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Feng Shui for Office

When each of us chooses to start a company, we all hope that our company can have better development and operation. Therefore, many people in the choice of a geomantic and treasured site as an office place, many people will also put some office feng shui ornaments in their own office. Perhaps this will also bring us some good fortune.

Office feng shui ornaments to help your career prosper

1. Deer, toad, horse and monkey

There are also many animals that have the meaning of making money, such as deer, which is a homonym for "Lu"; toads have a big mouth means we can earn a lot of money no matter where we are, and a round belly can store money. Horses and monkeys are matched with the same homonym "Mashang Fenghou", that’s meaning you will become marquis immediately, which is specially to put on the desk if you want a promotion in your career.

2. Citrine Ball

Citrine can prosper wealth, and more importantly, the crystal can absorb the negative energy in the office and spread the positive energy throughout the office to ensure all the best in your work. If you put the citrine on the desk, the color will look good and the effect will be better.

3. "Tianlu"

Tianlu is very similar to the Pixiu in appearance, but different from the Pixiu in appearance, the Pixiu has a single horn on its head, while Tianlu is a double horn, and the “Lu” represents good fortune, so Tianlu is in charge of wealth. It is suitable to put Tianlu on the desk. It can not only attract wealth, but also ward off evil spirits. At the same time, because both the Pixiu and Tianlu had a brave appearance, they were often used by the ancients as the sacred animals to guard tombs.

4. "Pi Xiu"

Pixiu is a winged liger, which can ward off evil spirits. It likes to eat gold and silver. It has a mouth but no anus, indicating that money can enter without leaving. It is suitable for putting on the safe, treasure box or office desk, especially for the accounting department.

Precautions for the selection of office feng shui ornaments

1. It is not suitable to place items with weird shapes or unlucky meanings on the desk. This will cause the original good feng shui to deteriorate, and even slander, accidents, fights and other unlucky things will happen.

2. It is not suitable to put any thorny plants in the office, such as cacti, and other green plants that can dissolve radiation. These will cause disputes and contention of mouth and tongue in the office. If you want to clean the air in the office, we suggest that you can put green plants with mellow leaves, which can also beautify the environment.

3. You can't put fake flowers in the office. They are representatives of lifelessness and they cannot help your fortune. They may even have a negative impact on people and cause some unnecessary troubles.

4. Humanoid dolls cannot be placed in the office, which will easily lead to contention of mouth and tongue in the office and some mean villains are bound to occur in your fortune. If you want to stay away from villains, you can't put Humanoid dolls in the office!

In this era of fierce competition, many people are running around for their own business, working overtime every day, most of the day cannot be separated from the office. As you don't know, a good office feng shui may be crucial to your work and career. A good feng shui office environment will not only make you feel happy when you are in the office, but also make you wealthy and business flourishing. Feng Shui is not superstition but science. The quality of geomantic omen is not clear just by pinching your fingers, but has some scientific basis, in life, everyone hopes that they can have roses all the way in their careers and rich financial resources, but sometimes things often go against their wishes. Perhaps it is closely related to the layout of your office, the placement of seats in the office, the potted plants for viewing, etc. So, what aspects should be paid attention to in the office's feng shui problem? Next, we will introduce to you one by one in detail.

What is the best decoration in the office:

1. Dragon

Dragon ornaments are a very auspicious ornament in feng shui, which can resolve something or someone that causes trouble, prosper fortune, and attract partners who can help you, pay rises or promotions. Therefore, it is especially important for working in public institutions, especially for public officials, and it can be placed on the "Qinglong" position of the desk. If you put the "Shenlong Baoyin" formed by combining the dragon and the official seal, the effect is the best, because the dragon seal is a symbol of ancient emperor's authority, which can greatly strengthen personal authority. However, people who belong to the Chinese zodiac dog is in conflict with the Chinese zodiac dragon, so, these people are not suitable for placing dragon ornaments.

2. Elephant

Elephants in feng shui imply to attract wealth and prosperity. It is an auspicious animal that can enhance wealth. Therefore, it is necessary for business people to place elephant ornaments in the office. Enshrine elephants can reduce stress, increase performance, and facilitate promotion. Especially elephants with monkeys sitting on their backs are called "Guaxiangfenghou" the meaning is conferred a rank of nobility and become a marquis, and have a great effect on career and official luck. Pay attention to be paid to placing elephants in the post-horse position, which is helpful for the promotion. The trunk of an elephant can absorb water, which means that it can absorb money from outside, so it can be placed at the entrance of the company or the office to attract money.

3. Crystal Lucky Tree

The crystal itself is a kind of material that can prosper wealth and absorb negative energy, and the image of the lucky tree implies fortune gathering. Therefore, when we place the crystal lucky tree in the office, we can often let the positive energy spread throughout the office to ensure smooth work. If the citrine is placed on the desk, the color will look good, the effect will be better, and it will be more beneficial to our future fortune.

4. Flowing water Cornucopia

Water symbolizes wealth, and flowing water represents the flow of wealth. However, when we want to pick a flowing water cornucopia, it is best to choose a shape with flowing water inwardly, otherwise it will mean the loss of money.

5. Hanging pictures

To hang a picture in the office, it is best to choose a magnificent mountain view, which means there is a backing. The flowing water will attract some villains and gossip.

6. Peach Talisman

For friends with bosses of the opposite sex, you can put a peach talisman on your desk. Such peach talisman can be real peach wood products or plastic imitation peach talisman. The key lies in the shape. So-called "shape defuse evil", it has also a good Feng Shui effect.


It is very important to choose what kind of ornaments to place, because not all good feng shui ornaments are compatible with each of us, so we should choose the right one.