Luxury Creative Housewarming Simple Water Fountain

Information: The beautifully elegant fountain with LED light ring, the perfect addition to any home or office. The fountain is uniquely designed, with water gushing out from the top and sprinkled on the leaves in layers. This design implies that the sisters will be promoted and the wealth will be prosperous. It is the best choice for those who want to improve their wealth. The LED light ring emits a soft halo, lighting up the space while bringing a luxurious atmosphere. The structure of the fountain is made of metal material, with a smooth and round appearance, which brings good luck to the person who owns it. The calming and soothing sound of running water is ideal for those looking to create a relaxing and peaceful environment in their home or office. The metal material of the fountain is dazzling, and the lines are smooth, which makes the home not monotonous, enhances the style, and highlights the breath of life. The flowing water passes through the atomizer, accompanied by brilliant lights, emitting bursts of mist, making people feel like they are in a fairyland. Exquisite iron forging ensures that the fountain is not easy to deform, and the high-temperature baking paint fixes the color and keeps it new for a long time. The design of the fountain features the Deer God, which is considered auspicious and attracts wealth and treasures, allowing individuals to move forward step by step towards their goals. The continuous sound of the spring water, such as Ming Peihuan, is an auspicious sign, indicating that there will be a steady stream of wealth and good luck. More than just an ornament, this fountain is an auspicious symbol, making it a great choice for anyone looking to elevate their home or office while attracting positive energy and prosperity. With its unique design, LED light ring and intricate iron forgings, this fountain is sure to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space it occupies.
Made In: Iron.
Size 1: Length 25 cm, Wide 25 cm, Height 81 cm.
Size 2: Length 29 cm, Wide 24 cm, Height 149 cm.
Weight: About 20kg.
Function: For Harmonious, Happniess, Good Luck, Auspicious.
Put In: Teahouse, Living Room, Restaurant Decoration, Office, Porch, Hotel Lobby.

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