Zen Ceramic Flowing Water Fountain Ornament With Atomization

Information: The LED lights are matched with the fountain to create a beautiful and eye-catching visual effect. Not only are these fountains functional, but they can also be used as decorative furniture to enhance the overall beauty of your home. In addition to LED lights, these fountains are also designed with flowing water rain curtains, which are works of art in themselves. They have created a natural and peaceful environment that will help you relax. Flowing water is believed to attract wealth and abundance, making it the perfect addition to your home or office. The fountain not only adds a decorative effect, but also humidifies the indoor air, making the room more fresh and natural. The sound of running water creates a peaceful environment that helps you focus and be more productive. The fountain can be placed in the living room, bedroom or office to create an antique ambiance that will make you feel calm and focused. The fountain eave tiles are exquisitely carved and lifelike, adding to the overall beauty. The white horse decor is a Zen-inspired highlight, perfect for those looking to create a peaceful and peaceful environment in their living spaces. The LED rain screen design adds an extra layer of embellishment to the living space, making it more visually appealing. Small flower pots can be used to plant flowers and plants, adding a touch of nature and vitality to your home. Simple reservoirs and rock textures create a natural and calming environment, perfect for those who want to create a Zen-like atmosphere in their living spaces. These LED water fountains are not only functional, but they are also a work of art that can add to the overall beauty of your home. They are perfect for those looking to create an environment of peace and tranquility in their living space, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life.
Made In: Resin.
Size: Length 38 cm, Wide 18.5 cm, Height 40 cm.
Weight: About 5kg.
Function: For Wealth, Good Luck.
Put In: Living Room, Store, Office

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