Feng Shui Decoration

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Decoration are items placed in the home referred to in folk geomancy.

The world is everywhere, the past and the present, the mysterious power, the pattern that you have to believe in. Feng Shui scholarship has been developed in China for thousands of years, and it must have its scientific and rationality. So whether you are praying for family safety or seeking success in everything, is it for business successfully or quickly go up in the world. You can't underestimate the power of Feng Shui scholarship, and don't miss the great opportunity to let your Opportunity Knocks! When it comes to "Feng Shui", we have to talk about a variety of ornaments. Different materials and styles have different mysterious powers. Silver ornaments to ward off evil spirits, jade can keep the house safe, golden can bring more wealth, and peach wood conducive to success. Carved into different shapes can be different uses. "Feng Shui Ball" can reverse your fortune, "Feng Shui wheel" carries good luck, the elephant symbolizes good luck, and the dragon and turtle symbolize longevity. "Pi Xiu" symbolizes the prosperous official career, and prevents the villains from being slandered! Various shapes can also be blessed by eminent monks, and the prayers of soul boy are even more mysterious and effective. Standing feng shui decorations at home, in the office, or in the car when you are traveling, it is absolutely indispensable for home and travel, and it can also make yourself more lucky and guard against villains. Feng Shui decorations are only suitable for people who are predestined. When you get one, you can let your fortune grow and let yourself be lucky!

There are seven types of Feng Shui: Wealth Feng Shui, Love Feng Shui, Career Feng Shui, Lucky Feng Shui, Home Feng Shui, House Feng Shui, Office Feng Shui. Let's take a look at the placement of different types of Feng Shui, how can we be more fortunate and successful.

(1) Feng Shui For Wealth

Among the many mascots in Chinese folklore, five of them are specially designed to improve wealth. Let'us introduce them to you:

Chinese folk-custom prosperous mascot:

The First Type: "Pi Xiu", along with kylin and dragons are legendary beasts. According to legend, "Pi Xiu" is a ferocious beast, and this beast is divided into female and male. The male is called "Pix" and the female is called "Xiu", but now there is no such thing as a male and a female. In the south of China, most people like to call this kind of beast "Pi Xiu", while in the north it is still called "Ward off evil spirits". Placing "Pi Xiu" in an appropriate position can achieve the effect of prospering wealth. According to legend, "Pi Xiu" is the most commonly used and most effective wealth-giving item among the folks. If you wear "Pi Xiu" items around your neck, be sure not to let people see them. If it is a home furnishing, its mouth must be facing the window or the door, so as to help you get rich.

There are many shapes of "Pi Xiu", which are difficult to subdivide. The more popular shape is a horn on the head, a long mane curled up all over the body, and some have two wings, tendrils on the tail."Pi Xiu" is a fierce beast. It is the sacred beast followed by the Taoist guardian god Wang Lingguan, and a general of the Taoist Thunder Department, it has the effect of deterring and warding off evil spirits. In ancient times, it was used to protect the tomb. It was the guardian beast of the tomb. It can be seen in front of the tomb of the ancient tomb, showing its courage.

"Pi Xiu" has always liked the taste of money. Placing the "Pi Xiu" in a proper place in the house or office can be effective in reaping wealth.

The placement of "Pi Xiu" is exquisite. Either it is facing the door or the window. If you can't do one of these two key points, don't bring it back home, it's useless.

To consecrate the "Pi Xiu", it is best not to be touched by anyone except yourself. If someone accidentally touches it, wash it with salt water to get rid of bad luck. (Remarks: Consecration, commonly known as opening the light in the old language, is mostly used on gods or religious artworks. It is through religious rituals to invite gods to enter the gods or religious artworks with spiritual power.)

When buying "Pi Xiu", you should choose those with big heads, big mouths, scaly armor, fierce looks, big buttocks, copper bell-like eyes, auspicious tail, refreshed; do not buy those are tangible and godless, looks dazed. The jade is of the best quality. After three years of wearing the jade, the spiritual power in it will be integrated with the owner. It protects the owner even if it is not consecrated, and it is better for the jade with floccules.

