The last thing any of us want, after a hard day working or traveling, is to return home to a dark, unwelcoming environment. Returning to a nurturing sanctuary, approached through a pleasant, meandering and well-lit environment, is ideal. And of all the Feng Shui considerations, the entrance approach to and direction of the front door are the most important. The approach to the home is representative of the image we present to the world, and can be indicative of the view we have of ourselves. Living in an apartment may limit what you can do, but the same principles apply. It's necessary to distinguish your own special part of the block. Make it unique, and be creative-use a colorful doormat, introduce plants, lights, mirrors.
And inside, your home should be as welcoming as the approach.

Having a place of transition between the outside world and your personal space is a tradition followed in China and Japan. This place of transition is located at the main entrance of your home. It's a place to stop, rest, take a deep breath and remove your shoes. Try to create such a space, perhaps through the use of screens or curtains. This will allow you to leave the pressures of the day behind and unwind. Also, walls opposite an entrance will obstruct it, doing little to create positive Qi.

Front gardens quickly fill up with stagnant energy unless we're careful. We need to avoid placing garbage cans in the front garden, as they can seriously affect how we feel when we return home. Place them instead behind a hedge or fencing, toward the back or side of the house. If there is no alternative to locating the garbage can in the front garden, try concealing it with an attractive pot plant, interesting garden sculpture or tall terracotta pot filled with river pebbles or shells.

The location and direction of entrances and doorways are believed to strongly influence individual fortunes, and fortunes of your household and/or workplace. Feng Shui practitioners believe enhancing your personal wealth can be facilitated by checking whether an entrance is auspicious for you. If the main entrance is not located in your best direction, check for another entrance you can use. If this is not an option, you can still increase the positive energy flowing into your home-keeping the entrance to your home well lit will clarify your future, and fixing a broken doorbell may prompt job offers and enhance your social life.


Straight paths from the street to the front door conduct too much Qi, leaving us with little time to unwind. Ideally, paths should meander gently through a leafy, well-lit garden. This serves as a clear distinction between work and home, allowing us time to relax. Paths and entrances in urban environments are often cluttered with cars. Walkways and lanes are often narrow, dark and constrained-they may mirror our approach to life.

Front Doors

The front door is regarded as the "mouth" of the home, because it is where energy comes into your home. In Feng Shui, the direction of the front door is important; ideally, the door should also be unpretentious, practical, and in proportion. A front door which captures the sun will help you capture fame, fortune, and longevity. A view from your front door through to your back door is bad Feng Shui, as showing your guests the back door as soon as they arrive is considered impolite. It also means that Qi will run straight through, without having the chance to move around your home. A crystal or wind chimes hanging inside the front door will help remedy this situation; a folding screen, small wall or plant would also do. The front door shouldn't line up with or face a bathroom door or a mirror-a mirror will deflect good Qi entering the house, sending it directly out again. Make sure the front door isn't rusty or squeaky, and that it is painted. Keep a porch light on at night even when you're away.

In Feng Shui, the grander the main door, the more auspicious the home. However, beware of doors that are out of proportion with the home. Solid doors are preferable to transparent or see-through doors, and wood is better than glass or steel.

Wind chimes or crystals hanging inside the front door help remedy the taboo of visitors seeing the back door from the entrance. It is considered impolite (and bad Feng Shui) to show your guests the back door as soon as they arrive. If wind chimes or crystals don't appeal to you, a folding screen, small wall or plant will also do.

A front door which captures the sun is thought to help you capture fame, fortune, and longevity. Also, as with this home, it is important to keep the entrance clutter free and to keep fresh flowers there. Be scrupulous with the repair of doors throughout your home, especially the front door, as it's an indicator of energy flowing throughout the house. Keep doors freshly painted in bright, vivid colors.

Placing a potted plant or a container of flowers on either side of the front door is good Feng Shui. It's even better if they're jade "money plants - these are thought to bring wealth and long life. Plants are great poison arrow diffusers and can deflect negative Qi at the front of your home.