Using Plants

Using Plants

With indoor plants or flowers, take heed of your own cultural traditions. What's considered lucky in one culture might be considered unlucky in another. What works in Tokyo may not work in New York or Morocco. While some cultures claim cacti or bonsai plants are bad luck, in others they revered. Universally acknowledged, however, are the beauty, scent and potent Qi of plants, which restore positive equilibrium in the home.

Thriving, healthy plants, not sick ones, improve Feng Shui. When they are used in conjunction with the productive and destructive aspects of the five elements, plants can be even more effective. Depending on what life aspiration you wish to emphasize, they're powerful tools for activating the various corners of your home. For enhancing marriage or romance opportunities, the mou tan or peony is the traditional Chinese choice activate the southwestern corner of any room by displaying a bunch.

The impala lily is thought to bring prosperity when placed in your living area, or near the front of a business. The jade "money" plant is thought to bring wealth and long life. Spider plants and poinsettias have been found to absorb electromagnetic radiation, making them ideal for the office.

Where there are sharp corners or angles in the home, plants are great poison arrow diff users. Plants deflect the negative Qi of beams and columns; large plants slow Qi down in a corridor, hallway or at the front of the home. Filling the house with cut flowers creates welcoming Feng Shui. Artificial or silk flowers can be used,but it's not advisable to display dried flowers, as they signify death.

Modern cures: plants and flowers

Plants harmonize energy. For example, Fire and Water energy in kitchens is harmonized by placing plants between the sink and the stove. Plants drain excess water and yin energy in the bathroom. If your entrance is dull, red, yellow, or orange flowers will add vibrant yang colors. A painting or image of flowers is equally effective.

Arrange plants with broad, rounded leaves to conceal the angles and corners of bookcases, stairwells, or storage units. Avoid sharp, pointed leaves, especially in small environments. Buy a vibrant bunch of flowers to move energy in a dark corner.

Filling the house with artificial, silk flowers is welcome Feng Shui - just make type that they have a healthy, abundant appearance artificial emerald bonsai is believed to be auspicious.Position indoor plants or flowers where there are sharp corners, angles, pillars or columns, as they will act as poison arrow diffusers.

If you're not the world's best gardener,go for low-maintenance plants such as bamboo. Position bamboo where you want to introduce tree energy as an adjustment in your life. Consult your Bagua and consider which area you wish to invigorate. Bamboo's towering height and green color both embody energy moving upwards strongly and can provide effective results.