Many people like to put a pair of stone lions at the door of their homes. In fact, unless they are a wealthy family, if the house is not more than hundreds of square meters, using lions to protect the house will be counterproductive. As for "kylin", although it is more gentle than the stone lion, but this kind of beast is too righteous, it is more than enough to exorcism, but it is not enough to attract wealth. After all, "Pi Xiu" is the most popular. There are as many as 72 kinds of "Pi Xiu", of which 26 are the more negative ones, which are not used. The others are widely used in feng shui and improving luck. It can not only protect the house from evil, but also attract wealth. In particular, has a miraculous effect on attracting windfall.

What material of "Pi Xiu" is suitable for you to wear?

Generally, there are three types of materials for making "Pi Xiu". Different materials of "Pi Xiu" have different effects, but the best effect is the jade King of Jade "Pi Xiu", which has the greatest power to promote wealth and avoid evil.

Jadeite jade originally possesses the aura of all things. Of course, the "Pi Xiu" carved with jade is more effective, and generally jade carvings are worn on the body, which can protect your body.

How to take care of your "Pi Xiu"?

"Pi Xiu" is a beast, a beast that attracts wealth. "Pi Xiu" was the totem of two ancient clans. (Interpretation of totem: people in primitive society believe that a certain animal or natural object related to the clan is generally used as a symbol of the clan.) Legend has it that they have helped the two emperors of "Yan" and "Huang" fight for meritorious service, and they have been given the title of "Tianlu Beast", which are always auspicious things coming. It protects treasures for the emperor and is also a symbol of the royal family, called "Emperor Treasure". Because "Pi Xiu" specializes in eating beasts and evil spirits, it is also called "Exorcising evil spirits". Ancient Chinese Fengshui scholars believed that "Pi Xiu" was a mythical beast that turned disaster into auspiciousness. Note: The interpretation of the two emperors of "Yan" and "Huang", the two tribal leaders in the mythology of the Han nationality, "Yandi" and "Huangdi".

The staple food of "Pi Xiu" is gold and silver jewelry. It is naturally full of treasures. Therefore, it is deeply favored by the Jade Emperor and the Dragon King. However, it had eat too much, so it has diarrhea. The Jade Emperor was very angry, and slapped him down. As a result, he hit "Pi Xiu" in the ass, and the anus was sealed. Since then, gold, silver and jewellery can only be entered but not exited, so "Pi Xiu" is regarded as a lucky beast that attracts wealth and treasures.

"Pi Xiu" is also divided into male and female. In folklore, the male "Pi Xiu" represents the fortune of wealth, while the female "Pi Xiu" represents the treasury. If you have money, you must have a treasury to keep it. Therefore, the use of "Pi Xiu" mostly collects one pair at a time. They can really recruit fortune and treasure. But if you want to wear it on your body, it's better to have one to avoid fighting.

"Pi Xiu" is lazy and likes to sleep, so it's best to pick it up and touch it every day, play with it, or hang a bell around his neck, shake him every day to wake him up, and wealth will naturally follow coming.

If it is a "Pi Xiu" hanging on the neck, it must not be seen by people. If it is a home furnishings, be sure to let its mouth point towards the window or door, so as to help you attract wealth and protect the house.

"Pi Xiu" has twenty-six shapes, which can be transformed into many different bodies, unpredictable. It has a big mouth, a big belly, no anus, only eats but does not excrete, it symbolizes that wealth from all directions is gathered here, only eating but not excrete. At the same time, it can protect your home and ward off evil spirits, specially gather wealth and control power for the host. The important thing is to consecrate, otherwise it is still a handicraft, only appreciative but not spiritual.

How to Select "Pi Xiu"?

1. Pick the one with a big mouth and good chewing ability. If the mouth is not big enough, it won't be able to make more money.

2. You need to pick a big butt, and a big butt can pretend to be more.

3. The eyes must be energetic so that they can see clearly.

The Second Type: "Golden Toad". It is a toad with three legs. It is different from other four-legged toads. It can spray money. According to legend, it was originally a fairy. but was later conquered by "LiuHaijiang" Demon Master. To reverse the evil and return to righteousness, help the poor everywhere, and spray money to help people, so they were later regarded as wealthy beasts. It is said that "Golden Toad" likes to live in the treasure land, wherever the three-legged toad lives, there are many treasures underground. This is the principle of using money toads in Feng Shui. The most important thing in placing "Golden Toad" at home is to turn its mouth toward you, so that you can spray money to yourself.

