Numbers and Directions

Numbers and Directions

According to ancient Chinese principles, it's desirable that the to orientation of your home, or of the room in which you spend the greatest amount of time, faces your best direction. It is believed that facing your best direction will support the activities you perform in that space. For example, those who fall into the east category should face their houses toward the east; west category people should face toward the west. The position of your work desk, and where you sleep should also follow these principles-unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Auspicious and inauspicious locations differ from person to person. To identify the four auspicious locations which will bring you different kinds of good fortune, you first need to calculate your Kua number. There are two different kinds of formulas for working out your Kua number-one for males, the other for females. Some Feng Shui consultants only use the male, or yang, numbers in their calculations, some use both male and female, or yin, numbers. Others regard the yin as a representation of the inner self and the yang as the image a person presents to the world.

Kua number     Best direction       Elements

1                       SE,E,S,N              Water

2                       NE,W,NW,SW      Earth

3                       S,N,SE,E              Wood

4                       N,S,E,SE              Wood

5(Male)             NE,W,NW,SW      Earth

5(Female)        SW,NW,W,NE       Earth

6                       W,NE,SW,NW      Metal

7                       NW,SW,NE,W      Metal

8                       SW,NW,W,NE      Earth    

9                        E,SE,N,S             Fire


Calculating your Kua number

Take the year of your birth and add together the last two digits. (If the result is 10 or more, add the two digits to reduce them to a single number.) Deduct the result from 10 - the result is your Kua number.
Year of Birth = 1954
Add last two numbers = 5+4
Total = 9
Male deducts total from ten = 10-9
kua number of males born in 1954 = 1

Take the year of your birth and add together the last two digits. ( If the result is 10 or more, add the two digits to reduce them to a single number.) Then add five - the answer is your Kua number. (If this second result is 10 or more, add the two digits to reduce them to a single number - the answer is your Kua number,)
Year of Birth = 1960
Add last two numbers = 6+0
Total = 6
Females add 5 to total = 6+5
If the new number is two digits, add these together = 11
Total = 1+1
Kua number of females born in 1960 = 2