Vietnam Nha Trang Backflow Incense Cones

Information: This backflow incense is made from natural Vietnamese incense materials, is pure in origin, has strong oiliness, old-fashioned workmanship, full grains, fast smoke output, simple and fresh aroma. Suitable for many occasions.
Made in: Natural Nha Trang Agarwood Powder, Nanmu Sticky Powder..
Shape: Tower Spices.
Size: Type A - Diameter 1.6 cm, Height 2.7 cm.; Type B, Diameter 1.7 cm - Height 4.5 cm.
Quantity: 38/58.
Gift Wrapped: Yes.
Options: Aloeswood in Nha Trang Vietnam, Handmade Aloes in Nha Trang, Sandalwood in Nha Trang Vietnam.
Put in: Living Room, Study, Club, Tearoom, Bedroom, Office.

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