Feng Shui Ball Rockery Lucky Flowing Water Fountain Ornament

Information: It's a beautiful and versatile addition to any space. There is a pair of stag and doe at the top of the fountain, which symbolizes the coming of success and prosperity. Designed to create a decent ambience and deliver good wishes, perfect for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. The Deer Fountain complements each other with ornate lanterns and water spheres for a stunning display. The water polo rotates with the water flow, forming a beautiful rhythm, which adds to the charm of the fountain. The trapezoidal flowing water design adds vitality and depth to the fountain, and the water flows in layers, symbolizing steady ascent and successful career. The fountain also has an atomization function, which can liquefy water to form water mist and increase indoor humidity. This combination of art and humidification makes the fountain a versatile product, perfect for use in any space. Clear water gushes out from the top of the fountain and flows slowly down the flowing water wall. The flowing water is sparkling under the illumination of the light, sparkling and beautiful. Lu fountains are made of resin, an environmentally friendly material that is resistant to corrosion and stains. It's easy care, easy to clean, colorfast and durable, making it perfect for outdoor use. It weathers the elements, ensuring it will remain beautiful for years to come. The Deer Fountain is a beautiful and versatile product that adds charm and elegance to any space. With its stunning design and thoughtful symbolism, it is perfect for personal use or as a gift for a loved one. The combination of art and humidification makes it a versatile product that is as functional as it is beautiful, while the use of resin ensures its durability.
Made In: Resin.
Size 1: Length 44 cm, Wide 42 cm, Height 142 cm.
Size 2: Length 54 cm, Wide 45 cm, Height 176 cm.
Weight: About 72kg.
Function: For Harmonious, Happniess, Good Luck, Auspicious.
Put In: Teahouse, Living Room, Restaurant Decoration, Office, Porch, Hotel Lobby.

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