Dry Tree Design Flowing Water Fountain Bonsai

Information: This fountain features a deadwood design that adds rustic charm to the overall design. It is also decorated with clay pots and stone mills, creating a natural microscopic landscape that captivates your senses. One of the most interesting aspects of a fountain is that it allows for DIY greenery landscaping and decoration. You can choose your favorite plants and arrange them around the fountain to create your own mini garden. This not only increases the aesthetic appeal of the fountain, but also helps to cultivate noble sentiments and promote a healthy lifestyle. The fountain's circulating water and atomizers help to effectively regulate the humidity of the surrounding environment. This is especially beneficial for people who live in dry climates or suffer from respiratory problems. The water flows slowly from top to bottom, symbolizing eternal life and prosperity. The fountain is refined through multiple processes such as primer, color rubbing, paint sweeping, and color tracing. Environmentally friendly paint is used to create delicate and bright colors, making the fountain stand out. The shape of the fountain is lifelike, and the posture and expression of the object are outlined with streamlines. This makes the fountain look almost like a real natural scene frozen in time. The sound of running water in the fountain is therapeutic and helps to silence the noise of everyday life, allowing you to relax and enjoy the natural, laid-back atmosphere it creates. Whether you're looking to improve the ambience of your home or office, or just looking for a piece of art that will help you unwind, a fountain is the perfect choice. A fountain is a unique and stunning piece of art that combines natural elements with modern technology to create a calm and refreshing atmosphere in any space. With its DIY landscaping of greenery, natural microscapes, and soothing sounds of running water, the fountain is the perfect addition to any home or office looking to foster a sense of calm and relaxation.
Made In: Resin.
Size: Length 60 cm, Wide 56 cm, Height 110 cm.
Weight: About 62kg.
Function: For Harmonious, Happniess, Good Luck, Auspicious.
Put In: Teahouse, Living Room, Restaurant Decoration, Office, Porch, Hotel Lobby.

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