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Feng Shui For Home

Are you usually find that you are impatient and uncomfortable standing up and lying down when you are resting at home. Then be careful when this happens. It may be that there is something wrong with the Feng Shui in your home and needs to be improved. So how can we improve it? Let's tell everyone that these ornaments can improve home Feng Shui, Let's get to know them together.

1. Elephant Ornaments

Elephant Ornaments

Some people like to place elephant ornaments at home, Some people like to display large elephant ornaments at home, such as porcelain elephant ornaments, jade elephant ornaments, copper elephant ornaments, stone elephant ornaments, etc. The role of elephant ornaments on the layout is to "enhance the power of building". Generally, the layout of the building likes to have a backing with moutain, the elephant is huge, like a mountain, and placing elephant ornaments on the sitting side will strengthen the sitting side. When there is no mountain behind the house, the elephant is the backing theory.

2. Kirin


The unicorn is a kind of auspicious beast, which was called "benevolent beast" in ancient times. It has two meanings: one is auspicious beast; the other is benevolent beast. According to legend, Kirin is the favorite to help good people, and takes special care of those who are filial and do good deeds. When Kirin saw a bad person, he would chase the person to bite. Kirin's head resembles a dragon, with double horns, and a body like a deer. It is covered with unicorn armor and tail hair curlers. It has a vivid look. It is a representative of ancient Chinese totems.

3. Gourd


Its homophony is "Fu Lu". There are many seeds in the fruit of the gourd, so the meaning of Fengshui can give birth to a son to increase the population, it can also promote pregnancy, and it can also avoid evil and adjust the bad aura. Therefore, since ancient times, people have regarded the gourd as the mascot of "breeding offspring, having many children and many grandchildren". The gourd is often placed in the bedroom to increase the love between husband and wife. If there is a chronically ill person at home, you may wish to hang a copper gourd in the "TianYi" side of the patient's bedroom, which can be used by both men and women. The gourd is a very auspicious feng shui ornament. It should be noted in the taboo of house feng shui decoration, that is, it cannot face the toilet, it is best to hang it on the bedside.

4. Money Rat

Money Rat

Promoting wealth and transforming evil spirits, in Feng Shui, "rat" is the noble star in the sky, and money rat also means "money count". Chinese people have loved lucky and auspicious objects since ancient times. People like to put a lucky mouse in their homes and desks, which can bless the owner's career and bring a lot of money.

5. "Flying Horse"


Horses have the function of making money and prospering. Putting horse statues in the living room means the early bird catches the worms. and win success immediately upon arrival. If you want to bring your wealth home, if you put ingots on the horse's back. , On the other hand, is a symbol of "getting money right away" and "the money at once", which can attract positive or windfall. It is a very useful mascot.

6. Sailing Boat

Sailing Boat

Sailing boats are the most well-known feng shui item among the feng shui ornaments. It represents the meaning of smooth sailing. You can see the feng shui ornaments of sailing boats in many office environments. The feng shui ornaments of sailing boats can not only show a kind of grandeur on the surface, but also reflect the prosperity of the business. It is a special auspicious and implied meaning good feng shui ornaments.

7. The Eagle


The eagle gives people a sense of lofty ambition, a sense of power, demeanor of a strong person, quick response and extraordinary skill. Folks regard it as a feng shui item for attracting wealth and gathering treasures. It has the ability to make people rich. Putting it in the living room's financial position can have the functions of prospering wealth, transferring, and warding off evil.


8. Gold Ingot

Gold Ingot

Put a pair of gold ingots on the largest window or window sill in the whole house, with one on the left and right corners. The purpose is to absorb the wealth outside the window. The larger the window, the more prosperous the wealth. Place it in the corner of the oblique corner of the entrance to the house, where the place is sheltered from the wind and facing the sun, which is good for the body and is also a financial position. Put on a pair of gold ingots to strengthen the spirit of recruiting wealth and entering treasures.

9. Cornucopia


The cornucopia is a treasure in ancient folklore. Legend has it that the reason why the first richest man "Shen Wansan" got rich was because of the cornucopia. The "cornucopia" crafts made of metal material symbolize wealth, have a strong role in attracting wealth, and can make prosperity continue to flourish. Hide it under the bed or in the cupboard, and put some coins, gold and silver jewelry, and you will have a "cornucopia" in your home.

10. Metal Tripod

Metal Tripod

Tripod is a kind of bronze artifacts in ancient times. In modern times, it was regarded as an instrument used in rituals when the nation was established. It was a symbol of the country and power. The word "tripod" was also given "prominent", "noble", and " grand" and other meanings. Placing a metal "ding" in a prominent place in the home or business to guard the house can effectively enhance the luxury of the house and make the family prosperous in work and career.

