Peacock Running Water Ornament Water Curtain Wall Floor Fountain Waterfall

Information: Magical and mesmerizing fountain that will transport you into a fairyland-like atmosphere where everything is illuminated with bright lights and detailed textures, elk are alive. At the heart of this fountain is a nebuliser that emits mist that creates a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere. When the water passes through the atomizer, it emits a fine mist, which adds to the beauty of the fountain. The mist lingers and shimmers under the bright lights, creating a breathtaking view sure to amaze anyone. Flowing water flows out of the ornaments, like pearls, as if hitting beautiful notes in hypnosis. Under the illumination of the light, the water is shining and sparkling, like precious jewels. The crystal beads on the top of the fountain are constantly rotating, emitting colorful light, which makes the fountain more vibrant. Like a charming dance of light and water, it will surely captivate those who see it. This fountain is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a special event, garden party, or just for your personal enjoyment. It creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day or for a romantic evening with your loved one. Made from high quality materials, this fountain is durable, ensuring you can enjoy it for many years to come. It's also easy to install, so you can set it up in no time and start enjoying its mesmerizing beauty right away. This fountain is a stunning piece of art that will transform any space into a magical wonderland. Its intricate details, bright lighting and hazy ambience make it a unique and charming addition to any home or garden. So why wait? Buy your own magical fountain today and experience the beauty of wonderland in your own home.
Made In: Resin.
Size 1: Length 50 cm, Wide 37 cm, Height 128 cm.
Size 2: Length 63 cm, Wide 42 cm, Height 166 cm.
Weight: About 74kg.
Function: For Harmonious, Happniess, Good Luck, Auspicious.
Put In: Teahouse, Living Room, Restaurant Decoration, Office, Porch, Hotel Lobby.

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