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What Is Tai Sui Amulet (Tai Sui Talisman)?

Tai Sui, also known as Tai Sui Xing Jun, is both a star and a deity in Chinese folk beliefs. There are a total of sixty Tai Sui Xing Juns, who come down to earth to protect all sentient beings every year by turns, and are in charge of the good and bad luck in the human world that year. In fact, Tai Sui is the planet Jupiter. Since Jupiter orbits the Sun once every twelve years, the twelve zodiac signs are used to indicate the position of Jupiter in the solar system. Therefore, ancient Chinese people also referred to Jupiter as the Sui Xing or Tai sui.

In traditional Chinese cultural concepts, there are some zodiac signs that are Fan Tai Sui every year, which mainly refers to the adverse relationship between the zodiac sign of birth and the zodiac sign at that year, such as to be conflict, to hurt each other, to harm each other, and to destory each other. This kind of relationship is perceived to bring various difficulties to individuals, such as work difficulties, emotional problems, financial difficulties, poor health, etc.

The Tai Sui Amulet is a widespread divine spell in Chinese folk beliefs, which is a talisman used to drive away misfortune and pray for good luck, specifically used to help people get out of the situation of Fan Tai Sui. Tai Sui Amulet has a long history as well as profound folk meanings in traditional Chinese culture and it is often themed around "Tai Sui" and has the functions and effects of warding off evils, expelling evils, and eliminating disasters. However, it should be noted that the Tai Sui Amulet should be replaced every year, and when worshipping Tai Sui, one must use the Tai Sui Amulet that he acquire in that year.

Traditional Tai Sui Amulet is usually painted by Taoist masters and is made of yellow paper, sandalwood, and metal. Nowadays, many Tai Sui Amulets are made from refined pure copper and have a gold-plated surface, which is highly convenient to carry. Wearing the Tai Sui Amulet can receive the protection of the Tai Sui God, and avoid the potential disasters that may arise from Fan Tai Sui.

The Origin And History of Tai Sui Amulet (Tai Sui Talisman)

The origin of Tai Sui can be traced back to ancient Chinese astronomy and astrology. In ancient astrology, Tai Sui was believed to have been formed by the relative motion between Earth and Jupiter. It was also perceived that the Tai Sui would change with the movement of Jupiter every year, which leads to every person in different zodiac signs would have different fortune associated with the Tai Sui in that year. Therefore, people's pursuit of Tai Sui is closely related to the zodiac sign.

The Tai Sui meaning has a rich and diverse form of inheritance in Chinese history and culture. In ancient times, emperors and officials would perform a ritual of worshipping Tai Sui together to ensure national prosperity and social stability. In agricultural societies, people would organize temple fairs and sacrificial activities to pray for the blessings of the Tai Sui for a bountiful harvest of crops as well as family safety.

Nowadays, although people's lifestyles have changed a lot, Tai Sui meaning still deeply ingrains in people's hearts. During the Spring Festival, people will paste couplets, hang red lanternsplace, and place New Year paintings in their homes to inform Tai Sui to exorcise evil and also pray for good luck. In addition, people will also go to temples, especially Taoist temples to pray for blessings during the transition of Tai Sui, in order to express respect for him.

The Tai Sui Amulet originates from Taoism and is written in a special way with different symbols to express respect for nature and the Tai Sui God. The origin of the Tai Sui Amulet can also be traced back to the ancient Tao Fu. Before the emergence of Taoism, Tao Fu had already existed. At that time, people often hung peach wood boards on doors in order to ward off evils and avoid harm from them. With the development of Taoism, Tai Sui Amulet has gradually evolved into various types and had more functions. Although these talismans may seem numerous, in fact they all carry people's good wishes for life.

The evolution process of Tai Sui Amulet is actually a fusion of folk customs and Taoist culture. In this process, the Taoist magic figures culture and folk beliefs mutually influence each other, jointly shaping the diversity of Tai Sui Amulet. The Tai Sui Amulet is not only a symbol of faith, but also people's pursuit of a better life.

Nowadays, Tai Sui Amulet has become a part of Chinese culture. In various festivals and celebrations, Tai Sui Amulet is often used as decoration or a symbol of prayer and everyone can accquire a Tai Sui Amulet in a specific way. Due to its unique origins and multiple functions, users have been in constant flow for thousands of years. This long-standing tradition is also the most popular way for Chinese people at home and abroad to solve the problem of Fan Tai Sui.

The Function of Tai Sui Amulet (Tai Sui Talisman)

To Exorcise Evil Spirits

Tai Sui Amulet has the function of warding off and expelling evil spirits. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, there is different Tai Sui in each year, and those whose zodiac sign is Fan Tai Sui are prone to encountering misfortune and difficulties during that year. However, the Tai Sui Amulet is able to provide blessings and protection for people, as well as avoid misfortune through the power of exorcism.

In addition, Tai Sui Amulet can also dispel evil and evil energy, protect homes and physical health. The energy of the Tai Sui Amulet can form a barrier, shielding the external evil and evil energy, and protecting people's peace and health.

To Eliminate Disaster

Tai Sui Amulet also has the effect of dispelling disasters. It is very common for individuals to encounter various disasters and difficulties, such as diseases, accidents, financial problems, and so on, and Tai Sui Amulet can effectively eliminate such disasters and difficulties for people, and at the same time bring good luck and opportunities.

The energy of Tai Sui Amulet can purify the body and mind, improve people's mental aura and fortune, and thus make it easier for people to attract and receive good things and resources. When facing difficulties and setbacks, the Tai Sui Amulet can help people to improve their confidence and courage, and finally find ways and strategies to solve problems.