11. Lucky Cat

lucky cat

Many people will put such an item in their homes, especially in the most conspicuous part of the hall. It means to attract wealth and treasure, so it is better to put it in the financial position area, especially if it faces the north and the south, for example the entrance shoe cabinet, the TV cabinet, and the place near the entrance door not only bring wealth to the family, but also bring good luck.

What are the Taboos of Feng Shui at Home:

(1) "Five Elements" Taboo

We all know that everything in the world belongs to the "five elements", so we treat our knowledge of placement correctly, so people in different fate have different preferences for the five elements, so don't put fish tanks in the bedroom. For those gold is against you in the fate. the five elements in gold should not be placed in the bedroom. The reason of other "five elements" are the same.

(2) Do not Put Feng Shui Item behind the Sofa

Do not place feng shui decorations behind the sofa, which will affect the stability of the house; do not face the stove, or you will violate the taboo of conflict between water and fire; do not place under the god of wealth, contradicting the principle of "CaiguiCaiwei" and violating Feng Shui The taboo of "ZhengshenXiashui", there is a risk of losing money.
Remarks: The so-called "CaiguiCaiwei" and "Fu Lu Shou" these three gods of wealth should be placed in a prosperous financial position, which can be the icing on the cake. If you put the God of Wealth on top of the fish tank, it would be a big mistake. Because the fish tank should be placed in an inauspicious location in the house, if the God of Wealth is placed near the fish tank, this would contradict the principle of "CaiguiCaiwei".
"ZhengshenXiashui" means to push the lucky god of wealth into the water, then you will See Financial Water.

(3) The Vase Cannot Face the Toilet

A vase is a very good decorative item, and the skillful use of a vase can well add the elegance of the room. However, the placement of the vase is also particular, try not to place it directly face the toilet door, because this is an ominous place in the home, it is only suitable for placing some thorny plants, not for placing it like a vase This kind of smoother artwork will affect the family's fortune.

(4) Avoid Placing Damaged Items

The desktop furnishings are directly related to the interior vision. A clean desktop makes the room look clean. In Feng Shui, the desktop is a window that invites noble person. This requires that the desktop must be clean and tidy. Do not place any broken or incomplete things, otherwise it will produce negative Feng Shui energy and hinder noble person from favoring you.

(5) The "Wenchang" Tower with Words

"Wenchang" tower must has words, otherwise there will be no feng shui effect; "Wenchang" tower should not be placed against toilets or Buddha statues, avoid sharp objects, and cannot be placed at the bottom of the beam.

(6) It is not Appropriate to Put the "Forbidden Chinese Zodiac in Fate" on the Table

Many people like to put zodiac ornaments on the table, but there are many taboos for zodiac ornaments in Feng Shui. If you put a zodiac that your family is forbidden, it is likely to have a negative impact on your health and fortune. For example, people who belong to the rat cannot pose as horses, those who belong to the cow cannot pose as sheep, those who belong to tiger cannot pose as monkeys, those belonging to rabbit cannot pose as chickens, those belonging to dragon cannot pose as dogs, and those belonging to snake cannot pose as pigs.

Feng Shui for House

As the saying goes, "Mountains are famous for living saints and waters gains miraculous for residing dragons. this is humble room, alone my heart strong and pervasive fragrance." Feng Shui for House has a profound impact on a person or even a family, for five thousand years Culture contains all the truths of Feng Shui decorations. So that the better the location and feng shui, the more expensive the house, which is not unreasonable.

Wealth is sometimes difficult to say clearly, but it is more certain that good fortune is usually more liked. And when we looking for a house, we usually look at Feng Shui. So what kind of house has good feng shui and good luck for gathering wealth? Let's take a look together.

1. A House with no Missing Corners

In feng shui for home, the house needs to be stable, so it is better that the house has no corners. This kind of Feng Shui house has a great influence on the fortune, square and upright, without corners. This type of house will not have defects in Feng Shui, so this type of house can make the owner's money fortune come non-stop.

If the house is not well-organized, but has a variety of strange shapes, then it is likely to offend the "Que Jiao Sha" of the house. Every aspect of the house corresponds to each family member. If the house is missing corners, it will not only affect the fortune of the residents, but also The family members corresponding to the missing corners will have a great impact and will have a great impact on the fortunes of the households.

