Life Aspirations and Sacred Spaces

Once deciding which life aspiration you wish to enhance or "activate," there is a variety of tools you can use. The style of decorative objects isn't important-that's up to you. What is important is that items-whether a photograph, a splash of color, natural crystals or river pebbles-are consciously selected and placed. In every moment in every space, create an expression of beauty, reflection and thoughtfulness. First, though, you need to define and be clear about your own objectives. Ask yourself some questions. What's happening in your relationships? Have you found your path in life? Then activate the areas where you feel a need for change.

CAREER/KNOWLEDGE: Relates to our journey, path or purpose in life -either in our jobs or our personal experiences and growth. It also depicts the commencement of a project or assignment, a career change or a new job.
BAGUA ASSOCIATIONS: Water, black, second son, ear.
ACTIVATING SACRED SPACE: Installing a fishbowl in this sector of your home or room will activate your career, but avoid going overboard and introducing a very RIGHT large tank -too much water can drown your prospects. Goldfish are good Feng Shui, but avoid predatory fish. A water feature in constant movement is a good option. In this sector, hang images depicting energy and movement. Pin up images of an aspiration-great poets you admire if you're a writer, a theater where you'd like to perform, or a university where you wish to study. Place books, framed words of wisdom and pictures of mentors in the area. Hang crystals in the window, or apply glass objects to increase the energy and positive Qi flow.

RELATIONSHIPS: Relates to associating well with people and having the support of partners, family and friends. Also marriage prospects, mace partnerships.
BAGUA ASSOCIATIONS: Earth, pink/peach, mother, organs.
ACTIVATING SACRED SPACE: Try double images for romance-two vases, two candlesticks, a photograph of yourself with your loved one or a group of friends. Double images are positive Feng Shui, while single images depict loneliness. Display a collection of objects in pink, peach, red. Natural crystals, particularly if combined with the light of a chandelier, will activate this sector, as will images of cherubs, angels or spiritual figures. Plants, ribbons or wind-activated objects (only if there is a breeze-if there's no breeze, don't use them) all help improve the flow of Qi.

FAMILY/ANCESTORS: Relates to clan, heritage, parents. Our families, past and present, color who we are, how we relate to the world and interact with others. How are you presently interacting with your family?
BAGUA ASSOCIATIONS: Thunder, wood, pale green, first son, foot.
ACTIVATING SACRED SPACE: Apply family photographs, documents, heirloom sand antiques. Placing plants and flowers in this sector enhances family relationships, while activating positive Qi. But make sure they are healthy - discard any which are dried or dead. Choose plants with broad, healthy leaves, and avoid cacti. A small aquarium is good in this sector, but make sure it is kept clean. Use green colors in furnishings.

MENTORS/NETWORKING: Relates to clients, charity, travel and interaction with others. Religious or spiritual advisers are also depicted here. If you are willing to help others and need some help in return, this is the area to focus on.
BAGUA ASSOCIATIONS: Heaven, metal, white, father, head.
ACTIVATING SACRED SPACE: Create altars, use incense. Place musical instruments, either real or decorative-such as bells, guitars, drums in this area, and melodious metal wind chimes, especially if there's a breeze. Use metal objects and inspirational quotes and pictures. Also, store your telephone, telephone directories or business cards in this sector.

WEALTH/PROSPERITY: Often taken to mean monetary wealth, but also relates to the richness and abundance of our lives, fulfillment and the accumulation of beneficial energies around us.
BAGUA ASSOCIATIONS: Wind, wood, dark green/purple, eldest daughter, hip.
ACTIVATING SACRED SPACE: Hang six or eight I Ching coins in this sector to create auspicious Feng Shui; alternatively, use other decorative coins. Place empty bowls around and remove clutter. Images depicting movement, or an indoor water feature (such as a small aquarium), are also good in this sector. In bathrooms, always keep the toilet lid down and drains covered; otherwise, your wealth could drain away.

FAME/ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Relates to fame, recognition, status. Not notoriety for its own sake, but recognition of an undertaking well done and a sense of fulfillment. What do you need to do to gain recognition for what you do?
BAGUA ASSOCIATIONS: Fire red, maroon/mauve, second daughter, eye.
ACTIVATING SACRED SPACE: Install a bright light -the brighter the better. Bright lights are wonderful conductors of good Feng Shui. Also use red objects, mobiles, burning candles, candelabras, chandeliers or oil burners. Place images of the sun or fire in the area. Having your fireplace, stove or heaters in this sector is extremely beneficial. Also, try pinning up certificates, newspaper cuttings or other products of your achievement.

CENTER: Tai Chi, health.
BAGUA ASSOCIATIONS: Earth, yellow, center.
ACTIVATING SACRED SPACE: The center of the home or room is an excellent spot for an interior courtyard garden. If this is not possible, try applying a round rug, a round table or hanging a chandelier. It is best to avoid locating the bathroom in this sector. Ensure that the center of the home is kept clean and open.

Placing flowers or plants in the family/ancestors sector of a house or room will activate family relationships, affecting how we interact with others. Make sure the plants you choose are healthy - discard any which are dried or dead. Select plants with broad leaves, not pointed ones, and avoid spiky plants and cacti.

The fame / acknowledgment sector of this home office has been activated with positive, powerful Feng Shui conductors: a fiery maroon dragon and bright burning candles. Other beneficial sacred space enhancers for this sector include chandeliers, oil burners, certificates of achievement or newspaper cuttings which relate to your quest for fame or acknowledgment.

Applying crystals or glass objects will increase the energy and positive flow of Qi in the career / knowledge sector of a house or room. The career / knowledge sector relates to our journey, path and purpose in life - either in our jobs or related to our personal experiences and personal growth.

Here an empty bowl has been used to activate the sacred space in the wealth / prosperity corner of a living room. Often interpreted as relating only to monetary wealth, this sector actually also relates to the richness, abundance and fulfilment of our lives, and to the accumulation of beneficial energies around us.
Life Aspirations and Sacred Spaces