Chinese Style Running Water Ornament Feng Shui Wheel Water Fountain

Information: Elegant and Serene Porcelain Fountain, this is a stunning decorative piece that will add a touch of serenity and sophistication to any space. Crafted from high-quality ceramic materials, this fountain features a smooth, flawless white porcelain body embellished with intricate carvings for a rich, layered texture. Watching the water flow slowly and the smoke rise, you will be transported to a world of calm and relaxation. The simple yet elegant design of the fountain creates a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a long day or meditating in a quiet space. The glaze of the ceramic fountain is thick and warm, giving it a soft and inviting feel. Its wet surface acts like oil, creating a natural, smooth flow of water. The body is hard and durable, and the glaze is tightly combined to ensure that the fountain will last forever. A feng shui wheel at the center of the fountain creates a peaceful and orderly environment, perfect for meditation and relaxation. The wheels turn smoothly with the flowing water, giving a feeling of harmony and balance. The color matching of the fountain is harmonious and harmonious, and the white porcelain body complements the natural earth color of the flowing water. Vibrant details and intricate carvings on the fountain's surface capture the essence of nature, creating a visually striking piece that is both elegant and understated. A ceramic fountain is a beautiful decorative piece that creates a peaceful and peaceful environment. Its high-quality ceramic material, coordinated color scheme and refined details make it a must-have for any space. Whether you're looking to create a peaceful ambience in your home, office, or meditation space, this fountain is perfect.
Made In: Resin.
Size: Length 25 cm, Wide 22 cm, Height 33 cm.
Weight: About 5kg.
Function: For Wealth, Good Luck.
Put In: Living Room, Store, Office.

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