Different types of "Golden Toad"

Different shapes of "Golden Toad" are standing in different ways. For "Golden Toad" with coin in the mouth, it is best to keep the mouth facing the room or inside the company, otherwise the money it spray out will be lost. Outside, it can't play a role in making money and recruiting luck. Or choose the financial position according to your own "Five Elements and Eight Characters", which can also have a good Feng Shui effect.

1. Mouth with Coin

Lucky "Golden Toad" is divided into two types: the mouth with coin and the mouth does not has coin. So what should you pay attention to when placing the lucky "Golden Toad" with money in the mouth? " "Golden Toad" When there is money in his mouth, when it is placed, the right side should turn to the inside. In places such as companies, residences, the "Golden Toad" with coin in the mouth cannot face to the door, it means that the money will spray out the door. That it is bad for wealth.

2. Mouth without Coin

For the "Golden Toad" who has no money in their mouths, it is placed in a different way from the "Golden Toad" who has money in their mouths. Its head has to be turned to the door of the company or residence to attract the luck of making money. But be careful not to face the door directly with head, it should be slightly tilted to avoid offending the door god.

Taboos of "Golden Toad":

1. "Golden Toad" cannot be placed face the fish tank

There is a saying in house feng shui that you will get rich when you encounter water, but it is not when it comes to Wealth feng shui. When we placed "Golden Toad", don't put the head of "Golden Toad" towards the fish tank. So if you want to keep your money, pay attention to the position. In addition to avoiding water, it cannot be placed under the beam.

2. Avoid directly facing the toilet and kitchen

"Golden Toad" can't face the toilet and kitchen except too. Because the kitchen and toilet are places where dirty smells are produced, if you keep it facing these two places for a long time, then the spirituality of "Golden Toad" will be weakened, so special attention is needed.

The Third Type: goldfish, koi: it takes the meaning of "a rich life, every year there is excess wealth and food!", the common "nine fish drawing" is the picture with nine "koi" or "goldfish". " "Fish" has been regarded as an auspicious thing since ancient times, because "fish" and "Yu" are Homophones in Chinese. As the saying goes, "you have surplus every year", and "nine" means long-lasting auspiciousness. Sometimes a pair of fish is placed in the interior decoration, which also means surplus every year.

The best orientation of the fish ornaments is the direction of the entrance door, or towards the east, which can improve the wealth of the family and promote our wealth and prosperity in the future. If it is unable to face the entrance door due to the structural problems of the house, then it is best to place the Fish with its head facing east. Because the water flows eastward, the fortune will be better if the water flows, and the wealth will be hindered if the water is upstream.

Taboos for placing fish ornaments:

1. Avoid placing it facing the kitchen

Fish ornament are a kind of decoractions of the "five elements" belonging to water. If we place them, we need to think about the question of mutual growth and restraint of the attributes of the "five elements", so we should avoid direct facing with the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is a place where the five elements belong to water. "Incompatible with water and fire", so the fish should not be placed facing with the kitchen, it is harmful to family health the health of the family.

2. Avoid placing it in a not auspicious position

In the home space, there are auspicious positions and wealth positions, and naturally there are evil positions and unlucky positions. Generally, we have to place decorations to protect the house and improve the fortune in the evil position and the unlucky position, and do not put fish ornaments with the meaning of lucky and prosperous in it, or the future will have a great negative impact on Feng Shui in our home, which may in turn lead to wealth loss.

The Fourth Type: Fortune Pig. Fatness is regarded as a symbol of wealth. Therefore, in some places, standing a Fortune Pig indoors or store can also be regarded as the meaning of attracting wealth.

What is the meaning of the lucky feng shui pig decoration?

The pig is a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness in the history of traditional Chinese culture. The upper structure of the Chinese character "家" symbolizes a house, and the lower "亥" means a pig. The house plus the character "亥" (wealth) equals home. So wherever there is a home, there should be a pig. The pig has a fat and round appearance. It is traditionally considered a symbol of wealth and blessing, so people especially like lucky pigs when they create feng shui space and choose accessories to aid luck.

