Japanese-Style Bamboo Fountain Waterfall With Idyllic Zen Flowing Water

Information: The Cornucopia shape and Bamboo Outlet Fountain is a type of decorative fountain that combines the natural beauty of bamboo with the elegant design of a cornucopia of plenty. One of the main attractions of a Fountain is its unique and natural aesthetic. The combination of the bamboo and the cornucopia shape creates a rustic and organic look that can add a touch of nature to any outdoor space. The flowing water adds movement and sound to the fountain, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere. In addition to its decorative value, a Fountain can also provide a number of practical benefits. The flowing water can help to mask unwanted outdoor noises, making it a great choice for homeowners who live in busy or noisy areas. The fountain can also provide a source of humidity, which can be especially beneficial in dry climates. Overall, a Fountain is a unique and beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Its natural aesthetic and calming ambiance make it an attractive choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of nature and relaxation to their gardens or patios.
Made In: Resin.
Size 1: Length 117 cm, Wide 75 cm, Height 117 cm.
Size 2: Length 90 cm, Wide 60 cm, Height 102 cm.
Size 3: Length 126 cm, Wide 60 cm, Height 102 cm.
Weight: About 115kg.
Function: For Harmonious, Happniess, Good Luck, Auspicious.
Put In: Teahouse, Living Room, Restaurant Decoration, Office, Porch, Hotel Lobby.

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