Fountain Incense Burner

Fountain Incense Burner

Why do Chinese people like to burn incense?

The history of using incense in China is very long, and it has accompanied the Chinese nation through thousands of years of ups and downs. It is a wonderful thing to maintain temperament and enlighten talents, and it is also a good medicine for dispelling epidemic diseases, dispelling filth, and calming the mind and soul. The emperors, generals, literati, writers, ordinary people, monks and Taoist of all dynasties all took incense as their companions and highly respected incense.

The ancients of China used fumigation of trees such as pine fir and cypress leaves to remove foul odors, enhance immunity, and increase the ability to resist pain.

In the current rush of urban life, the seriously polluted urban air not only affects people's spirits, but also damages their health, so people begin to yearn for life in the forest, because the forest is not only beautiful and quiet, the air is fresh, but also the trees will release bacteria with sterilization function. In phytoncine, some people even pointed out that the fragrance in the forest not only has the effect of improving eyesight, but also can eliminate eye fatigue.

If you want to create a healthy environment like a forest in your home environment, you only need to burn white sandalwood, agarwood and other aromatherapy indoors, you can have the same effect as a forest bath, add nutrients to the air at home, release your own stress and enhance your immunity. The medical community has proved that if the indoor space can be filled with pleasant comfort and fragrance, it will help the activation of immune cells, thereby enhancing antibodies.

Some aromatherapy can refresh the mind, and some can help sleep. The aroma is distributed in the air. Through breathing, we can make our body and mind feel comfortable.

Lighting an incense burner is not only an embellishment of home life, but also a medium for the improvement of the mind and spirit. It has both practical sensory uses and the effect of purifying distracting thoughts.

The development of incense around the world

In addition to China, India, Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Arab region have historical records of using spices. English Perfume means perfume, spice, fragrance, a toiletry that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor. This word is composed of per from beginning to end + fum smoke + e → always scented fragrance. From this, it can be imagined that when humans first came into contact with aroma, they accidentally ignited the fragrant substance with fire. Dating back to ancient times, the ancestors of human beings burned trees and weeds, and the smoke rose with the flames, and this smoke slowly exudes an intoxicating and nerve-stimulating aroma. As a result, incense makes human beings feel the mysterious power beyond imagination; this is the encounter between human beings and incense.Throughout the history of 3000 years, the development of the entire incense culture has also made great changes in the practical role of incense, from the use of religious sacrifice and worship, to the embodiment of social status and personal taste, to the application in ordinary life, where incense is used to improve life situations, incense clothes and purify the environment.

Fountain incense burner is a spray-type incense burner. Generally, there is a water tank at the bottom. When it holds water, it contains smoke. When it is paved with colored lights, it has a better atmosphere.

Some incense burners have a Zen-like shape, and monks carry cloth bags that can be decorated with green plants.

In some Chinese Buddhist monasteries, the commonly seen big belly Maitreya (or big belly bhikkhu) is modeled after the ancient Chinese eminent monk, the cloth bag monk. It means "big belly and good fortune", reminding the world to learn tolerance. In addition, the image of the cloth bag monk is usually a smiling face, holding a cloth bag in his hand, which has the meaning of generating wealth and accumulating wealth through amity. Folk believers regard him as the god of wealth, and the Japanese even regard the cloth bag monk as one of the seven gods of good fortune.

There are also some incense burners with animal mascots as the style of incense burners, such as elephants.

In Chinese traditional culture, the word "elephant" and "lucky" are homophonic, so elephants are endowed with auspicious meanings. Elephant-loaded treasure vase is "peacetime has an elephant"; an elephant-loaded vase with a halberd is "peace and auspicious"; a child riding an elephant is "auspicious"; an elephant is carrying Ruyi, or the elephant trunk roll is "good luck and good fortune".

The above incense burner with cone incense is a fountain like smoke, and the incense stick is "Accumulates and precipitates in large quantities, and releases slowly", the bottom layer is grounded by clouds and mist, and the upper layer has cigarettes jumping up, with the blessing of feng shui energy, which also creates a better meditation environment.

In addition, burning incense and drinking tea are like twin brothers, they often appear together. A cup of fragrant tea and a stove of cigarettes are easy to freehand, adding color to life. The incense burner full of spirituality can make us feel the spirituality of life, and it can also travel through the tunnel of time, leading us to chase and appreciate the broad and far reaching history and culture.

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