Wedding Creative Water Fountain

Information: The wedding fountain ornaments can add a festive atmosphere to the surrounding. The flowing water ornaments are bright red and festive as a whole, and the flowing water is gurgling, beautiful and generous with deep meaning. Under the illumination of LEDs, the fountain as a whole creates a warm, happy and festive atmosphere. The charm is concentrated, and it is an elegant decoration no matter in the living room or in the club. The light circle uses LED as the light source, and the light is warm and soft, creating a simple and Zen atmosphere. The lamp ring is designed with a groove for burning incense. After the backflow incense is lit, the smoke will flow down, just like a mountain and flowing water. PC imitates pines and cypresses, bright red and festive, with luxuriant branches and leaves, lifelike. The rain curtain is designed with flowing water, arranged closely, and flowing water gurgles. The atomizer emits water mist, which can humidify the air, and it is colorful under the illumination of neon lights. The figure of the fountain adopts the shape of eternal unity, and the characters are delicately shaped, love each other, and accompany each other. The shape of the rose is simple and beautiful, the structure is clear and three-dimensional, and the rose symbolizes love. Solid wood base, clear wood texture, stable placement, no damage to the desktop.
Made In: Ceramic + Wood.
Size: Length 35 cm, Wide 26.7 cm, Height 36 cm.
Weight: About 5kg.
Function: For health, For Wealth, For Happiness, Good Luck.
Put In: Living Room Decoration, Hallway, TV Cabinet, Office, Study Room.

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