Throughout history, pigs usually appear when such major events as worship and sacrifice take place. It is the meaning of increasing wealth. In addition to the ability of attracting wealth, lucky pigs can also guard the house, boost prosperity and protect the family's health. This is because pigs are strong and usually seldom get sick, so they are regarded as beasts of well-being. Guarding the house is because the pig is large and heavyweight, and has the effect of warding off evil spirits. The reason for promoting prosperity is that pigs can eat, sleep, and have a happy mood and fat body.

Where to Place the Fortune Feng Shui Pig?

We use Fortune Pig to promote prosperity, and we need to find a suitable location for it. Since it is used to seek wealth, it must be close to the air outlet. Generally, we recommend to put it at the window or the entrance of the door. This is because both of these are air-receiving outlets. The pig's head facing outwards can absorb wealth and attract wealth to the household. We must be careful not to be stand it close to the two areas - the kitchen and toilet, because of the power of feng shui decorations may interfere with water vapor and muddy air.

The Fifth Type: God of Wealth, God of Wealth is divided into "Wencaishen" and "Wucaishen", Zhao Gongming, Emperor Guan is regarded as "Wucaishen", Emperor Wenchang is "Wencaishen", and "Wucaishen" is the type of "Guan Gong", which should be used outside the door. "Wencaishen" should be placed inside the door for the God of Wealth. Official competition must be backed by "Wencaishen", and market competition must be backed by "Wucaishen".

The God of Wealth is one of the benevolent gods generally enshrined by the Chinese folk, and it is also a very common feng shui decoration. In traditional Chinese folk concepts, the God of Wealth is considered to be the god in charge of the wealth of the world, if he receives his blessing, he will definitely be able to make a lot of money and make his home rich. Therefore, every New Year, every household hangs or places some statues of the God of Wealth, hoping that the God of Wealth will bless us for good fortune. Many people tend to put a statue of the God of Wealth in their homes in order to be at ease, hoping for a good omen.

The gods in charge of financial resources are divided into two categories: one is Taoist grants, and the other is folk beliefs. Taoism bestowed the title of "Tianguan Tianshen", and folk beliefs were named "Tianguan Tianxian".

1. "Wencaishen": There are two "Wencaishen", which are divided into "Caibo Xingjun" and "Lu Xing" which is one of "Fu Lu Shou".

(1) "Caibo Xingjun": He has a blessed posture. He is an elder with a long white moustache, dressed in brocade clothes and a jade belt, and looks like a rich man. According to legend, he is the "Taibai Star" of the Heavenly, and belongs to the Golden God. His title in the heavenly is "Doutian Zhifu Caibo Xingjun", and he is in charge of the world's gold, silver and wealth; therefore, many people who seek for money respect him very much. Some even incense worship day and night.

(2) The three gods of "Fu Lu Shou": "Fu Xing" holds a child in his hands, symbolizing the blessing of having children and everything. "Lu Xing" was dressed in luxurious court clothes and held a jade wishful in his hands, symbolizing that he would become an official and promotion of official positions and increase wealth. "Shou Xing" holds the peaches in his hand, with a happy and peaceful smile on his face, symbolizing well-being and longevity. Among the three gods of "Fu, Lu and Shou", originally only "Lu Xing" was the god of wealth; but because the three gods are usually a trinity, the two gods of Fu and Shou are also regarded as the gods of wealth together.

2. "Wucaishen": There are two "Wucaishen", one is "Guan Gong" with a red face and long beard, and the other is "Zhao Gongming" with a calm face.

(1) "Guan Gong": "Guan Gong" (Guan Yu) was originally named Guan Yu, which means flying to the sky, and was a famous general in the Three Kingdoms era. With a mighty image, he is not only loyal and moving, but also able to attract wealth and protect wealth from evil. it's important to note that the directions for placing "Wencaishen" and "Wucaishen" are different and must be clearly distinguished! The peaceful "Wencaishen", whether it is "Caibo Xingjun" or "Fu Lu Shou", should face the house Inside, not outside. Otherwise, it will send money outside the house! As for the majestic "Wucaishen", it should face outside the house or face the door, so that on the one hand, it can attract wealth and enter the house, while at the same time guarding the door to prevent foreign evils from invading.

