenix tridacna necklaces are suitable for men and women to wear separately, to protect the affection and love forever, can be worn anywhere. It's best for the woman to give it to the man.

6. Heart to Heart

"Heart to Heart" is a couple buckle, heart to heart, heart in the heart, also a symbol of love and sincerity connected, can be worn with you. Suitable for couples, recommended to be given to each other. Heart to Heart is not suitable for students and children. It is only suitable for couples. Wearing by students will cause inattention and lower academic performance.

7. Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin Ducks

The pictures of mandarin ducks are generally placed in the master bedroom and bridal chamber. Symbolic meaning: love, happiness. Mandarin ducks are inseparable, male in left and female in right, so the ancients called it "Pi Niao". There is a legend about this bird that if the spouse is widowed, the spouse will no longer match for life. Therefore, many people send "Mandarin Duck Playing in the Water Picture" to newlyweds. Mandarin ducks are the best mascots to bless husbands and wives in harmony and happiness. From ancient times to the present, mandarin ducks have been a symbol of perfect love. Generally, it can be placed in the master bedroom or bridal chamber.

8. He He Er Xian (Gods of He-He)

Gods of He-He

"He HeE Er Xian" is very suitable for promoting harmony and harmony in marriage, symbolic meaning: tolerance and cooperation. It is not appropriate to place "He HeE Er Xian" in the bedroom of single men and women. it may brings bad luck.

9. Tian Chang Di Jiu (Enduring as the Universe)

Lotus, lotus seed, means to have childrens. Generally, it can be placed in the master bedroom, and the wedding room is best placed to enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Symbolic meaning: love each other forever, enduring as the universe.

Friends who are still single, are you always worried about why you are single? Are married friends worried about the deterioration of love? It is said that it is easy to fall in love and difficult to stay together. Why is this? Let's sort it out from the perspective of Feng Shui for everyone. What kind of Feng Shui can help you guarding love?

Good Feng Shui to help you Guarding love

1. In the field of love, round things can definitely bring you love energy. Therefore, when you select feng shui item for love, you have to think about the shape, don't choose the items with sharp edges and corners, such as wearing a watch, better to choose a round shape.

2. For women, the dressing mirror should not be facing the door, because when entering the bedroom, it is easy to be frightened by the reflection of the mirror. Do not place the dressing mirror facing the bed, otherwise, it is easy to have nightmares or out of spirits.

3. Time disappears like flowing water. You must cut off relations with the past personnel and stop contacting each other. Therefore, be determined and throw away those old love letters, gifts from your lover, and everything related to the passing away of love in order to usher in New love, don't hurt yourself for the past.

4. Replace those lonely objects at home with double-pair things, such as a love bird flying with a other one, a pair of romantic and beautiful table lamps, and two heart-shaped ornaments would bring you love.

5. In Feng Shui, pink is the color of love, so pink things can help you retain the energy of love. It is also useful to change the commonly used things to pink, such as bags, nail bags, etc.

6. Do not place a big mirror at the bedside. At the same time, use large-leaved and broad-leaved plants for indoor plants. Small leaves, small flowers and grasses are not suitable. This means that trivial matters will affect feelings.

7. Pink crystal is the most miraculous effect on love. You can place the pink crystal ball at home, or use a cloth bag to make a love lucky bag wrapped with pink crystal gravel. Put this bag in your carry-on bag or bedside, which is more effective for love.

8. Pointy, multi-horned plants are not suitable for singles, such as cacti.

9. The flower arrangement for singles is male right and female left. If you are a man, please put it on the right hand side of the living room (in the direction of sitting on the sofa), put a bunch of flowers, can not be replaced by plastic flowers, the petals should preferably be large petals , And the vase is best to be a porcelain or earthenware bottle, it is best not to let the flowers withered! Otherwise, the love has not yet reported, but it will bring disaster and illness.

10. Although black is solemn, it is detrimental to love. Singles need to avoid this color.

11. It is not suitable to put flowers on the bedside, which will damage the feelings of the couple.

12. Some of the modern new buildings have floor-to-ceiling windows or large window structures in the bedrooms. It was recorded in previous Feng Shui books that bed too close to the window would easily lead to "Skeletons in the cupboard for affairs." And it is easy to cause bad dreams to affect sleep, so you should not be too close to the window in bed.

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