Remarks: "Que Jiao Sha" refers to a house in "Bazhai" that is called a recessed state, so long-term residence may cause some bad health and financial luck to the residents.

"Bazhai" Feng Shui is the oldest genre in Feng Shui. Fengshui is: dragon, cave, sand, water, "xiang", intention, shape and other phases; "Bazhai" belongs to the part of the qi part of "xiang", developed from Houtian Bagua (Luoshu); "Bazhai" is mainly According to'Zuo' and'xiang', the house is divided into Dongsi Zhai and Xisi Zhai; similarly, people are divided into Dongsi Ming and Xisi Ming; then from the center of the house, they are divided (calculated) into four auspicious places and four Fierce position; mainly use flying stars to break things; "Bazhai" is more conventional in folk judgment, but the higher-level application of "Bazhai" is only secreted by a very small number of people.

2. The Direction Must be Prosperous

The direction of the real estate has a great influence on luck. The feng shui of a "good house with good feng shui" lies in whether the direction is good or not, If the direction of the house is good, the blessing is auspicious. If the direction is bad, the blessing is inauspicious. someone said in ancient times: "Feng Shui The direction of a good house in Feng Shui is not based on a suite, but based on the entrance of a building.

3. The Shape of the House Should be Square

The house must be square and upright, avoiding irregular, incomplete, and unsightly houses. People and houses are sensitive. If you live in a house that is square and upright, over time you will be fairness in dealing with people, and your appearance will also change. The appearance of men will become square and upright, and the appearance of women will become dignified and generous. Conversely, if the house you live in is not square, people's hearts will become skewed over time.

4. The House with a Backing Moutain

In Feng Shui, things with backing is better, and the same is true of residential Feng Shui. The so-called residential building means that there is a mountain behind the house, or a building higher than the house, then there is a backing. Moreover, the front view of this building is wide and the prospects are good. Living in such a house will get the help of the nobles, which is conducive to our wealth.

Sometimes the influence of Feng Shui on a person is quite huge, and bad Feng Shui usually affects one's fortune, so many people are also very concerned about Feng Shui in it. So in Feng Shui, what kind of house is not good in Feng Shui?

1. Vibe is not Good

The bad vibe refers to a house with feng shui "Yin Qi Heavy" or ill-fated house, For example, it used to be a cemetery, slaughterhouse, homicide or execution ground. The negative magnetic field gathered in this kind of house is too heavy and will affect the fortune of the residents. Therefore, you must understand the history of the area before buying a house. If there is such a taboo feng shui vibe, you must avoid buying it. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to live in, and will encounter inexplicable disasters.

2. Insufficiency of "Yang Qi"

The reason why our house is called a "Yang" house is different from a "yin" house because it is on the ground to receive "Yang Qi". Therefore, "Yang Qi" must be admitted to the occupied rooms, and the basement cannot be lived in for a long time. If the room is on the ground, but the lighting is not good, there are obstructions in front of the building, or the sun is not visible when the curtains are drawn all the year round, it is also very bad for the occupants.

3. The Toilet is Located in the Center of the House

House Feng Shui pays attention to "The sky is round, the earth is square". The layout of the entire house should be square, without corners, so that the house can have eight directions. In these eight directions, the living room must be located in the middle palace, so the living room in the general family is in the middle. The living room is the main gathering place of fortune in the home. If the center of the home is not the living room, but the bathroom, it will cause the "Yin Qi" in the whole house to be heavier, making it difficult to gather wealth and luck. Remarks: "The sky is round, the earth is square" is a philosophical thought in ancient China, and a manifestation of the theory of yin and yang. The sky and the circle symbolize movement; the earth and the square symbolize stillness; the combination of the two is the balance of yin and yang, and the complementarity of movement and static.

4. The Balcony of the House is Larger

The balcony is the most important fortune entrance and exit in the house except for the door, because the balcony is more secondary than the door, so the ratio of the balcony area and the house should not be too exaggerated. After all, the balcony is essentially just an extension of the bedroom and living room. As long as the light in the house is sufficient and the air circulation is smooth enough, there will be no bad feng shui. On the contrary, if the area of ​​the balcony is too large and does not meet the proportion of the area of the house, it will cause the fortune to be unable to stay at home.

5. The Door of the House Faces the Elevator Entrance

The door of the house, as the only entrance and exit of the whole house, has a great relationship with the Feng Shui of the house. If the opening direction of the door is unlucky, it will affect the feng shui of the house and cause the house's feng shui to become very bad. For example, when the opening direction of the door is exactly opposite to the position of the elevator entrance on the floor, the pattern of the door facing the elevator entrance is formed, which will cause the house's feng shui to become poor. Such feng shui will mainly endanger the luck of the family, the luck of wealth, the health of the family, etc., and will cause the wealth of the home to be sucked away by the elevator, and it is impossible to gather wealth.

