Smooth Sailing Sail Flowing Water Fountain Living Room Feng Shui Decoration

Information: Introducing the Fountain Yang Fanqi, a beautifully designed piece that is sure to add charm and elegance to any home or office. This fountain is not just a simple water feature, it is a work of art that has been carefully crafted to resemble traditional sailing boats, giving it a unique and timeless appeal. The fountain's design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also imbues a sense of optimism and positivity. The symbolism of sailing boats representing smooth sailing and a bright future is sure to inspire and motivate anyone who sets eyes on it. This makes it an ideal addition to any workspace or living area, where it can help create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The green plant trough located on top of the fountain is another great feature that adds an element of nature to the design. The trough can be used to plant a variety of green plants, providing a source of natural beauty and vitality that can help brighten up even the most boring of spaces. The solid wood base of the fountain is also noteworthy. The wood grain is clearly visible and adds a natural and organic touch to the overall design. The surface of the base has been treated with an imitation oxidation process, giving it a Zen and elegant appearance that is both soothing and calming. This creates an atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation and meditation. The fountain's versatile design makes it suitable for all kinds of home styles. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, the Fountain Yang Fanqi will fit right in and add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your space. It can be placed on a table, a shelf or even on the floor, making it easy to incorporate into any room in your home.
Made In: Ceramics.
Size 1: Length 29.5 cm, Wide 24 cm, Height 33.5 cm.
Size 2: Length 37.5 cm, Wide 33 cm, Height 51 cm.
Weight: About 5kg.
Function: For Wealth, For Love, For safety, For Career, Good Luck.
Put In: Living Room, Entrance-hall, Office.

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