Other Functions

In addition to warding off evil, expelling evil, and eliminating disasters, Tai Sui Amulet also has other functions and effects. For example, Tai Sui Amulet can increase people's popularity and fortune, bringing them good luck and opportunities. What’s more, Tai Sui Amulet can also help people to improve their vitality, and thus live a healthly and long life. Plus, the energy of Tai Sui Amulet can enhance people's spiritual and willpower as well, and improve their working efficiency.

In short, Tai Sui Amulet is a talisman with the functions and effects of warding off evil, expelling evil, and eliminating disasters. Besides, Tai Sui Amulet can also bring auspiciousness and luck to people, protecting their peace and health. When using Tai Sui Amulet, it is important to follow the correct usage method and precautions to ensure its effectiveness and reliability.

How to Use Tai Sui Amulet (Tai Sui Talisman)

1. Choose a talisman: Before using the Tai Sui Amulet, individual need to choose the appropriate Tai Sui talisman at first. The Tai Sui talismans are usually composed of spells or specific words, representing the blessings and protection of Tai Sui.

2. Purchase or make Tai Sui Amulet: Tai Sui Amulet can be purchased in religious places such as Taoist temples, or can be made by oneself. When purchasing or making Tai Sui Amulet, attention should be paid to choosing legitimate and reliable channels to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the talisman.

3. Hold a ceremony: Before hanging the Tai Sui Amulet, a simple ceremony can be held. The ceremony usually include lighting the talismans, and reciting some blessings to express respect for the Tai Sui and prayers of a better life.

4. Replace it at regular intervals: Tai Sui Amulet is usually replaced at the beginning of the lunar calendar or at a specific time. When replacing Tai Sui Amulet, the old ones should be properly disposed of at first, and then replace them with new ones.

The Placement And Precautions of Tai Sui Amulet (Tai Sui Talisman)

1. Place in a hidden place at home. You can place the Tai Sui Amulet in a relatively hidden place, so it won't be easily discovered by others. The Tai Sui Amulet can be placed in the wardrobe and the bedside table, or under the pillow, so that it can effectively ward off and expel evil spirits. However, it should be noted that when placing Tai Sui Amulet, do not let others see it, otherwise it will reduce the effectiveness of Tai Sui Amulet or make it ineffective.

2. Carry it with you. To maximize the effectiveness of the Tai Sui Amulet, you can also keep it in your pocket and carry it with you, because Tai Sui Amulet is also a type of talisman, and thus carrying it around often has the best effect. Besides, you can fold the Tai Sui Amulet into a triangle and put it in your wallet or purse, which can effectively protect you from the bad luck caused by Fan Tai Sui.

3. Place it next to the tables of ancestors or the the statues of God of Wealth. It is also good to place the Tai Sui Amulet next to the statues of the God of Wealth and ancestral tablets. For those who believe in the God of Wealth, Guanyin, or have placed ancestral tablets at home, it is considered as a serious and dignified way. Since these objects themselves are beneficial to humans, placing and worshipping the Tai Sui Amulet next to them can effectively exorcise evil spirits. What’s more, the Tai Sui Amulet could be well preserved by being put in such places, effectively avoiding any unnecessary damage.

4. Individuals should get or purchase a formal Taoist Tai Sui Amulet. The Tai Sui is a Taoist deity who are in charge of the good and bad luck in the human world each year, and Buddhism cannot solve the problem of Fan Tai Sui.

5. The Tai Sui Amulet could be classified into yin and yang. Men should use yin while women should use yang.

6. The use of Tai Sui Amulet should follow certain rituals and procedures, and one cannot use it arbitrarily. At the same time, attention should be paid to maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the Tai Sui Amulet, and do not place it in damp or dirty places. In short, the Tai Sui Amulet should be placed in a dry, clean, and safe place and should also be stored properly. It should not be placed in trousers pockets, in bathrooms, or near any electrical equipment such as televisions, computers, and so on. Plus, the Tai Sui Amulet can not be stained by blood. If Tai Sui Amulet is contaminated by accident, it could be burned with a lighter or candle, but not with a stove.

How to Deal with The Expired Tai Sui Amulet (Tai Sui Talisman)

The Tai Sui Amulet could be expired, and each Tai Sui Amulet has a usage period of only one year. once it becomes expired, it must be disposed of. So what should we do to deal with the expired Tai Sui Amulet? Here are four commonly used methods:

Return to the temple: The Tai Sui Amulet can be returned to the temple and handled by the monks. This is because the efficacy of Tai Sui Amulet has a limited period of time, generally only one year. After one year, it is necessary to deal with the Tai Sui Amulet properly to avoid negative effect.

Burn it at home: After one year, individuals can directly burn the Tai Sui Amulet at home. However, it should be noted that it is important to choose a sunny noon and burn the Tai Sui Amulet at 12 o'clock under the scorching sun. As for the ashes left after burning, they can be buried in the flower bed at home, or be buried under a big tree, or be sprinkled into a flowing water source.

Wrap it with red cloth: After one year, the Tai Sui Amulet can also be properly folded and wrapped with red paper or cloth and then be placed in a clean storage cabinet at home. However, it should be noted that putting the Tai Sui Amulet in the storage cabinet in this way means never taking it out again in your lifetime, and you also cannot open the red paper or cloth, otherwise it will damage your personal luck and may even bring various misfortunes and bad things to yourself and your family.

Cut off a corner: Some elderly people suggest that the Tai Sui Amulet should be burned up, but the correct way is to cut off a corner of the triangular Tai Sui Amulet on or after the first day of the Lunar New Year. Cutting off a corner indicates that the Tai Sui Amulet has lost its efficacy, and it is safe no matter how it would be disposed of afterwards. However, it is not recommended to throw it away directly and it is best to burn it into ashes before throwing it away.

The above four methods can all be used to deal with Tai Sui Amulet after one year and which method should be adopted could be based on the actual conditions as well as personal preference.