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What Is a Dragon Turtle?

The dragon turtle is a mythical creature in ancient Chinese mythology, with a dragon head and a turtle body, combining the characteristics of both dragons and turtles. Legend has it that the Dragon Turtle is the son of an ancient divine dragon, carrying the Hetu and Luoshu, and has a broad knowledge. In ancient China, dragon represents the imperial throne, indicating nobility and great wealth, and can help people to get unexpected help as well as to avoid petty people. Turtle on the other hand, represents longevity and peace, and is capable of dispelling evil spirits. Dragon turtle is the combination of dragons and turtles, thus possessing a higher spirituality and is considered more auspicious. In the long process of history, the dragon turtle plays an important role in Chinese culture and is regarded as one of the Four Divine Beasts along with dragon, phoenix and kylin.

The dragon turtle, one of the nine sons of the dragon, is a unique cultural phenomenon in ancient China and is the heritage of Chinese civilization for thousands of years. Even in today’s world, people still take dragon turtle as a symbol of longevity and auspiciousness. For example, many modern temples and cemetery buildings have reconstructed or well preserved dragon turtle statues. Plus, at the entrance of the Forbidden City in Beijing, there is also a pair of dragon turtles sitting there. Therefore it is obvious that dragon turtle has been playing a significant role in China and is also one of the favorite mascots of ancient emperors.

It is said that before the Tang and Song dynasties, the primitive image of dragon turtle was like a turtle. Later, it gradually became dragon shaped, and it was not until the Ming and Qing dynasties that it became the look of a dragon head and a turtle body, which is the common appearance that we often see today. In ancient Chinese legends, the dragon turtle is a symbol of longevity, auspiciousness and perseverance. It always strives to move forward with its head held high, four legs stubbornly supported, carrying a thousand pound stone tablet and never stopping. For modern people, the resilience of the dragon turtle is very worthy of learning and respecting.

The Historical Status of Dragon Turtle

The origin of dragon turtle can be traced back to ancient myths and legends, and its development process is a history spanning thousands of years. According to archaeological data, the origin of dragon turtle can be traced back to around 3000 BC. At that time, people believed that gods existed between heaven and earth, and dragon and turtle were incarnations of these gods. Especially in ancient China, the dragon was regarded as a symbol of imperial power, while the turtle represented wisdom and longevity. Therefore, the image of the dragon turtle gradually took shape, and it then became a symbol of power, wisdom as well as longevity. As time goes by, its image gradually integrates into various cultures. In ancient royal families, dragon turtle was considered as an auspicious sign and was often used to decorate palaces and worship gods. Meanwhile, people also believed that placing dragon turtle at home could bring good luck and longevity.

Therefore, dragon turtle ornament is gaining more and more popularity and have become the preferred choice for home decoration and gift giving. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, as the image of dragon turtle became more improved and perfect, the craftsmanship also reached its peak. The dragon turtle ornaments of this period were not only lifelike, but also more exquisite in detail processing. At the same time, craftsmen in the Ming and Qing dynasties also designed various shapes and sizes of dragon turtle ornaments according to different needs, making this traditional handicraft richer and more diverse. Nowadays, dragon turtle ornaments have also become a valuable art piece for collection.

What’s more, various shapes and sizes of dragon turtle ornaments can be seen in museums and private collections nowadays. They are not only witnesses of history, but also the inheritance and continuation of ancient Chinese culture. In short, as an important part of ancient Chinese culture, dragon turtle ornaments not only have profound historical and cultural value, but also have unique artistic and collectible value.

The Ancient Story of the Dragon Turtle

According to a mythology of Han nationality, the dragon turtle often carried high mountains in ancient times and set winds blowing and waves rolling in rivers, lakes as well as seas. Later, when King Yu was combating the flood, he subdued the dragon turtle. The dragon turtle thus obeyed Yu’s commands of pushing over mountains, digging ditches, and dredging rivers, making contributions to the flood control. After the flood was successfully controled, King Yu was worried that the dragon turtle would be wandering around again, so he brought a giant stone tablet engraving the dragon turtle's achievements in water management and asked him to carry the tablet all the time. Hence, the heavy stone tablet made the dragon turtle unable to walk freely. Dragon turtles and turtles are very similar, but upon closer inspection, there are still differences. Dragon turtles have a row of teeth, while turtles do not. Dragon turtles and turtles also have differences in the number and shape of armor plates on their back armor. The dragon turtle is a symbol of longevity and auspiciousness. It always strives to move forward with its head held high, its four legs stubbornly propped up, steadily moving forward and never stopping.

The Meaning of Dragon Turtle

The meaning of the dragon turtle is profound, as it embodies various symbols such as power, wealth, honor, longevity as well as auspiciousness. In Chinese culture, the dragon turtle is usually considered as one of the Four Divine Beasts along with dragon, phoenix and kylin, representing the stability of the country and the health of the people. The head and tail of a dragon turtle are like a dragon, while its body is like a tortoise. Besides, the color of its body is golden, symbolizing power and wealth. Since the dragon turtle lives in the sea, it is also a symbol of resolving disasters and alleviating suffering.

Honor and Status

The dragon turtle symbolizes honor and status, and represents ability, weight-bearing, longevity and authority. In Chinese language, the homonym for dragon turtle is "Ronggui" (to return to one's native place with honor in Chinese), symbolizing returning to one's hometown in glory. Therefore, for those who work hard outside, the dragon turtle is a special mascot, symbolizing that they can achieve success and return to their hometown with great honor.