(2) "Zhao Gongming": also known as "Zhao Xuan", is a majestic and powerful general, "Zhao Gongming" this "Wucaishen". According to folklore, he can subdue goblins and demons, and also attract wealth and good luck. Therefore, many merchants in the north prefer to enshrine it in shops; while merchants in the south mostly enshrine "Guan Gong."

(2) Feng Shui For Love

Marriage is one of the most important things in a person's life, because marriage means that you are already a family. And marriage requires two people to take care of each other, both sides are equal, so that marriage can go on forever. In order to promote the happiness of marriage between husband and wife, so what good Feng Shui decoration can be placed?

1. Peach wood "bagua" dragon and phoenix mirror

The peach wood "bagua" dragon and phoenix mirror is specially designed to adjust the relationship of couples. In order to prevent the crisis of the relationship between the couple, prevent the extramarital affairs and the third party from disturbing, maintain and enhance the relationship between the couple. The peach wood "bagua" dragon and phoenix mirror is only suitable for hanging in the master bedroom. It does not work well in other places, especially in dirty places such as toilets.

2. Long-lasting Lily Pen Holder

Long-lasting lily pen holder is designed for the feelings of husband and wife, and it has the meaning of getting together for a hundred years. Putting a group photo of two people in the pen holder, the effect is better. It can be placed on the office desk, writing desk , bed cabinet. It is generally recommended for women to send to men, and it is better to use men's desks.

3. Booming Flowers and a Full Moon

It represents the couple's marital harmony and life is sweet. It is the most suitable place for newlyweds in the new house. It can be placed on desks, guest tables, dressing tables, etc. Recommended for newlyweds.

4. Peach Blossom Chop (It's the Peach Wood Sword!)

"Tao Hua Jian" specializes in killing the mistress, and must be used by couples who have an affair. The effect is better when used in conjunction with the peach wood "bagua" dragon and phoenix mirror. It is suitable for hanging on the wall of the bedside of the person who has an affair, generally facing the head, except for the mistress, it will not harm the fortune of the person. It is best to hang the peach blossom chop on the wall, do not to put it in a ceramic container, metal container and red container. Remarks: The image of "Peach Blossom chop" is a sword inserted into the peach blossom, meaning that the sword is used to remove the peach blossom evil spirit.

5. Dragon and Phoenix Matching

The "Tridacna" have a maximum diameter of about 4 cm. The natural "Tridacna" exquisite necklace has been specially treated by religious consecration and culture. "Tridacna" is considered by Buddhism to be the whitest shell in the world, and it is also considered to be the hardest shell in the world. It symbolizes the purity and firmness of love. It is one of the rare and precious shells, white and immaculate for everlasting feelings. The dragon and phoenix tridacna necklaces are suitable for men and women to wear separately, to protect the affection and love forever, can be worn anywhere. It's best for the woman to give it to the man.

6. Heart to Heart

"Heart to Heart" is a couple buckle, heart to heart, heart in the heart, also a symbol of love and sincerity connected, can be worn with you. Suitable for couples, recommended to be given to each other. Heart to Heart is not suitable for students and children. It is only suitable for couples. Wearing by students will cause inattention and lower academic performance.

7. Mandarin Ducks

The pictures of mandarin ducks are generally placed in the master bedroom and bridal chamber. Symbolic meaning: love, happiness. Mandarin ducks are inseparable, male in left and female in right, so the ancients called it "Pi Niao". There is a legend about this bird that if the spouse is widowed, the spouse will no longer match for life. Therefore, many people send "Mandarin Duck Playing in the Water Picture" to newlyweds. Mandarin ducks are the best mascots to bless husbands and wives in harmony and happiness. From ancient times to the present, mandarin ducks have been a symbol of perfect love. Generally, it can be placed in the master bedroom or bridal chamber.

