Indoor Waterfall

Indoor Waterfall Decoration

What is an indoor waterfall decoration?

In China's feng shui, water plays an extremely important role in residential feng shui and corporate feng shui. So somebody who have a little understanding of feng shui know that whether it is a fish tank or other flowing water decorations, it is necessary to adjust the feng shui aura and create a good feng shui pattern. Indispensable, especially the touch of agility brought by water, the effect is very intuitive.

Where is the best place to place waterfall?

People have luck, and houses have luck, and the feng shui format of each house is different. Therefore, the good and bad directions of each house are also different. Different feng shui decorations, placed in different directions, form the peaks in Feng Shui. If the wrong decorations are placed in the direction where the evil spirit of the malevolent star is, it will attract the corresponding evil spirit just like a mobile phone receives signals. Come over, produce bad feng shui effect. Therefore, you should have a corresponding understanding of the feng shui format of the house, know where the good and bad positions of the house are, and then choose the appropriate accessories to place them in order to receive the effect of attracting good and bad luck.

The house is rich and sparsely populated, so a feng shui mascot should be placed. There are many families living in villas and mansions, and the population is not large. In such a feng shui environment, it is difficult for people's aura to gather, unable to suppress the aura of the house, forming an unfavorable feng shui pattern, affecting the wealth of the family and the health of the family. Such families can keep pets at home, increase the fluidity of the aura, or place some mascots for adjustment at the same time.

How to arrange the feng shui of waterfall decorations?

The living room at home is very suitable for placing rockery and flowing water, like a waterfall. Feng shui promotes wealth and enhances a good career in life. The flow of water, the movement of stones, the rolling of money, the continuous flow of water increases the dynamic and aura of your work and living space, coupled with the use of metaphysics, it will continue to flow to you. Bring in a steady stream of money. 

Water is wealth, and when it encounters water, it encounters wealth. The flowing living water, due to the running of the water flow, produces water that will inevitably urge wealth to be transferred. The waterfall is placed in an offset position in the home, which plays the role of dispelling evil and warding off evil. The direction of the water flowing into the house can gather wealth; it is not advisable that the water flow in the opposite direction outside the house will lead to loss of wealth.

Placing the waterfall in the ominous place can reduce the effect of evil spirits, increase the spiritual energy, and add vitality to the home. The waterfall should not be placed behind the sofa: From a feng shui point of view, it is not appropriate to use water as the backer, because water is impermanent, and relying on it as the backer will make it difficult to obtain stability. Therefore, if the waterfall is placed behind the sofa, and the whole family sits there every day, it will be unreliable and affect the stability of the house. And if you put the waterfall next to the sofa, it will not hinder the feng shui of the house.

What feng shui effect does waterfall have?

Firstly, waterfall can bring vigor and vitality.

In our inherent impression, many home feng shui decorations bring wealth to the family, but few bring vigor and vitality to the family. In fact, in the knowledge of home feng shui decorations, the role of bringing vigor and vitality to the family is very particular. Because this general requirement is that every family must have living water, and the meaning of living water is flowing water. The water flowing in Feng Shui is a symbol of vigor and vitality in the family.

Secondly, waterfall can bring fortune.

In Feng Shui, it is said that a family can only have wealth if it has vitality, so many families choose to put some home decorations, such as Pixiu decorations, crystal decorations, etc. in order to bring better wealth to the family, but the best among them is running water. Because according to the knowledge of home fortune and feng shui, it can be known that liquidity is very helpful for wealth. The flowing water of home decorations is to use the fluidity of water to effectively improve the evil spirit in the room, thereby gathering more wealth in the home.

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