Great Feng Shui Function

In Feng Shui, the dragon turtle has a wide range of applications. It can resolve the negative effects of Fan Tai Sui, getting into a lawsuit or trouble, as well as offending petty people. What’s more, it can also attract wealth, bring good luck, and ensure health as well as longevity. Placing a dragon turtle ornament at home can help one to receive blessings from the gods and improve personal fortune. Plus, it can also bring prosperity to the whole family.

Auspicious Blessings

The back and tail of the dragon turtle are believed to be capable of dispelling evil spirits and relieving misfortune, which thus can help people to block disasters and avoid harm. Placing a dragon turtle ornament at home not only brings auspiciousness and good luck, but can also regulate indoor yin and yang balance as well as natural magnetic field, which is of great significance for improving financial luck and promoting family harmony.

Peace and Prosperity

The dragon turtle is also the mascot that guards the country and a symbol of peace and prosperity.

Perseverance and Unyielding

The dragon turtle is always holding its head high, stubbornly supporting its four legs and carrying a precious stone tablet on its back. It looks like it is striving forward and never stopping, and hence this spirit of resilience is very worthy of learning and respecting.

In summary, the dragon turtle is not only a symbol of power and longevity, but also a mascot for resolving disasters and avoiding harm. Its existence can bring people honors, status, wealth, health as well as longevity.

How to Place Dragon Turtle Ornaments

Generally speaking, dragon turtle ornaments should be placed in living rooms, offices, study rooms, and other places because these are places where people often stay and work, which can maximize the auspicious effect of dragon turtles.

If the purpose of placing a dragon turtle ornament is to attract wealth and improve fortune, it can be placed in the living room, with its head facing towards the door or window so as to better attract wealth. However, if it is placed in the bedroom, the head of the dragon turtle should be facing inward and the tail should be facing the door or window. What’s more, it should be noted that the head must not be facing the bed.

Nowadays, many people also place the statues of deities such as the God of Wealth and Bodhisattva at home for worship, and therefore the position of the dragon turtle ornament is very important. If the dragon turtle is placed together with a deity or Bodhisattva, then it should be placed in the far left or far right.

In feng shui, dragon turtle not only can attract wealth and improve fortune, but also has the function of warding off evil spirits. Therefore, placing a dragon turtle ornament in an elderly person's room has a great effect. It can ward off evil spirits, avoid the influence of evil energy in daily life, and greatly improve their health, thus helping them to live a longer and healthier life. Plus, the dragon turtle ornament will also improve the elderly's mental state and help avoid many accidents.

The Precautions of Placing Dragon Turtle Ornaments

1. Do not let outsiders touch or play with your dragon turtle ornaments except for yourself and your family, especially do not let them touch it for a long time.

2. One can worship dragon turtle by offering water and fruits. Burning incense is not needed.

3. If the dragon turtle ornament is covered with dust, it can be wiped with a clean brush or soft cloth. If the material can be soaked in water, it can be cleaned directly with clean water.

4. When placing a dragon turtle ornament at home, one shoud be careful not to touch its mouth because the mouth of dragon turtle is used to attract wealth, happiness as well as blessings.

5. Do not place dragon turtle ornaments in unclean places such as toilets and bathrooms, as this can affect the auspicious atmosphere of dragon turtle ornaments and make them lose the effect of attracting wealth and prosperity.

6. Dragon turtle ornaments should not be placed in the kitchen or restaurant, as this can cause instability in family financial luck and may have a negative effect.

7. If there are children at home, one should be careful not to let them turn the dragon turtle ornaments upside down, as this may cause the dragon turtle to lose spirituality.

The Function of Dragon Turtle Ornaments in Different Materials

Dragon turtle is capable of guarding houses, dispelling evil spirits, and promoting good luck. However, dragon turtle ornaments in different materials also have different functions.

Metal Dragon Turtle Ornaments

Metal dragon turtle ornaments are often made from gold, silver, copper, alloys, and other metals. This kind of dragon turtle ornaments is often used for feng shui decorations and is the most common since metals especially gold and copper are perceived to have great power in feng shui.

Obsidian Dragon Turtle Ornaments

Obsidian has a strong ability to ward off evil and dissolve negative energy, and therefore obsidian dragon turtle ornaments are often used to ward off evil spirits.

Yellow Jade Dragon Turtle Ornaments

Yellow is the symbol of sacredness. Therefore the yellow jade dragon turtle ornaments are often considered as exquisite handicrafts with auspicious meanings while is also affordable.

Charcoal Carved Dragon Turtle Ornaments

Since carbon has extremely strong adsorption capacity, it is not only an environmentally friendly material, but also capable of attracting more wealth. This kind of dragon turtle ornaments is often used as a feng shui decoration for home and office.

Crystal Dragon Turtle Ornaments

Crystal is a kind of ancient gem, which is said to have great spirituality. With its special molecular structure and continuous absorbing the essence of heaven, earth, sun as well as moon for tens of millions of years, it is perceived to have great energy and magical power.

Wooden Dragon Turtle Ornaments

This kind of dragon turtle ornaments represents universal love and simplicity, and is often used for improving fortune and warding off evil. It is even often placed on the roof to protect the safety and stability of the family.

In addition, there are also many ornaments made from coloured glaze and Indian red sandalwood. The appearance of a coloured glaze dragon turtle ornament is exquisite, with bright colors and a warm touch, making it suitable for home and office placement. Besides, it can also help to relieve fatigue, enhance popularity among the opposite sex and improve financial luck. As for indian red sandalwood, it has delicate texture and jade-like warmness and smoothness. In short, one can choose the most suitable dragon turtle ornament based on personal preferences and beliefs.

Coloured Glaze Dragon Turtle Ornament