8. He He Er Xian (Gods of He-He)

"He HeE Er Xian" is very suitable for promoting harmony and harmony in marriage, symbolic meaning: tolerance and cooperation. It is not appropriate to place "He HeE Er Xian" in the bedroom of single men and women. it may brings bad luck.

9. Tian Chang Di Jiu (Enduring as the Universe)

Lotus, lotus seed, means to have childrens. Generally, it can be placed in the master bedroom, and the wedding room is best placed to enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Symbolic meaning: love each other forever, enduring as the universe.

Friends who are still single, are you always worried about why you are single? Are married friends worried about the deterioration of love? It is said that it is easy to fall in love and difficult to stay together. Why is this? Let's sort it out from the perspective of Feng Shui for everyone. What kind of Feng Shui can help you guarding love?

Good Feng Shui to help you Guarding love

1. In the field of love, round things can definitely bring you love energy. Therefore, when you select feng shui item for love, you have to think about the shape, don't choose the items with sharp edges and corners, such as wearing a watch, better to choose a round shape.

2. For women, the dressing mirror should not be facing the door, because when entering the bedroom, it is easy to be frightened by the reflection of the mirror. Do not place the dressing mirror facing the bed, otherwise, it is easy to have nightmares or out of spirits.

3. Time disappears like flowing water. You must cut off relations with the past personnel and stop contacting each other. Therefore, be determined and throw away those old love letters, gifts from your lover, and everything related to the passing away of love in order to usher in New love, don't hurt yourself for the past.

4. Replace those lonely objects at home with double-pair things, such as a love bird flying with a other one, a pair of romantic and beautiful table lamps, and two heart-shaped ornaments would bring you love.

5. In Feng Shui, pink is the color of love, so pink things can help you retain the energy of love. It is also useful to change the commonly used things to pink, such as bags, nail bags, etc.

6. Do not place a big mirror at the bedside. At the same time, use large-leaved and broad-leaved plants for indoor plants. Small leaves, small flowers and grasses are not suitable. This means that trivial matters will affect feelings.

7. Pink crystal is the most miraculous effect on love. You can place the pink crystal ball at home, or use a cloth bag to make a love lucky bag wrapped with pink crystal gravel. Put this bag in your carry-on bag or bedside, which is more effective for love.

8. Pointy, multi-horned plants are not suitable for singles, such as cacti.

9. The flower arrangement for singles is male right and female left. If you are a man, please put it on the right hand side of the living room (in the direction of sitting on the sofa), put a bunch of flowers, can not be replaced by plastic flowers, the petals should preferably be large petals , And the vase is best to be a porcelain or earthenware bottle, it is best not to let the flowers withered! Otherwise, the love has not yet reported, but it will bring disaster and illness.

10. Although black is solemn, it is detrimental to love. Singles need to avoid this color.

11. It is not suitable to put flowers on the bedside, which will damage the feelings of the couple.

12. Some of the modern new buildings have floor-to-ceiling windows or large window structures in the bedrooms. It was recorded in previous Feng Shui books that bed too close to the window would easily lead to "Skeletons in the cupboard for affairs." And it is easy to cause bad dreams to affect sleep, so you should not be too close to the window in bed.

Feng Shui For Career

Manh people are struggling to pursue their careers. From the perspective of feng shui, what are the feng shui decorations that can prosper career luck? We will take you to learn about the feng shui decorations. Let's take a look.

1. Obsidian

The energy of obsidian is very strong and powerful, and it has the best effect of warding off evil. It is most beneficial to put it in the office to promote good luck and avoid evil. It would generate the office magnetic field, meanwhile it make the career development flourish and creat good feng shui to the home magnetic field. Avoids the disadvantages of Feng Shui, and the placement of obsidian is very beneficial to office Feng Shui.

2. Hanging Pictures

Generally speaking, if you want a prosperous career, it is best to hang some pictures of the rising sun and majestic mountain scenery. Remember do not to hang some small bridges, water flow, or paintings such as waterfalls and landscapes behind you. So as not to provoke people who hinder you or put yourself in a situation where you stand alone.

