Traditional Fengs Shui Remedies

Traditional Fengs Shui Remedies

Water and Fish

Representative of life and good fortune, moving water, such as fountain sand aquariums, can help stimulate positive Qi. Due to its cool and passive qualities, water also has a calming effect. In Chinese, "fish" also means" surplus" - so a fish tank with active, colorful goldfish could boost your finances. For best results, place it in the wealth sector of the home office.

Make sure that fish tanks are kept clean and contain living plants and natural features. Displaying the fish symbol as a vase, sculpture, painting or on a screen is also effective - the best places for this are near the front entrance or on the living room table.


It's important that our homes smell fresh, energized and clean. Aromatic scented oils, candles, or incense are effective, both sweetening the air and making a colorful statement. Try applying fresh potpourri, fruit or flowers. But beware of overkill -natural smells and fresh air are best. Open windows, cross-ventilate, use fly screens on windows and doors. The wonderful smells from home cooking are excellent Feng Shui, making us feel comforted and nurtured.


Wind chimes are the most common way sound is used in Feng Shui. Their song activates Qi, but can also slow it down if it is traveling too quickly through a house. As wind chimes react to small air movements, they also act as a subtle alarm to let you know someone is coming. Ticking clock scan be reassuring, gentle background music, as can the sound of birds, the ocean or bubbling water.

Sight and Movement

Objects which bring light and color into an area activate positive Qi. Crystals, lighting, mirrors, bamboo flutes, mobiles, sculptures even paintings -will enliven dark, stagnant areas. The unicorn is considered a creature of good omen, symbolizing longevity, joy and wisdom. The Chinese believe the unicorn is always solitary, appearing only when a particularly benevolent leader sits on the throne or when a wise sage is born. The peacock signifies dignity and beauty. Feathered fans are often hung in Chinese homes and for centuries were popular emblems of official rank.

Objects which flutter in the wind, such as colored ribbons or mobiles, stimulate positive Qi and deflect negative Qi. Ribbons tied to an artificial ventilation system in the bathroom will get Qi moving, and a weather vane on the roof of your home will help discourage negative Qi. Hang bamboo flutes (with a red ribbon) from an oppressive beam or beneath an archway between a front and back door which directly face each other. Hang crystals in windows or keep them in clusters on side tables.

There are two reasons a fish tank is so powerful in the wealth corner of your room or home: not only does it have the element of water, but also the movement of fish. As the fish swim in the tank, they increase the stimulation of the energy in that particular place. For best results, place an aquarium in the wealth sector of your home office. Goldfish are good, but avoid predatory fish.

Wind chimes have many beneficial properties that can potentially enhance our environment. Their melodious sound (and other sounds such as music or bubbling water) is considered good Feng Shui, especially for shifting energies and cleansing the air. Wind chimes help define boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces and help to moderate the flow of fast - moving Qi in long corridors. But consider whether you like the sound before you buy a chime, as you'll have to live with it!

In ancient China, the dragon was the most revered celestial animal. The dragon symbolized great power, while many natural phenomena (such as droughts, storms, typhoons or floods) were explained as manifestations of the dragon's moods.

Feng Shui masters advise using old Chinese coins (round coins with a square hole in the middle) to activate the wealth/prosperity sector of your home. Hanging six or eight/Ching coins in this sector is auspicious Feng Shui. Another method is to tie three old coins together with red thread, then attach them to your invoice or accounts book; this will attract wealth and business luck.