Ancient Rhyme Pastoral Rain Curtain Flowing Water Fountain Decoration

Information: The flowing clear water symbolizes a continuous stream of wealth, with its gentle and continuous flow. The Zen-style night light, set against a night sky seemingly draped in a blue curtain and studded with sparkling stars, is deeply intoxicating. The combination of stone and moss, caught in a fleeting glance, brings forth a rush of greenery that refreshes the spirit during times of fatigue. The yellow earth house style is both realistic and expressive, with a rain curtain flowing smoothly from the eaves, creating an endless source of water. The light, like moonlight on a dark night, illuminates the surroundings, casting a holy atmosphere over the world. My senses become blurred, and my soul is uplifted in this sacred place.
Made In: Ceramic + Wood.
Size: Length 41.5 cm, Wide 13.5 cm, Height 34.5 cm.
Weight: About 5kg.
Function: For Wealth, Good Luck
Put In: Living Room, Store, Office.

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