3. "Ruilong Chengxiang" (A Dragon Pattern)

"Ruilong Chengxiang" sounds like a very auspicious decoration, and the dragon is the totem of the Chinese. Putting it in the suitable position would bless one's own business with a great harvest and great achievements. Moreover, since ancient times, China has been hoped one's children will have a bright future. Therefore, it would improve his work ability and become a extraordinary talent men.

4. Horse-shaped artwork

The so-called win success immediately upon arrival is the wish of people in their careers. Therefore, in the office or the study room, you can put horse-shaped handicrafts. However, because horses belong to fire among the five elements, those who avoid fire in the five elements should not place them, and if their zodiac signs conflict with horses, they cannot be placed.

5. Dragon Seal

In the past, we could only see the dragon seal used by the emperor in the costume TV series, but we all knew that it was a thing of wealth and power. Therefore, in modern society, Dragon Seal is also called a salary promotion. If you are working in a government-affiliated institutions or an official, you can put a dragon seal on the desk in your study or office at home to bless you to get promoted in title quickly. But remember to place it in the "Blue Dragon" position.

Remarks: The position of "Qinglong" is a position in Feng Shui. The "Qinglong" position on the left represents strong and male. "Qinglong" position is strong and prosperous, representing nobles and possessing the power to suppress. The "white tiger" position on the right represents femininity and female. The "white tiger" is strong and prosperous, representing the feminine power to defend.

6. "Pi Xiu"

"Pi Xiu" is a winged "liger", which can ward off evil spirits. It likes to eat gold and silver. It has a mouth but no anus. It means that money can't go out when it comes in. It is suitable for safe, money boxes or desks, especially for accounting departments.

Note: "Ligers" are the hybrid offspring of tigers and lions.

7. "Tian Lu"

"Tian Lu" is very similar in appearance to "Pi Xiu", but unlike "Pi Xiu", it has a single horn on its head, but "Tian Lu" is a double-horned head, and "lu" stands for good fortune and money. Therefore, "Tian Lu" In charge of wealth. It is suitable to put "Tian Lu" on the desk, which can not only attract wealth, but also ward off evil. At the same time, because both Pi Xiu and "Tian Lu" both have a brave appearance, they were often used by the ancients as a tomb guard.

8. Wafterfall Cornucopia

The main thing of the waterfall Cornucopia is to attract fortune, but you should pay attention to some skills when placing it. First of all, the waterfall cannot face outside the door or the window, otherwise it will lead to the outflow of wealth. It is best to place it towards yourself, so that you can welcome the water and wealth.

9. Antique Artwork

Some people like to put some antique works of art such as blue and white porcelain vases. In fact, some of the antiques are ancient burial objects, which may be unlucky. It is best to invite Feng Shui experts to deal with them before displaying them, or replace them with replicas of the same shape.

10.The Scholar's Four Jewels

Some people like the antique Chinese style, and the office will also display some more classical things, such as the scholar's four jewels. The scholar's four jewels are suitable for the "Wenchang" position in the office. It is recommended to set up the scholar's four jewels that have been Consecrated in "Wenchang" position. Make your mind clearer when making decisions.

11. Crystal Lamp

The crystal has the effect of exorcising evil spirits and transforming evil spirits. It can be placed in a wealthy position in the office, so that more nobles and customers can visit.

12.Samurai Sword

Some people also like to display swords, swords are sharp, and they are prone to be killed when they are placed in the office. If it is placed in the position of nobles, it is easy to drive away nobles or customers, if it is placed in the stagecoach, it is easy to cause a car accident. If it is placed in the financial position, it may conflict or dispute with others while making money. Remarks: Put a running horse statue on the correct position of your zodiac sign, which is a stagecoach position.

13. Deer, Toad, Horse and Monkey

There are also many animals that have the meaning of lucky, such as deer, which is a homonym for "Lu"; toads have a big mouth and can eat squarely, and a round belly can store money and silk; horses and monkeys are matched with the same homonym "immediately awarded as a noble" is especially suitable for people who want to be promoted on their desks.

14. Citrine Ball

Citrine can prosper wealth, and more importantly, the crystal can absorb the negative energy in the office and spread the positive energy throughout the office to ensure smooth work. If you put the Citrine Ball on the desk, the color will look good and the effect will be better.

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