Electric Incense Burner

Electric Incense Burner

What is an Electric Incense Burner?

Electric incense burners usually refer to electrically heated incense burners. It is generally composed of a furnace, heater, switch or temperature controller, indicator light and wire. The principle is to generate heat through the heating plate at the bottom of the stove, so that the fragrant powder, fragrant wood block or essential oil placed in the groove above the stove or on the built-in incense plate emits a fragrant smell.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Incense Burner?

1. Easy and fast operation

Fragrance has been the favorite of scholars and scholars since ancient times. Nowadays, people are more and more pursuing a healthy life and advocating nature, and aromatherapy is more and more popular among people. But people who have watched ancient Chinese TV series know that ancient smoked the steps of incense are cumbersome, which is not a good way for office workers or people who are short on time.

Therefore, the electric incense burner is an aromatherapy tool that can solve this problem very well. It is easy to learn, easy to operate, has a particularly user-friendly design, and is more in line with the preferences of today's young people, and it can be freely switched with different temperature gears, can deal with different aromatherapy materials, and can also play their own creativity, DIY, even if it is the first time to get started, rookies who have no aromatherapy skills before can easily master it.

2. It can be a Good Solution to the Problem of Smoke

Traditional incense burners rely on fire to ignite spices to generate aroma, but they also produce smoke, which is unfriendly to some people who are sensitive to smoke or don’t like smoke, or even afraid of fire. Electronic incense burners can perfectly solve this problem. And it will not produce excess incense ashes.

If you want to say that the electric incense burner has any disadvantage, it is not rich in shape.

How to use the Electric Incense Burner? (Operating Skills of Electric Incense Burners)

Although the electric incense burner is simple to use, it also requires skill to use:

Tip 1: Spices Should be Chopped

If you bought some spices lumpy by yourself, you need to cut them into scraps yourself. If you can grind them into powder, it is naturally the best. The fragrant powder will be fragrant quickly, and the lumps will naturally appear slower. In this way, you can also experience the fun of fragrance management.

There are two kinds of electric incense burners that are more common in the agarwood market. One is to use directly plugged in, and the other is to install batteries or require USB charging, which can be carried around. The difference between the two is still obvious. Of course, it is not only as simple as whether it is convenient to carry. Due to its small size and limited power supply capacity, the portable incense burner is more suitable for burning high-quality incense materials such as Qi Nan or soft silk agarwood. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who have not smoked agarwood before and just started to smoke agarwood can choose a traditional direct-plug incense burner.

Tip 2: Temperature Control

The electric incense burner is easy to operate, but the temperature should be controlled well, because it will directly affect the effect of flavor. Generally, the starting temperature of the oven is determined according to the flavor material. If it is agarwood block, it should be adjusted to 90 ℃; If it is agarwood powder, it can be slightly lower; If you like to smell the essential oil, you can start directly at 60 ℃. First, you can taste the faint fragrance. If you feel that the flavor is weak, you can slowly increase the gear. Generally, 10 ℃ is added for one gear. This is mainly to let the incense lovers feel the flavor of agarwood at different temperatures. And you can also taste it at a temperature, depending on your personal preference.

Tip 3: Types of Incense Materials

Different production areas and spices of different quality also have different requirements on furnace temperature. For example, for high-quality submerged qinan agarwood, the furnace temperature should start at 60 ℃, while for non-submerged agarwood, the furnace temperature should start at about 80 ℃. For soil precipitated agarwood, it is better to burn directly, and the temperature should be higher, especially for lateritic agarwood, the starting temperature should be 100 ℃ - 120 ℃. Each temperature section has distinctive characteristics, you can feel the wonderful changes of fragrance under different temperatures.

Tip 4: Pay Attention to the Hygiene of the Incense Burner

When we start an electronic incense burner, we must not directly incense. Generally, two metal discs are installed in the electronic incense burner. This is prepared for different incense materials. After all, the materials are different, the fragrance is different, and the smell will be mixed. Different types of incense should be used separately. Finally, pay attention to the incense burner that you use, especially the residue on the disc. The residue is directly ignited, and the smell is only the burnt smell of the last residue, which will also affect the quality of the incense.

When the busy day is over and you come home feeling exhausted, you only need to turn on the incense burner to enter the delicate aromatherapy journey. You can relax your whole body and mind. The fatigue of the day will disappear immediately, and you will be refreshed and calm. In fact, savoring the smells of incense is very simple.

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