So in Feng Shui, What do You Need to Pay Attention to and What are the Taboos?

1. Home's Door Shoud be Square

Before decoration, pay attention to that the door of the home must be square with edges and corners. Many people like to make an arched door when decorating their houses, which is not good for Feng Shui. Because the doorpost is sometimes like two candles, it looks not good in Feng Shui, it is easy to lose money and attract disasters, and the god of wealth is not willing to enter your house.

2. The Shape of the Bedroom Should be Square

Generally, irregular rooms are not chosen as a residence. As a bedroom, the shape of the bedroom is best to be square. And if it is a hypotenuse or a polygonal shape, it is easy to make people have a visual illusion, and the polygon is easy to cause oppression. This increases the mental burden of people, and it is prone to disease or accidents in the long run.

3. Sturdy Financial Position

There must be a solid support behind the financial position. If there is a low cabinet or a low wall behind the financial position, then it is very detrimental to the feng shui of the financial position. Therefore, if the sofa is placed on the financial position, the back support must be higher than the sofa. The financial position in the living room can choose to place the sofa, but when placing the sofa, you must pay attention to the backside.

Whether it is a cabinet or a wall, from the perspective of feng shui, it means that there is a mountain that is reliable. Whether it is in life or career, there will be noble support and help. If there is transparent glass behind it or there is no support, it will be easy to get discouraged and lose money.

4. The Residence Cannot be Next to The Flyover

Do not build houses next to overpasses, elevated roads or flyover. Houses located in these places are often exposed to noise and long-term vibration, which can easily cause mental decline.

5. Door Orientation

The orientation of the door in a home is an important factor that can directly affect the feng shui of the house, because the door is the entrance that we often call the inflow of Luck. If it is opened in a bad direction, it will lead to poor feng shui at home. In severe cases, it will also affect the health and fortune of the owner.

Today's houses are usually affected by many factors and produce some bad feng shui phenomena, but in many cases the congenital shortcomings can be resolved. So in Feng Shui, can the bad Feng Shui of the house be resolved? How to resolve it?

1. Running Away as the Best Choice

If you ask the "Thirty-Six Stratagems", which one is the most powerful. we believe many people think that the best way to go is the most powerful. It is indeed the case, and it is the same in residential feng shui. Residential Feng Shui is not good, as long as you do not live, then the impact on you will not be serious. Therefore, if you find that the feng shui of the house you bought is very bad, you may not live in it, then it will not affect yourself.

2. Hang Calligraphy and Painting in the Porch

The porch is a place that connects the inside and outside of the door of the house, so you must pay more attention when arranging the porch. If the feng shui layout of the porch is not well designed, the impact on feng shui will be very large. The porch cannot directly face the toilet or the kitchen. If the Feng Shui of porch has such problems, you can hang a pair of calligraphy and painting, which can also play a certain role in adjustment. It is best to hang a landscape painting, or a picture of an eagle spreading its wings. Both are good choices. They can resist evil spirits and help the male owner's career luck.

3. Place the Mascot

The so-called mascots are items that can bring auspicious and good luck. Common mascots in the home include golden toad, brave, cornucopia, door fortune, five emperor money, etc. The placement and purpose of each mascot are different, but all are to create a good Feng Shui of home. For example, "Fu" character on door, when the Chinese people welcome the New Year, they will put the word "Fu" outside the entrance door, which means blessing. A happy and auspicious family in the new year will bring a lot of good luck. The five emperor money can drive away the evil spirits, and can be placed under the entrance mat, so that the evil spirits from the outside can hardly enter the room, and it can also play a role in making money and prospering wealth.

4. Paste the Word "Fu" on the Door of the Room

If the occupants feel that they have been uncomfortable in the house recently, their family's fortunes are not good, they often encounter trouble, things with a lot of obstacles, or the elderly or children in the family have various physical problems, it means that there is a problem with the house's Feng Shui. Problems with house feng shui can also affect the career fortune of the host, or the hostess in the house has physical discomfort. The husband and wife often quarrel because of some trivial matters, and the relationship between the husband and wife is unstable. This situation may happen if the yin and yang of the house's feng shui are out of balance, or if some evil spirits enter the house. You can hang a "Fu" on the bedroom door, which can effectively block the evil spirits and bring blessings.