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31 products

Indoor Water Fountain Decoration

What is an indoor water fountain decoration?

Water fountain is a modern decoration, which will be referred to as "flowing water" or "fountain" or "waterscape", and also called "feng shui spring", "feng shui fish tank", "fountain fish tank" and "flowing water fish tank". Generally, there is a high and low drop, and there is a pool or water tank below. The water is pumped from the pool or water tank below to a high place by a small water pump and sprayed or poured out according to the original set channel, and then flows down and falls into the pool to complete the water cycle. Some products will also be equipped with atomizers and colored lights, and most of the products are made of resin.

What are the benefits of placing a water fountain?

The Chinese people pay attention to the harmony between human and the environment, and aim at the realm of "Human beings are an integral part of nature", that is, we should choose the living environment to conform to the laws of cosmic changes. This is the core of Feng Shui, because the objective environment will affect our subjective Feeling.

So, when our living environment cannot be changed, and we can't move away from the current environment for the time being, but there is no good Feng Shui house in the ideal living area, how can we improve Feng Shui and achieve a harmonious state?

We can improve feng shui, which includes health and fortune, by adjusting the environment of our homes.

The method of adjustment is preferred to place the water fountain indoors.

The water fountain can not only provide viewing functions, but also help the home to purify the air, dust removal and humidification, bring vigor to the home, make the house full of vitality, and the sound of running water makes people feel the refreshing breath that penetrates into the lungs, as if nature is there be around, let each family member relax and refresh the body, play a role in relieving work pressure, and achieve the purpose of cultivating the mood, calming down, and enjoying love and peace.

Moreover, it has a very obvious role in attracting wealth and gathering wealth in feng shui, and it is also one of the ten mascots of feng shui.

In China, there is a saying that "water is money", "when you encounter water, you will get rich, and living water can accumulate wealth", living water means flowing water, and the water fountain can not only increase the humidity of the home environment, but also purify the surrounding environment. Take away bad luck, bring good luck, take away poverty, and bring abundant wealth; create a good living and working space for us, so that the body and mind of the whole family are nourished by joy and wealth.

The flowing water continuously circulated by the flowing water fountain can drive the home's aura to operate, improve the home's magnetic field, and continuously promote the aura's metabolism. In this way, good luck will gradually gather, and more and more will be gathered, forming a good energy field. The continuous flow of water from the fountain will bring rolling wealth and continuous good luck.

With so many benefits of water fountains, how to place the water fountains?

First of all, the position of the water fountain is to make the water flow in the direction of the room. Do not let the water flow in the direction of the door, otherwise the wealth of the family will flow out.

Secondly, don't put the water fountain behind the sofa, because it is backed by water, and the fluidity of water will cause continuous twists and turns in life, the ups and downs of life. But can be put on the side of the sofa, so that it will not affect feng shui.

Finally, the water fountain should be far away from your own kitchen , especially around the stove, and must not be in a straight line with the stove, in this way, which will is incompatible as fire and water.

Learning to adjust the feng shui at home and placing feng shui decorations such as water fountains or other geomantic ornaments in the correct and appropriate positions can bring better luck, good fortune and wealth to our family and business.

Where else can the water fountain be placed?

In addition to being placed at home, the water fountain can also be placed in offices, studios and some larger occasions, such as exhibition centers and hotels, etc.

There are so many styles of running water fountains, how to choose?

The water decorations are all made of traditional Chinese classical styles, such as lotus flowers, which "emerge from the mud without being stained", which means that they are still clean and new even in a dirty environment; there are also peach blossoms, which means grand plans and happy love; There are traditional Chinese mascots, such as the peacock: good luck, happiness and have a bright future; dragon: flying dragon in the sky; Pixiu: bring in wealth and treasure -- felicitous wish of making money, etc. These mascots are matched with running water, according to personal preferences and the principle of The five elements complement each other of the house, put the water fountain in place and let good things surround us.