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Brief introduction of Feng Shui Jewelry

Feng Shui jewelry is a type of jewelry that is believed to be capable of improving personal fortune. Different materials and designs often have different effects, but generally speaking all the Feng Shui jewelry has the functions of bringing good luck, attracting wealth, and ensuring safety. With its profound cultural connotations, Feng Shui jewelry has acquired many people's love. Whether it is for inheriting traditional culture, pursuing wealth, advocating unique styles, or hoping for safety and health, Feng Shui jewelry can meet the needs of various groups of people.

Common materials of Feng Shui Jewelry

According to different materials, Feng Shui jewelry can be roughly divided into the following categories.

Jade jewelry

Jade is regarded as an auspicious object, with the functions of turning misfortune into good luck and ensuring safety. Jade jewelry is the oldest type of jewelry in human history, with extremely high historical and cultural value. Wearing jade jewelry can help people release suppressed emotions, promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality, and also maintain beauty and keep young.

Agate jewelry

In traditional Chinese culture, agate is regarded as an auspicious object as well, with the functions of warding off evil spirits, avoiding disasters, and bringing peace. In addition, Agate is also a symbol of perseverance, representing hope and love. Wearing agate jewelry can help relieve fatigue, enhance physical strength, improve self-confidence, and ward off evil spirits and disasters.

Wooden jewelry

Among common wooden jewelry, agarwood has the effects of clearing the mind, nourishing the five internal organs and treating asthma. Red Sandalwood has the effects of calming the mind, improving sleep quality, preventing wrinkles, and regulating the digestive system. Sandalwood has a pure and pleasant aroma, and has the effects of calming the mind, treating sore throat as well as acne, and killing bacteria. Green sandalwood has the effects of detoxifying, heat - clearing, and attracting wealth, while Vajra Bodhi can ward off evil and avoid disasters, bringing good luck to people.

Cinnabar jewelry

In feng shui theory, cinnabar has always been regarded as a tool for warding off evil spirits. In Taoist culture, cinnabar is considered to have a strong ability to ward off evil and ensure safety. Wearing cinnabar jewelry can stabilize the mind, improve sleep quality, ward off evil spirits, improve personal luck, and also promote blood circulation.

Common Feng Shui Jewelry

According to different designs, Feng Shui jewelry can also be divided into the following categories.


Feng Shui bracelets are the most common jewelry and are suitable for both men and women with a variety of styles. Wearing Feng Shui bracelets can highlight the beauty of hands and can also be used to express love for family and friends as gifts.


Feng Shui necklaces are often chosen as auspicious talismans. There are long and short styles that can be paired with different styles of clothing to showcase unique charm.


Feng Shui rings can be an excellent embellishment for daily outfits and can also be used as accessories for special occasions.


Feng Shui pendants can be paired with other accessories, such as necklaces, bracelets, etc., to create a personalized style.


Feng Shui earrings are small and exquisite. They can embellish the ears and improve feminine charm.