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Backflow Incense Burners

The development history of Chinese incense culture

The history of Chinese people using incense is very early. Incense have been widely used in the life of ancient Chinese, dating back to 770 BC. At that time, from scholar-officials to ordinary people, they all had the habit of wearing sachets and herbs. There is also the custom of hanging incense bags, wearing mugwort, and fighting herbs on the Dragon Boat Festival. The incense sticks are mainly soup and mush incense and ceremonial incense. Boshan-style incense culture is also popular.

In the Han Dynasty, Hua Tuo (145 AD - 208 AD), a famous doctor, made sachets with cloves, baibu and other medicines and hung them in the living room to prevent tuberculosis. Since then, herbal and plant fumigation has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various diseases.

During the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties (581 AD - 959 AD), not only the use of incense was popular, but also the integration of Eastern and Western civilizations enriched various forms of incense burning methods, so the Tang Dynasty had the theory of savour, smelling and having competition in incense.

The heyday of the development of incense was in the Song Dynasty (960AD - 1279AD). The use of incense became an indispensable part of ordinary people's pursuit of a better life, and incense can be seen everywhere in life. There are "incense shops" and "xiang ren" in the street market, as well as merchants specializing in making "seal incense". Even in restaurants, there are "xiang po" who offer incense to customers at any time, and there are also incense medicines that are mixed into food and drink to make incense medicines. Fruits, fragrant medicine syrup, and borneol and musk are added into the Tea .

In the Song and Yuan Dynasties (960AD - 1368AD), smelling incense, having competition of tea, arranging flowers, and hanging paintings became the "four kinds of general affairs" in the elegant life of the upper class. Incense has also become an art so far, and dignitaries and literati often gather to savour incense, and various incense books and incense manuals specializing in the source, carrier, tools and incense making methods also appeared at this time. In the Ming Dynasty (1368AD - 1644AD), the study of incense was combined with Neo-Confucianism and Buddhism to become a subject of meditation and testing Buddhist learning. Buddhists and literati built incense rooms and quiet rooms, and it became fashionable to collect Xuande furnaces.

Li Shizhen, a medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, used incense sticks to "smoke all sores and ringworms".

In the prosperous times of Kangxi and Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, incense became more deeply embedded in daily life. The study case offering a set of three pieces of furnace, bottle and box, as well as incense case and incense table became the typical furnishings of the study. In the medical archives of the Qing Dynasty, the fragrant hair recipes, soap recipes, and fragrant bath recipes used by Empress Dowager Cixi and Guangxu are even richer.

So what is a backflow incense and a backflow incense burner?

The backward flow incense, also known as the downward flow incense, is a special tower incense. There is a small hole inside, mostly of conical hollow type, which is conducive to the downward flow of smoke and flows from top to bottom like flowing water.

The use and principle of backflow incense:

1. The backward flow incense needs to be used with the backflow incense burner. The backflow incense burner has a hole or a slot aligned with the small hole of the tower incense, which is conducive to the downward flow of smoke. After arranging the incense utensils, ignite the backflow incense, let the flame burn slightly for 4-6 seconds, and then fan the fire extinguisher into the back flow incense burner after seeing that the fire is fully burned. At the beginning, no cigarettes will flow from the bottom. After about a minute or two, the cigarettes will change direction and flow out slowly from the bottom.

2. The particles of back flowing cigarettes are heavier than the air. As long as there is no wind in the room and the hot air generated by combustion is isolated, the hot air will not carry the smoke upward, and the smoke will naturally sink. Placing a backflow incense burner with poetic and classical flavor at home can improve the style of the home and create a romantic atmosphere. On a pleasant afternoon, make a pot of tea and light a piece of backflow incense. The snow-white smoke is as light as gauze, slowly falling, and the troubles are eliminated. It can be said that it is the best partner for reading, taking a rest and meditating.

The material, color and shape of the backflow incense burner:

Most of the backflow incense burners are made of wood, stone, pottery, etc. Our incense burners are designed with Chinese characteristics: crane, pine and cypress are symbols of longevity, and they are good gifts for the elderly at home; Modern and fashionable shapes include Buddha's hands, Buddha statues, lotus flowers, etc., which are decorated with colorful lights, and can be sent to friends and companions, elegant and full of Zen; Friends who like nature can choose the shapes of green mountains, green waters and auspicious clouds; Friends who like Chinese culture have the choice of flying dragon; In addition, Halloween pumpkin lanterns can also add fun to your holiday.

Most of the backward flow incense burners are mainly black and dark grayish brown, which can form a sharp contrast with the smoke generated when the incense is burned, and more highlight the atmosphere brought by the smoke.

Backflow incense not only has a high value of visual appreciation, but also plays a role in dispelling evil spirits and turning evil spirits and bringing good fortune in geomancy. However, when we order backflow incense at home, we should pay attention to the following three points:

1. Keep the small environment of incense not ventilated, and ventilate after the incense is finished to make the room full of fragrance. Because in a naturally ventilated environment, its thick smoke will be blown away by the wind, thus losing the ornamental nature of the backward flow incense, and it is also unfavorable for the backward flow incense to give full play to its geomantic effect of avoiding evil, opening up good fortune and transforming evil spirits.

2. Avoid selecting chemically synthesized inferior tassels. The shape design of backflow incense is generally hollow in the middle of the upper tip and the lower circle, so it is called tower incense or cone incense. We must choose pure raw materials of tassels, preferably natural spices such as agarwood and sandalwood, so as not to harm our physical and mental health, but also to help us cultivate ourselves and calm down.

3. Do not put the backflow incense burner in the bedroom. The fragrance of the backflow incense is stronger than that of the general incense. If it is placed in the bedroom, the excessively strong fragrance is not conducive to sleep. In the long run, it is harmful to health.