Lucky And Treasure Flowing Water Wealth Fountain Decoration

Information: The ceramic Maitreya Buddha flowing water fountain can be planted with green plants, which is exquisite and beautiful, and can add vitality to your room. The feng shui ball is constantly running, which means that the wealth is rolling in and the time is coming. The ceramic water vessel adopts the kiln transformation process and is fired at high temperature, which is healthy and environmentally friendly. Atomization humidification, smoky, circulating water, purifying the air.The depiction of Maitreya holding a golden ingot is a common image in Buddhist art. The golden ingot, also known as a gold bar or gold brick, is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It represents the abundance of spiritual and material blessings that Maitreya will bring to the world when he appears.The image of Maitreya holding a golden ingot represents the hope for a better future, both spiritually and materially, and the belief that enlightenment and abundance are possible for all beings.
Made In: Ceramic + Wood.
Size 1: Length 43 cm, Wide 38 cm, Height 50 cm.
Size 2: Length 43 cm, Wide 38 cm, Height 47 cm.
Size 3: Length 36 cm, Wide 38 cm, Height 47 cm.
Size 4: Length 53 cm, Wide 38 cm, Height 47 cm.
Weight: About 5kg.
Function: For Wealth, For Career, Praying For Safety, Good Luck.
Put in:
Living Room, Company, Office.

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